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Alyson Michalka in a Vintage Swimsuit of the Day

Alyson Michalka is some Disney child star who I assume had a mother who sucked dick to make it happen, unless of course she sucked dick to make it happen, despite being a pre-teen. I hear the people at Disney are all about that shit….

I don’t think has done anything but child star 10 or 15 years ago…

But she did post a one piece bathing suit on the internet, showcasing a bit of her body, but screaming that she was probably molested by some casting couch people, and has faded into obscurity because she can’t be seen as a sexual object, and has in turn found the church, or maybe some sort of AMISH group that she is part of that forced her to show up on Swim day, dressed like it was 1920s…and I dig it…

I just figure people are so fucking perverted, porn is everywhere, seeing a girl cover up…makes her exciting…and less typical…if you’re a slut, reading this, cover up…it’s the future.

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Alyson Michalka in a Bikini of the Day

I don’t’ know who Alyson Michalka. I just know that he name has come up for what must be a decade, where she was one of those jailbait for Disney kind of girls who middle aged men jerked off to because their kids made them watch the low level show…

I do know that they are no longer jailbait, but rather middle aged, mom looking girls, with rocking bodies, and plastic surgery that makes them up on some Real Housewife shit…and none of that bothers me, because she’s half naked in a bikini…and really I look at nobodies in bikinis all day, whether they were somebodies who never were anybody or not is irrelevant thanks to TITS.

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Alyson Michalka Posts a Bikini Pic of the Day

Alyson Michalka has a sister and together they are exploited Disney jailbait that never was….cuz they had this window of maybe they’d be the next Miley but kinda ended up no where…even though they are babes…and look at this one’s body…it’s out of a porno magazine…all fit and rockin what looks like implants…making me happy they aren’t huge…her career not her tits….because it means she’s more accessible…with all that failing at the opportunities she had in front of her…and feeling inadequate it didn’t amount to bigger things…even if she’s already don’t more than most of twats…you know she’s comparing herself to actual stars….and I’m comparing her to my dick…at least the printed up pic I just printed of her…pretending these paper cuts are caused by her virginity….

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AJ and Aly Michalka in Some Onesie Long Underwear of the Day

In this day and age – we are so obsessed with girls being naked, or half naked, you know stripping down and showing bikini or panties, or bare asshole spread so I can imagine tonguing it as the other one licks my ass as she jerks me off….

But you know what, sometimes, it is nice to switch things up a bit, and dress a bitch up, so that something’s left to the imagination, while being nice and cute, in what is some pretty form fitting onsie pajamas or long underwear, that scream “this is my kind of Christmas, I fucking love sisters modeling their presents for the internet”….

So that’s why I think this is a dawn of a new age….a new beginning….of porn and that is “Girls in Onsies”….you see cuz if this gets me excited….despite being weird…it is the future….a new trend in porno….at least that’s what I am trying to do with it right now…

Thanks sisters…

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Alyson Michalka Pulls the Courtney Stodden of the Day

I don’t know if these pics of Alyson Michalka are recent or not because I barely even know who Alyson Michalka and I am not about to look at her twitter feed to cross reference dates shit was posted…because what matters in all his is that she’s pulling a Courtney Stodden or Heidi Montag style cry for attention “Look at me I was once on Disney”….or “Look at me I was once a stripper and now I pretend I am 15 and Married”…or “look at me I was on MTV”….kinda low level smut that requires more vagina lip…but they aren’t quite desperate enough for that yet. Boring. She needs to throw her sister in the mix – even if this is the sluttier one with the implants….

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