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Anna Kournikova in a Bikini Top of the Day

Anna Kournikova is one of the main reasons this site exists…not because I am an Anna Kournikova fan…but I am very into women’s tennis…it’s so erotic…the girls so fit and classy and feminine as kicking ass and flashing sweaty panty ass…making orgasm sounding grunts…but because the first post of mine that went viral in 2005…where over 400,000 people hit the site….making me think…”Oh shit maybe I’ll get rich off this”…was an Anna Kournikova pulling sand out of her ass post….now I haven’t got rich off this…and Anna Kournikova is still in a bikini….proving that 10 years later…a lot has changed…but sitting on my couch and Anna Kournikova in a bikini has stayed the fucking same…that’s about as philosophical as I can get.

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Anna Kournikova in a Bikini for Facebook of the DAy

Anna Kornikova posted this on her Facebook yesterday. I don’t know if it is her or not. I just know it is amazing. It’s like girls if you take these bikini selfies, post them…

I mean obviously, I am on instagram and realize that every girl does, but when they are pro tennis players who were all the fucking rage 10 years ago, but who still have the body thanks to muscle memory…you know one of the girls who reaffirmed your love for the level of perversion of the sport…panties, sweat, grunts…Russians…they are so much better…

All this to say…Anna Kornikova is all that matters right here – right now…and I don’t even care if Enrique watches…

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Anna Kournikova in a Bikini of the Day

Anna Kournikova posted this labor day white bikini pic to her facebook page that reminded me of why I love Anna Kournikova…

Firstly, she’s known as a tennis player and I have a tennis player fetish. It’s a sport where the girls can be lean and athletic, white and rich, fancy and luxurious…pretty much the opposite of me…all while grunting and sweating in short skirts flashing panties…like little porn sluts, only it’s acceptable because it’s sport…

Secondly, I don’t think she’s made any money off tennis games in the last 10 years, she doesn’t do the circuit, she doesn’t compete, yet she’s so fucking famous from tennis, more people know her, a non tennis player than actual tennis players, and that makes me laugh…She’s scammed the system…because hot girls get everything they want…

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Anna Kournikova for S Moda Magazine of the Day

Anna Kournikova is probably the reason this site is a celebrity site….because before posting her yellow bikini on the beach pics back in 2004 or 2005….the site had barely any traffic….but after posting her yellow bikini on the beach pics…it started hitting 100,000 people a day….so I did the natural thing and decided to focus less on weird sexual dysfunction and freaks of the world….but instead focus on celebrity pussy I could not care less about…but who I post pics of and write how much I hate them….8 years later…and the whole thing is pretty fucking depressing…it is all this Enrique fucking Russian tennis playing cunt’s fault…and I hate her for it….but I don’t hate her pics in S Moda….cuz she’s still hot….

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Anna Kournikova’s Amazing White Bikini for Old TImes of the Day

The first post that ever got traffic on this site was of Anna Kournikova in a Yellow bikini, digging outt sand or someshit, this was back in 2004….amd in those 7 yeas she’s managed to remain hot….while I’ve just fallen into a deeper, darker place, more bored, less interested, less eager place, despite still being married to a fat slob of a woman, who I am gaining on in pant size

So here she is in her bikini with her Latin Lover, showing offf her athletic body, and I’m posting it….cuz I like white bikinis, in fact I like all bikinis, on all bodies, and I owe it to this Russian lie, American bred, tennis star for giving me this miserable existence, addicted to chasing hits, cuz one day, I may be as popular as that Anna Kournikova bikini post was so many years ago……but I doubt it….

This site is the pits.

TO See The Rest of the Pics

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Anna Kournikova Women’s Health Erotica of the Day

I feel like I should do some more public service with the site, you know use my internet celebrity of one reader by giving you guys some step by step directions to get abs even if these exercises dont have a chance against your fat ass, but at least they can double as jerk off material…pretty much the basis of all exercise DVDs, shows, programs in schools, cuz if you can’t join them, you might as well jerk off to their spandex…..

Anna Kournikova, for some reason I don’t think Enrique has anything to do with, is still considered some seriosuly hot pussy with a huge fan baseand since she was the first big post on this site, wearing a yellow bikini, back in 2005, I figure we should celebrate her athlete pussy with these pictures….

Here’s the workout squat and twist feel it burn erotica…while you sit on your fat ass and wonder why you can’t get fit pussy…loser…

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Anna Kournikova in Black Shorts, Heels, See Through Shirt and a Leopard Bra of the Day

My title pretty much says it all…and that’s all I have to say about that.

Yeah, this is one of those life changing posts that really makes you think.

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