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Anne Hathaway Weirdo See Through of the Day

I think this is Anne Hathaway’s attempt at being erotic…wearing a lacy top under a see through enough top….which reminds me of see through shirts of the 80s…it was in trend and if you were alive in the 80s, you probably got hard to teachers, mothers, cafeteria workers, wearing the same shit…that you may notice if you can see past her freaky clown smile…


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Anne Hathaway is Gothic and Dark of the Day

Anne Hathaway went to an event dressed like a Goth and I only really noticed because I like that everyone hates Anne Hathaway – enough that it makes her dress like a cutter…weirdo who you know is trying to draw attention to themselves with their weirdo horror obsession…so dark and suburban…

But more importantly, I like that more thought went into this outfit and look, than her Oscar winning performance that wasn’t Oscar winning worthy in Les Miserables…all she did was cut her hair and cry people…I mean every white girl who gets a bad hair cut cries…it was zero special…

Anyway – here she is being Halloween.


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Anne Hathaway for Harper’s Bazaar of the Day

For some reason…people are talking about this Anne Hathaway shoot like it’s interesting, like it is news, like she matters…

She’s obviously in another movie, because last week she did ELLE UK and I posted it…because that’s kind of what I do, not because it is my job, or because I am interested, but because I have nothing else to do…seriously…none of this shit matters.

I said last week, and I’ll say it again, that if she wasn’t a vapid, rich, spoiled, famous pile of shit…who won an Oscar undeservingly, proving that Oscars are bought to perpetuate business for people they have vested interest in..I’d feel bad for everyone hating her.

It’s like she cut her hair in a blockbuster while crying – and boom – wins an oscar…I know girls who do that on the regular, even Britney Spears did that shit and everyone just laughed…but Anne Hathway gets celebrated…

The reality is, we should collectively hate all celebrities. They are all garbage. They are rarely talented – because acting is a joke – don’t believe the hype…

All I see when I see this shit is a girl who will never do porn, because she’s been validated and that is the real tragedy in the Anne Hathaway storyline..and that is the real reason you should all hate her.

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Anne Hathaway of Elle UK of November of the Day

These pictures are from a recent magazine feature on Anne Hathaway where she discusses how fame ruined her, or challenged her at her core, in some self-involved, narcisstic, in love with herself because her mom was an Actress who never really made it to A-List, who had dreams of forcing her kid into it – using the connections she had made…leading to a lifetime of “Pats on the back”…saying “you did good”….leading to her becoming the most hated person in Hollywood…

I almost feel bad for her because there hasn’t been any specific thing she did to be hated, I mean sure she didn’t deserve an Oscar for shaving her head in a blockbuster pile of shit movie, but that’s not her fault…

It’s like the world just fucking turned on her – when she was at the top of her game – and in so many ways it is some serious cyberbullying..real cruel..destroy her at her soul…but she’s powered through, is still rich, and who really gives a fuck about her feelings…selling your soul to the industry means selling your fucking soul to the industry…you want fame, it comes with assholes who hate you – and other assholes who jerk off to your fancy cover girl pictures…and assholes who do both, we call it hate jerking off…like hate fucking for those of us who don’t have sex.

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Anne Hathaway on a Set of the Day

Anne Hathaway and Robert DeNiro are filming some movie called The Intern, I saw a porno, even though I hate porn, with the same name, that I assume the mainstream is Parodying, because the mainstream has lost all sense of creativity and fear taking risks, so now they are going through old porn titles to get ideas…at least that’s my theory.

That said, this Oscar winning scam, you know winning for shaving her head, and now she is showing us all her questionable talent – by looking like an asshole on set, without breaking character and laughing or showing any shame because they are paying her a lot of money for this…

I find this kinda funny…what is even funnier is that at least one person is masturbating to this.

To See the Rest of the Pics CLICK HERE

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Anne Hathaway Copies Emma Stone and Makes a Difference of the Day

You’d think she could afford better stationary. I mean this cardboard box is a little too beat up and homeless. I mean just last week I started chatting up a girl with a sign that read “Hungry, Trying to Get Home, Anything Help”, I was trying to help her come up with a better slogan, and I’ll I got was “Will Suck Dick, but if you fear my rancid mouth, I’ll use my hand, in latex glove, for a dollar, don’t pay til you spray”….I figured she’d have higher impact on her hustle…I also thought maybe I could save her, but she when she went into withdrawal…and started convulsing I had to leave, I didn’t want to get blamed for her death…

All this to say, Anne Hathaway reads gossip blogs, pays attention to what other “celebs” are doing, and copies them because she’s got no original thought at all…

But more importantly, I’m not tired of celebs stealing from each other, in fact, I’d love them to do it in a death match…

I am tired of them stealing from the poor, giving nothing back despite pretending to in the self righteous, self absorbed way…all while thinking they are fucking heroes in their luxury life…

Fuck yourself Anne Hathaway.

The rest of the pics HERE

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Anne Hathaway’s Ass in Leggings of the Day

I am starring at Anne Hathaway’s underserving Oscar winning ass in a pair of leggings that are designed to look like they are the heavens…you know all blue sky peppered with clouds…but I don’t think this is heaven, even if this egotistical cunt things it is, as shit rubs up in between her gaping mound…in fact, I don’t even find her in spandex interesting, because she’s not that interesting, and the older I get I realize it’s not about the shape of the ass, or the meatiness of a vagina that matters when it comes to a girl…it’s about her personality, or at least the one she projects to the media, because it’s the #selfie generation, and no one is authentic as they work on branding themselves, especially not famous bitches.


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