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Alicia Keys Nipples of the DAy

Alicia Keys nipples in a pink bra

I would have been happy going through life without seeing Alicia Keys in a weird see through bra top, not that I hate see through bra tops, I am all about see through bra tops, and I don’t turn my back on any girl showing her tits, even if they are photoshopped and you can hardly see the massive nipple on the sloppy tit, I take them all in, but there are women I wouldn’t ask for see through pics of if I had any choice in the matter, which I don’t because no one gives a fuck about my opinion on anything – especially not on Alica Keys being a monster piano master with the voice of an angel…showing some titty….which I guess is still better than her normal behavior…it’s just a sign of the times and the collective willingness of woman everywhere, transcending all races and ages and sizes…exposing tit…and we like it..

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Alicia Keys Naked and Pregnant of the Day

Want to know something that I’ve never ever wanted to see in the history of my existence…I’m talking not in 2001 when her big song made her a breakout star…and not now… Alicia Keys nude, pregnant or not, promoting anything…

If anything, she’s the kind of girl who might as well not be a girl to me…and I don’t know why – I am sure she’s sweet, and lovely, like all these rich and famous people with staff and handlers are…and I am sure someone out there finds her hot…but for me…someone who will look at anyone naked…and I mean anyone…I mean you should see some of the girls I have gone down on, you’d throw up…but for some reason…a reason beyond pregnancy..this does nothing to me…and I guess that’s why I am compelled to post it…

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Alicia Keys Bikini Picture of the Day

Alicia Keys posted this bikini pics, and she was clever enough to focus on her ripped stomach to distract you from her huge, scary, monster legs…and for some reason I am not offended by it…maybe I have been having sex with my vile wife for too long…

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Alicia Keys is Unfortunatel in her Bikini of the Day

I don’t think Alicia Keys keeps on falling in and out of love….with “UH” you…I think she keeps falling in and out of love with cake, but for the most part, she’s pretty in love with cake.


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Alicia Keys Scary as Fuck Bikini Pic of the Day

Proof a flat stomach doesn’t mean a bitch is skinny…not even when rocking cancer.

She looks like a comic book character…all ripped upper body…squeezed into a size small bikini bottom…that her fat thighs cuz she’s fat are trying to eat….

This is one of those fat chicks…who like to be referred to as thick…who think they aren’t fat cuz they have abs and small tits….proven by their choice in swimwear and the fact they post this shit to the internet….and it is horrible…

Loving your body messages to the youth should only happen when the bitch is skinny.

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Alicia Keys Not So Erotic Bathing Suit Pics of the Day

I just finished saying that I didn’t care what a bitch looked like, just as long as she was in a bikini…well I want to take that statement back…cuz I know that what happened was I was so excited by all the ridiculously hot pussy…that when the ugly bitches walked by I didn’t even notice them..and if I did….I was so excited by the hot pussy that I was pretty willing to finger their assholes with my tongue…

Cuz when ugly pussy is alone, in a “Me against the pool” party….it’s hardly something you want to mount like an animal in the fucking jungle….but instead…it is something you’d rather want to erase from your memory…espeically when it is in picture…something hardly jerk off-able…but the good news is that this in the fucking internet and you’ve got yourself some google to take care of your pervert needs…pervert.

To See her In a Bikini Top – God Knows Why You’d Want To –

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Alicia Keys Has an Embarrassingly Fat Wax Figure of the DAy

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She might as well been modeled sitting in her bed eating a tub of ice cream crying cuz her boyfriend left her. I always say instead of wrapping the emotional eating up in spandex, embrace and expose it….

You’d think out of respect they’d slim her down to the point everyone would say “Shit, look how great they made her look” instead “hey look they turned her into a fast food restaurant clerk dresses as Alicia Keys as an action figure on halloweeen”……

Not that I actually care, I just find it funny. What an amazing joke on the part of Madame Tisasss….This is something I’d do in the DrunkenStepfather Wax Museum of Sluts that currently lives in the furnace room and is strictly reserved for me to fuck.

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