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Britney Spears Hard Nipples Bring Out the Christmas Tree of the Day

Britney Spears is like Walmart, white trash and already got the Christmas decorations out since it’s November 1st and that’s the next holiday in line.

I’m convinced that Britney is dead, or in an institution and all this Britney content is old bullshit shot years ago to keep her brand alive.

Since she’s broke from her conservatorship, they’ve released songs she didn’t prmote, they’ve released a book she didn’t write, or do marketing around, they got her trending an viral often enough to get her songs trending and paying all while making her out to be a crazy fucking bitch….so when they announce her death, they can milk it even harder.

We are being manipulated, but Britney Spears is showing off her nipples in this red dress content set in front of her Christmas Tree like she’s Walmart busting out the Christmas tree the day after Halloween, since she’s crazy, or the content is old, or BOTH….

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