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Caylee Cowan Hot Body of the Day

Caylee Cowan was a dumpy looking aspiring actress in LA who was passed around from dude to dude like some kinds of sex slave, only to fall into the arms of Casey Affleck who has helped her and her tits get far less dumpy, she’s an actor’s wife, the most important role of her life, because he’s already living that good rich person life and she doesn’t need to suck all the other dicks in hollywood for false promises and rent payments while navigating the world of stardom, she only has to suck his and life that celeb life…

Well, thanks to going vegan, starving herself out while maintaining her fat tits, she’s looking better than ever, which just goes to show you, being rich or living amongst the rich is a more relaxing life, even when dealing with annoying actor narcissistic losers who think they are cool and important while being insecure because everyone else makes more money than them….

Point of the story Caylee Cowan’s lookin’ good.

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