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Daveigh Chase Then and Now of the Day

If you’re wondering what happened to the Voice of Lilo from Lilo and Stitch that you used to jerk off to when you were going through that whole Disney Cartoons are Like Porn to me phase, here’s your answer. Her name is Daveigh Chase, she’s 18, I’ve never heard of her but she is some child star who is still in the industry because she’s pretty much still a child, but a legal child, the kind you can fuck without fear of prison…

Speaking of 18 year olds, I just ran into some 50 year old woman who thought she was 18. From behind he had a really fucking tight body, like nothing about that body looked like it was anything older than 18. She was wearing trendy clothes and had big hair and I just assumed she was product of some rich guy, well I was partially right, because she was obviously married to a rich guy who invested some serious money into her because when she turned around it was like I was looking at the fucking devil, with some haggard lookin’ plastic surgery raped face and those perky tits where obvious implants, but that body was so tight, she must really send a lot of time fuckin’ her personal trainer. That has nothing to do with Daveigh Chase, on her hot skinny body, but I wanted to remember that story for future masturbation, and since this is my personal blog, I’m allowed.

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