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I am – Amanda Beard Signing Playboy Pictures of the Day


When a woman decides to get naked for the world to see a strange thing happens and that strange thing is that they suddenly become sluts in public, I’m talking everywhere they go. I am not sure if it’s because they figure that since everyone has seen them naked, there is no point in holding back or if it is some prior slut issues that they’ve kept locked up all these years…

To you she’s been Olympic Athlete, to me she’s a whore who spends days upon days upon days in a bathing suit and to her ex boyfriend she was probably the first girl to take it up the ass. I think it’s got to do with being on the swim team that makes girls crazy.

I’ve seen my share of swim teams and all the girls no matter what age flash each other, talk about shaving their boxes and shower together. I remember that was my motivation behind volunteering at the local high school as an assistant swim coach, but I didn’t get the job after I told the coach what my motivation was….

Either way, I guess no one told her that she has a pretty wrecked face, they probably didn’t want to ruin her day, her excitement, she even went out and bought little shorts and heels to have some level of femininity after all those years of being an athlete in the gym, which is about as feminine as Gerri Halliwell’s huge trainer walking her faggot dog….

Bonus – Picture of Gerri Halliwell’s Huge Trainer Walking Her Faggot Dog….

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