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Anastacia Dancing With the Stars Pussy Flash of the Day

Anastacia is some 48 year old American singer – who I think had more international fame than local fame – but I don’t really remember – because I can’t think of one Anastacia song….

She’s a 48 year old dancing on some show…not showing off her breast cancer stars…because she had breast cancer in 2003, then she had it again in 2013 – she is a survivor who I guess decided to go for the chop – and get the double mastectomy – because fuck that nois – who wants to deal with cancer coming back over and over – plus you can always get breast implants to still feel like like you have tits –

But she’s still got a pussy….which is what we are all into….unless they are homos…because tits don’t make the woman…vagina does…so flash it…

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I am – Anastacia on the Beach of the Day


So it looks like Anastacia has been bitten by the big black cock and is dating one that fucks her fat blonde ass proper. I probably could have predicted this if I knew who the slut was, because she’s blonde and has a fat ass and blonde girls with fat asses love big black cock and big black cock seems to love blonde girls with fat asses too…

I went outside today, which was something I generally don’t do, but as soon as I opened a door there was some IRC action going down in my lobby. I know the concept of me having a lobby seems pretty luxurious, but it’s not the fucking Hilton here, my lobby consists of some broken mailboxes and a garbage can. Either way, these two fuckers were fully tounging the fuck out of each other’s throats and when I walked down the stairs they acted like I was some sick fuck who just walked into the bedroom on them. I told them that it was a nice show but next time I want more genital action and they just ran off. I assume they were teenagers skipping school, my morning IRC action was black chick on white dude, so it really has nothing to do with this Fat Ass Blonde/ Big Black Cock theory, but I’ll still post them here pictures. Cuddles.

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