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Iggy Azalea Ass Shake Body Shaming Rant of the Day

I want to start this post off by saying that Iggy Azalea just released a new single or a new album and she’s trying to promote it by producing aggressive content.

She was virtually forgotten, since no one gives a fuck about Iggy Azalea, except when she exploits herself for attention.

In the time she wasn’t promoting albums, or songs, she virtually disappeared…I mean I am sure black dudes were still fucking her like the PAWG she is, but the rest of us didn’t have to get exposed to her shit.

So this ass video is basic clickbait that she’s trying to polarize.

I think the angle is that Iggy Azalea trying to prove her ass is real…because good clickbait right.

She’s pretending to be empowered and that she’s tired of people trying to body shame her or booty shame her by calling her ass fake, which I assume is fake, because no ass is shaped like this ever…not because the ass is a good thing, or a magcial looking thing, or that I think she should be celebrated for her ass, but that has given her a career….thanks to black guys loving her ass…

If you read her caption, that she’s set over her thonged ass with a huge tattoo, she’s pretending to be so violated having to violate herself to prove her ass is real…without proving it is real…but showing off that it’s massive…



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