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Paris Jackson Topless for Fashion of the Day

Paris Jackson Topless for Fashion

When Paris Jackson first started popping up in the media, I didn’t care much for her, I just thought another trust fund kid, who I can’t imagine is actually MJs kid, but if she was she was safe, thanks to her not being a little boy like Culkin….

But for some reason, besides her retarded tattoos, because I hate tattoos, or the fact that she fucks or dated or was bi sexual with Cara Delevingne, a mooch working every angle, undeserving of any and all attention she gets…..

I now find her pretty fucking hot….

It’s funny how these things happen, but I blame perversion…and the willingness to want to have sex with anything under the age of 35 (the age women die)…or at least stare at their tits cuz sex is too cardio intensive for an obese impotent man like me.

You get what I am saying, young in and of itself is hot….as is rich…as is….broken.


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