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Alyssa Milano’s Thickness of the Day

I don’t really know what is going on here, but Alyssa Milano is dressed like a fat girl at Comic Con, in a costume and all, like some kind of fantasy wizard princess girl from some faraway fantasy land, using her tits and corset to couter balance her obesity, all in efforts to make nerds everywhere cum their pants to feel better about their fat selves….

All this to say…she’s the one who needs some fucking magic potion to drop the pounds, but if you’re a tit guy – who can crop out the rest of her disgusting, or an ass guy who doesn’t care that this is a dumpy old ass filling up spanx….you will probably like this


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Alyssa Milano Breast Feeds of the Day

I would say that no one remembers Alyssa Milano, because she barely mattered at her peak and she sure as hell doesn’t matter now, but the reality is that people are fucking weird and she’s one of those celebrities that will always have a core fan base of perverts who are really fucking into her, no matter how hairy her arms may be…and those people must be fucking dying now that she’s taken a stance to promote showing her tits in public like an exhibitionist, disguised as a breast feeding in public endorser, because it’s a basic animalistic thing to do, like fucking, which we don’t do in public as we’ve civilized as a people, yet that people should take a stance to do in public, because it’s only natural….and I like watching…

All this to say, I am all for this progressive women who pull out their tits in public because I like tits….sucking them milk filled, or not…on a hairy animal looking woman or not…who is too old to be a new mom or not…

Keep showing them tits for a cause…I’ll keep watching…which is more than I can say for anything she’s ever done…in fact this is pretty much her best work.

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Alyssa Milano’s Breast Feeding Pic of the Day

For those of you who don’t know, I am a good friend of Alyssa Milano’s. Not because I used to jerk off to her on Who’s the Boss, the only role she’s done that has really mattered, but because I give her much needed advice when it comes to manscaping her hairy fucking arms…

I remember making fun of them, only because I was letting her know she should do something about them…only to end up waxing or getting laser on them, because in the last 3 years she hasn’t had hairy arms…proving yet again…cyberbullying works…sometimes it gets the job done, other times the weak kill themselves off with a flash card suicide, all the time it’s survival of the fittest..

That said, she posted a pic of her breast feeding, in some #freethenipple girls should be allowed to breast feed wherever they want because it is natural, and because this motherfucker likes seeing milk filled tits with parasites latched on – everywhere I go….

You know while she’s all high on endorphines from feeding her child…while, I’m all high off some random powder some homeless man made me snort….masturbating in my mind…It all works out in the end…

So thanks for the porn you old hairy critter…

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Alyssa Milano in a Bathing Suit of the Day

Alyssa Milano wore a bikini and her 50 year old tits sagging out of her one piece shape shifter bathing suit will make her fans happy…because they are all 50 year olds too…still hung up on her from Who’s the Boss a show no girl I have ever fucked even remembers existing because it was that long ago…because in case you didn’t know, along with hairy fucking arms she got lasered, Alyssa Milano is one of those obscure barely famous people with a weird cult following of perverts, who are very passionate about Alyssa Milano and hate when people laugh at her enough to get her to block me on the internet…a cult following that will get so worked up when I call her a useless twat…or even when they see she’s with a dude…who isn’t them…because in case you didn’t know – the world is filled with irrational freaks….


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Alyssa Milano in Maxim Old Ladies You’d Still Fuck Issue Of the Day

Seeing Alyssa Milano all posing sexy in Maxim is weird to be…not because I saw her hairy arms, she’s had lasered on TV grow up before my very eyes, from 14 to 100 fucking years old, and seeing her try to be sexy makes me uncomfortable, but because she’s 100 fucking years old, and posing sexy, and that in itself should make everyone feel uncomfortable.

I don’t care if she’s hot for 100, or not, she’s still a menopausal dried up twat who has no business being half naked…

I don’t care how much she works out or how much estrogen she pumps herself with to stay youthful and womanly during “THE CHANGE”..

I don’t care how many obsessed fans are still into her cuz they are freaks and don’t know how to move on in their lives to experience new things, because the old and familiar are comfortable.

This should have never happened…

But I guess seeing as Maxim is going a dying magazine, it’s only natural to feature actresses whose sex appeal is dying if not already dead…


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I Miss Alyssa Milano’s Hairy Arms of the Day

I hate Alyssa Milano and not because she blocked me on social media. And not because she’s 100 years old and a do good mom. And not because she’s struggling in her tight dress showing off her legs. And not because she’s some internet savvy entrepreneur probably making huge fortunes while doing it.

I hate Alyssa Milano because she’s caved into society’s expectations of her. We bullied her for having hairy fucking arms, and she’s reacted by getting laser hair removal on the shit, like a fucking pussy, insecure bitch, who lets bullies push her around, instead of embracing her hairy fucking destiny, and that just shows me that she’s a weak fucking person, who will raise weak fucking kids, and is the reason why bullying is being banned, because these assholes who were bullied, and are too insecure to defend themselves, are running the fucking show.

Bullying makes for stronger people, kills off the weak, and in Alyssa Milano’s case, cleans up her high testosterone levels nicely.

So fuck you bully haters and fuck you Alyssa Milano


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Alyssa Milano Self Shot Pregnancy Pictures of the Day

Here is a picture of Alyssa Milano ruining the concept of self shot pics….they say she’s a social media expert celebrity who blocked me on twitter along with everyone who doesn’t like my twitter earthquake coverage , but she’s doing these self shot pics all wrong…and not just cuz she’s pregnant and pregnancy is digusting…but because she’s not fucking naked.

I appreciate the fact that she’s using the hipster photographer app for her pics…but I don’t appreciate the fact that she’s not showing her hipster bush…that I know is a serious bush strictly based on her arm hair…

Pregnant or not, if you’re gonna take a pic of yourself in front of the mirror, you gotta do it right…and that’s naked…

I’m an expert on these things cuz I spend 90 percent of my day looking at self shot pics, or recruiting girls to take them, the other 10 percent of my day is spent shitting, crying, trying to masturbate- usually all at the same time…

This Post is Dedicated to our Fallen Soldiers in Japan. Support our Troops.

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