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Bail Ling’s Nipple in the Car of the Day

Bai Ling is slowly working her way back to the scene – out of obscurity – while still being obscure…because she’s always been pretty irrlevant since no one actually cares her or anything about her – except maybe for her really long nipples because why else would she be showing them off all the time…


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The Bai Ling Nipple of the Day

Bai Ling disappeared from the world…to be forgotten…because even when she’s crying for attention for a decade flashing her tits and vagina to the world…the very few onlookers who take the time to watch the trainwreck, don’t get emotionally vested in the trainwreck, and let her fade away…

Now she’s back…doing the exact same thing…and I can’t imagine anyone really cares…but I’ll post it, because long Asian nipples on some nobody who people seem to care about are my dream…




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Bai Ling Lives of the Day

Here’s the something the world doesn’t need to see, probably doesn’t care to see, probabily doesn’t even know why or what they are seeing, because Bai Ling is a thing of the past….that even in the past wasn’t a thing…

She is what I call the sex tape that got away. A rich Asian hollywood obsessed girl who attended events and worked the paparazzi before everyone worked the paparazzi, back when everyone pretended to hate the paparazzi, before realizing they could use the paparazzi to get more attention…

She’d flash nipple, really long nipples, and attend all the right events…and I think was even 35 or 40 back then – making her 45 or 50 now…but like all asians – she still looks 17 – all part of being robots…

That said, I guess she’s still around, unless these are pulled from the archives, and I like celebrating what was, even when it never was, but tried so hard to be.

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Bai Ling’s Ice Bucket Challenge of the Day

Bai Ling is the original BAE……

Bai Ling is 50 years old…but like all Asians, especially the ones who work at the convenience store by my house, are still totally worth fucking as they spend their family fortunes living lives of luxury in the Western world, but always willing to give a handjob for 50 dollars or less….it’s a cultural thing…

She was the Original Courtney Stodden, or equivalent fame whore, who never really did anything specifically, but who always walked the red carpets…pulled out tits…and got herself noticed for the tabloids…but no one knew why she existed.

I liked to think she was a thai tranny hooker who did well for herself and made it in America….because she’s not home working the sweatshops

She is more likely a rich kid from China doing nothing in America..but publicity stunts no one really notices, involving hard nipples, white t-shirts, ALS, and water….

I’m so into this..dumpling filled with crazy…that was a Chinese food reference…I’m feeling clever today.

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Bai Ling in a Bathing Suit of the Day

Bai Ling is 50 years old…but like all Asians, especially the ones who work at the convenience store by my house, are still totally worth fucking as they spend their family fortunes living lives of luxury in the Western world, but always willing to give a handjob for 50 dollars or less….it’s a cultural thing…..

I am not really interested in going deeper into this….Bai Ling’s been irrelevant since before I started blogging, I just figured why not help her remind the world she exists. I’m a hero like that…I should charge her for advertising…cuz you know what…I want a private fucking jet.


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Bai Ling’s 44 Year Old Chinese Earthquake Nipple of the Day

It’s been a while since we’ve seen Bai Ling out with her nipple. Showing her nippled used to be her move to get noticed…probably because her acting career, the whole reason she came to America, was pretty shitty considering she hasn’t really had work since she was in “The Crow” back in 1994….a movie she’s be riding off for a long fucking time…..

I can only assume her family has old Chinese money and finances her and her 44 year old body got tired of trying and getting no where and maybe she got work at the local convenience store like all the other Asian people….because no one cares about her and never really did…and I can’t really figure out what this bitches deal is, partially because I don’t care…..but I do care that she’s driving herself around, only because Asian drivers are worse than drunk drivers and I fear all the little kids playing on the street on her way home….I’m lying..I don’t care about the little kids either…I was just trying to be wholesome and caring to recruit some of your bitches to send me nudes.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Bai Ling is 43 of the Day

Bai Ling is 43 years old. This may not be a secret to any of you, since it was on Wikipedia and IMDB and I guess all the mainstream media over the last few years have probably mentioned this if they have bothered mentioning Bai Ling, which I don’t think they would as she is only known for being the really long nippled Chinese girl who hits the red carpet on the regular and doesn’t really do anything else, which I guess she can thank her rich Chinese father who finances her insanity, but I had no fucking idea. I really thought she was Paris Hilton’s age, but maybe just because she had Paris Hilton’s level of accomplishment and purpose in the world. Either way, 43 is pretty fuckin’ old and this has been a little known fact that was public information that no one bothered paying attention to becaue no one gave a fuck that you can bring up at parties or when hanging with your friend and you can’t think of better things to discuss…..”hey mom, guess what, Bai Ling’s 43″ and she says “Who?” kinda thing….you liked those quotes didn’t you…it made this post come alive.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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I’m Thankful for Bai Ling’s Panties of the Day

