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Alyson Hannigan Bikini Nightmare of the Day

Sometimes bikinis let me down…

Sometimes times the people in the bikinis let me down…

This time..the bikini should be a snow suit….and the girl in the bikini should be taken out back and shot…or at least never allowed on camera..because for the entirety of her career, from Buffy to American Pie…to Big Bang Theory…or whatever that show about your mother is…she’s always made me question humanity…or why anyone would let something like that on TV…She must have great management, or serious connections, because she belongs in the mailroom, even though mailroom’s don’t exist anymore…thanks internet…just put her there so we don’t have to see her…right..


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Alyson Hannigan Bikini Pics of the Day

Alyson Hannigan is back in a bikini….in the event you have blocked BLOCKED THESE PICS OUT OF YOUR FUCKING MIND from last week…

You know the kind of girl who despite having a kid is kinda ripped and fit, but not one I’d want to see half naked under any circumstances…you know because even when they had her talking about masturbating or being the horny freaky nerd in the one movie she did…it was disgusting…because she is disgusting…

You’d have to be Buffy fan to really get down with these, and if you’re a buffy fan, it’s safe to say this is the most pussy you’ve had all year..


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Alyson Hannigan in a Bikini of the Day

She wasn’t hot 10 years ago, so she’s sure as not hot now that she’s had a couple of kids…so rocking’ her bikini may not make sense to the average person…but at least she’s not fat…even if she’s disgusting..

She’s the bootleg Lindsay Lohan from the same era….who couldn’t get fucked by the cast of Buffy, except when they were drunk…

Apparently, no one has told her she’s got no fucking sex appeal, known for using a flute to masturbate and band camp while being the girl no one want to see masturabte…

Now in a bikini…YAY

To see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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Some Alyson Hannigan Nipple Cuz Not Everything is Beautiful of the Day

Alyson Hannigan is so desperate for cock that she was seen out on the street practicing how to spread eagle her shit in hopes sperm would accidentally land in her and get her pregnant again…only she didn’t realize it works better when you’re not wearing pants and the dude she’s getting down with is drunk, medicated, or confused about whether cumming in a cartoon character of a pussy will actually knock her up or not….cuz he’s too focused ont he fact that he’s fucking a cartoon pussy…you know what I’m saying…and if you’re not…it that’s not everything is as beautiful as the Royal Wedding…if you know what I mean…

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Alyson Hannigan Grabbin Tit in Video of the Day

Here is some bullshit Funny or Die video, even though I hate Funny or Die, but it’s a lot easier to post than pictures cuz I am lazy.

The video is about a group of almost celebs talking about breast cancer and giving themselves self checks, and the whole thing is fucking boring, even when Alyson Hannigan feels up one of the bitches. You could just press play to find all this boring out for yourself, instead of making me do this recap cuz I am lazy….

The joke is weak as fuck, but I like celebrating tits and saving girls everywhere from having to chop them off, because I am a fucking hero when it comes to tits, so I figure I’ll post it for you to masturbate to.

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Some Sick Motherfucker Knocked Up Alyson Hannigan of the Day

The fact that Alyson Hannigan looks like she’s pregnant, you know, with that crazy fucker rubbing her belly and smiling like some kind of pervert trying to lure me into his van, means that Alyson Hannigan gets fucked and that disgusts me. I realize that most girls have sex, despite me not wanting to imagine what that shit looks like because they just aren’t up to par, so naturally, I was happy thinking that this orange haired demon was celibate, truth is that she has so little sex appeal that I was convinced she was some kind of pussyless creature created in Hollywood, because whenever I see pictures of her, that’s I just can’t imagine her having genitals, or using those genitals, or anyone wanting to play with those genitals, even if drunk, desperate, lookin’ for citizenship, broke, confused, a fame whore with limited options, totally unstable or crazy.

All that shoving a flute in her cunt in American Pie was gross enough, but knowing that the people behind that movie felt the same way that I did about her, you know casting her as the gross girl with no sex appeal and shit, not to mention shit was a movie and anything is possible in a movie, no matter how outrageous shit is, made it ok, but now we are faced with the reality that she is a woman and does have a vagina and does use that vagina and that is a horrible way to start my weekend…but you’ll probably like this shit, because you live, breathe and sleep everything Buffy, so it’ll help your expired fantasies of breeding with her a possibility, I am sure you have enough time on your hands to photoshop your face up on that guy she’s with, you know considering you’re reading this site on a fucking Weekend you fucking asshole….

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Alyson Hannigan Pretends She’s Not a Fire Crotch of the Day

Here are some pictures of Alyson Hannigan pretending that she wasn’t born with red hair and that she doesn’t have orange pubic hair, because everyone knows that the only person who doesn’t throw up when seeing a bright pink vagina against a pasty freckled body wearing a fluorescent orange vagina hat, is either a virgin who is dying for pussy or a sexual deviant who either likes anything that comes his way, or anything he’s never fucked before. The good news is that every girl I’ve met with orange hair has kept her pussy bald more compulsively than any other girl, because even they find it fuckin’ disgusting, so stray hairs and stubble don’t exist. So if a bald pussy is your thing, go for the redhead, she’s probably more inclined to let you in and give you what you want, mainly because no sane person is fuckin’ her…you better watch out if she turns on you though, redheads are a different kind of human, one who’s genetic code is stronger than the average man and that’s because in the middle ages, people thought their fire hair kids were the spawn of the devil, and were brought out and left in the woods to fend for themselves, so the only ones who survived to reproduce were some kind of superhuman and that strong man gene has followed them right up until today. So as much as you want to laugh at your redheaded peers, you shouldn’t because they will hurt you. True story.

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