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Adrianne Curry’s Bikini Quest for Twitter Followers Continues of the Day

Adrianne Curry told me off on Twitter before blocking me. I’d say it was the highlight of my life, but unfortunately for her, she’s totally insignificant. The only thing she is good for is the Tila Tequila approach to getting noticed, and that’s by taking half naked pictures and posting them to twitter, hoping idiots like me who write about any pussy in a bikini, no matter how relevant or irrlevant they are, because pussy in bikini is a fetish to me, pretty much the main reason I have a Facebook account, or why I go to the beach, public pool or park. I’m an easy fucking crowd, cuz seeing a bitch in bikini, no matter how bad her fake tits are, or what she does for a living or who’s attention she is trying to get from getting in the bikini, just doesn’t matter….as long as they are in a fucking bikini…if oyu know what i mean….

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Adrianne Curry Does Boring Twitter Ass Pics of the Day

Girls, take a quick lesson from this trash famewhore loser Adrianne Curry. She had 50,000 twitter followers at one point. They were probably people who couldn’t let go of her after she faded into obscurity, kinda like the 40 year old women who cried when Corey Haim died, only far more irrelevant….

But she realized, like she did after she did Playboy that if she whores out any integrity she may have had before she got addicted to the cameras and gets naked, people will notice…and her efforts have landed her a sold 15,000 perverts hoping for late night drunken pussy pics…

The whole thing….is so fucking boring…but she now has 75,000 followers….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Adrianne Curry Almost Topless on Twitter of the Day

Adrianne Curry is holding onto the 15 minutes of fame she had 5 years ago the way any self-respecting, famewhore, would…by posting these almost topless pics on twitter. She’s such a tease, at least that’s what she’s trying to do for her 70,000 twitter fans who don’t really care about her or what she has to say, but instead are watching to see her sanity crack and post Very Brady Sex tapes, because that’s bound to happen eventually.

She blocked me and told me off as best she could a few months ago, but I still get access to the goods and despite no being interested in her in anyway, or thinking she deserves any more attention that other whores online, I can’t help myself but post this and laugh, cuz I know girls, even exhibitionist girls, who know this kind of self-promotion is the cheapest and easiest way to get noticed…it’s just unfortunate that it didn’t involve her showing her meaty cunt spread open, since she’s already done playboy, you’d think she’d step up her game…

It’s so obvious, but you idiots fall for it, and apparently, so do I…

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Adrianne Curry Ass on Twitter of the Day

I guess last week’s picture of Adrianne Curry showing off how flexible she is got her some serious twitter attention and brought her 60,000 followers to 70,000 followrs, making her realize that a good way to get people to notice you is to post naked, or sexual pictures, which really didn’t take a genius to figure out and I’m sure when she got her breast implants and rocked her reality career she already knew that’s all we care about, especially since every girl knows nude, bikini, ass or titty pictures will get them noticed, shit is the new leggings, because the world is a gang of perverts and clothing keeps us interested in knowing what’s under the clothing…so these ass pictures are not surprising, or even really that interesting, she kinda looks like a shaved down dude, but maybe I’m just confused from hard drinking and daylights saving time, but I am posting them anyway.

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Adrianne Curry Shows Off How Flexible She is of the Day

You may not remember who Adrianne Curry is because she’s pretty much a fucking nobody who was on TV 10 years ago for some Next Top Model, Surreal Life and Very Brady Wedding…because she “fell in love” with one of the dude on the Brady Bunch….not that her history really matters…I was just tyring to let you know why I was posting this in case you thought I turned the site completely into pictures of everyday girls trying to be sexy and get noticed because no one has given her a big break yet…which isn’t a horrible idea for a site since millions of girls want to get noticed…but I’m lazy…and convincing girls I can help them is too time consuming since dealing with girls is like dealing with trying to change a retarded kids diaper…it’s tedious…

That said, here’s a picture this trash posted on Twitter, because those 40,000 people are all she has left these days, and I’d message her to tell her how ugly, useless and un appealing wrapping her foot behind her balding fucked up face is, but she blocked me….cuz all the low level pussy block me cuz they take themselves way too seriously…so don’t let this picture make you think she’s all sponaneous and fun, or even a circus performer worth fucking…it’s all strategic to brain wash you into remembering her…and giving her another chance despite the fact that she’s ugly….

I used to have a girl who did this shit naked for me…it was like a little circus performer and coulda been exciting if her pussy wasn’t so meaty and didn’t look like she was some kind of alien trying to eat me….making me happy this big headed curry has pants on…despite my love for pussy…cuz it just doesn’t look write in this stance…

I’ve wrote way too much on this ugly bitch, I don’t know why, but the good news it is as boring as she is…

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I am – Adrianne Curry Looking Like a Space Hooker of the Day

Adrianne Curry

Julien sent this in this morning and like all good friends, we share common loves and hates for the same things, today being a hate for America’s Next Top Model and Cycle 1 winner Adrianne Curry.

Last night I slept with this guy who had a couple of kids. It was the classic case or suburban husband is actually a raging faggot, very Desperate Housewives. While we were fucking I got to thinking about what his kids would think if they walked into us mid butt-fuck; their dad’s feet on my shoulders as I m plowing away. And I got to thinking if this is guy is a loser, closet case, homo, where does that leave his kids?

The thing is, eventually Adrienne Curry is going to have kids (that is if her vagina can hold up through these all of these years of super sluttery of course) and they are going to look up to her. She is going to be like a superhero for them and she is going to have a major impact on this child’s life. And the sad part is, that these poor kids won’t know that the most important person in their life is actually a complete and utter whore who’s claim to fame is winning a reality show about models nobody gives a fuck about.

So anyway, here is Adrienne Curry at some Playboy party dressed up like a Amazonian stripper from the year 2046. Her future kids don’t have a fucking chance.



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