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Ariel Winter in PVC of the Day

Ariel Winter Slutty PVC dress

Ariel Winter is in PVC because she’s a sex worker about to get peed on….

The only PVC story I have is a guy I knew used to collect PVC dresses for the girls he fucked…He would always date the same sized girls, and the girls were willing to wear the PVC dresses they knew other girls he fucked wore…Which was weird to me, like the shared sex toy stories I’ve heard, because most girls don’t like to know their dude has ever banged another girl, or used the same sex tools with other girls, it hurts their feelings…yet this guy managed to find chicks so ghetto they’d wear his costumes….that he’d previously peed on like some kind of hero…

I know this story sucks, but anything better than looking at a fat woman sausage wrapped, about to explode, or at least cut of circulation, hopefully to her tits, cuz those monstrous things keep growing…

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