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Kendall Jenner’s Bikini Campaign of the Day

Kendall Jenner posted up some pictures from her recent photoshoot because she’s either a show off and wants to brag to all the loser chicks out there who can’t land anywhere brand or bikini campaign deals because they aren’t Kardashians…which you’d think most people would be happy about…but in this internet generation most people would cut off their own clits to be a Kardashian….my logic is not the same logic as the hive mind drone fucks who are controlled by the social media robots thanks to not having a mind of their own….

Anyway, I’ll look at bitches in bikinis at all levels of the influencer ladder, of all levels of the socio-economic ladder and Kendall Jenner’s not fat….

So being the kind of hero who will stare at all bikini pics thanks to having nothing else to do and being a pervert has made this post possible…..it outweighs my hate for the Kardashians.

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