It is Thanksgiving today and I give thanks that I have no idea who Bai Ling is but I do know what her really weird nipples look like. I am also thankful that she is wearing panties because despite loving to see all pussy in all its variations, sizes and shapes, with all its different hairstyles and decorations, I’m just not ready for this kind of surprise and say keep that shit in the fuckin’ bag for now, you weird asian slut….who am I kidding…I’d love to see her pussy…and I don’t understand why some one of her fame whoring stature wouldn’t give that to us…greedy nasty cunt…

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Some Bai Ling in Some Skimpy Outfit of the Day

It’s hard not to be into a tight Asian body, that even if it’s on some useless, possibly 50 year old, cunt, who really isn’t all that useless if you think about it, because she exposes her nipples on the fuckin’ regular, because it gets the inner pedophile out of you when you get to fuck them and shit won’t get you arrested or shanked in prison for stealing innocence, if if the vagina was so small it made you think you did, but I guess I’ll never know just how small an asian vagina actually is since I am a married man….but I’m sure Bai Ling does, since she has one and I’m also sure she’s done everything in her power to beat that shit up and make it look as big as the other girls in Hollywood, but all her extra meat went to her nipples…

I don’t know what I am talking about. I just wanna put that out there if you’re reading this scratchin’ your head wondering what the fuck I am getting at, assuming someone actually reads this….even though I know they don’t….

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Bai Ling Showin’ Off Skin of the Day

The beauty of Asian women is that I can never tell how old they are. I know Bai Ling’s been around longer than I’ve been doing the site and that she is likely in her mid to late 40s, but for some reason she doesn’t look like she’s aged a fuckin’ day since I started this shit. Her body is still tight, her nipples still long, and I assume her pussy still as tight as the sweatshop owner she used to work for who I know claimed it was when she was 12 and a good sport about getting paid with rape. I don’t actually know a sweatshop owner, i guess it’s just a sick fantasy of mine that I live out everytime I try to speak binary code to the chinese girls I meet, you know bust out my calculator and type in series of 0s and 1s, cuz I read that’s what robots understand, hoping one of them will let me play with their ageless vaginas, but they find me offensive and he police don’t usually buy my “I thought she was a councillor” when I get caught buying one I met in daycamp ice cream….


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Bai Ling and her Halter Top of the Day

I still haven’t figured out what Bai Ling does, but whatever it is, she’s doing it right or at least better than me, which isn’t saying much because the only claim to fame I have isn’t really a claim to fame, but I did go to a bar last night and got 5 beers and a shot of vodka for 9 dollars and I didn’t want to leave, I tried my best to move the fuck in at the end of the night but when I refused to leave they had some toothless bouncer drag me out. Goodtimes. But not as good as Bai Ling’s life that confuses me.

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Bai Ling Shows Off Some Tit of the Day

Who the fuck is Bai Ling and why is her life better than all of ours? Most Chinese imports I meet are into gaming and computers and talking in binary code when they aren’t working at their parent’s convenience stores, restaurants or dry cleaners. They don’t end up at red carpet events with their tits hanging out, I mean unless you count that one girl, but it wasn’t really a red carpet event, it was a rub a tug massage parlor….but there was music playing in the background…and I like to think every time I get jerked off for 20 dollars is a star studded event.

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Bai Ling Borrowed Paris Hilton’s Bra of the Day

I just used all I had for these pictures on the title. This is a disaster, I mean I don’t get who this bitch or what she does, so what would I really have to say about her, that she’s got pretty big cleavage for a fucking asian, I guess I could do that, but it’s better to imagine her useless tits being in the same piece of clothing as Paris’ useless tits, like some kind of bra sharing fetish because there’s nothing wrong with fetishes, if anything it makes these two whores less useless. My dog’s making out with me, and standing on my computer,making it hard to finish up…

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Three Irrelevant Sluts of the Day

I had these three posts lined up and when looking at the pictures I realized I had nothing interesting to say about these sluts, because they are all pretty fucking irrelevant. One is some Chinese rich kid who has been in Playboy and has managed to have nipple slips at every single event she’s attended and I never really understood why she was even attending the events in the first place.

The other is a washed up child star who is pretending to be a lesbian while addicted to coke, delusional and looking more and more like she’s about to die as the days go on, but her tits manage to stay the same size because I guess they were right all along and she’s got implants, because it really is the only explanation. She’s been in two movies the last 3 years, her career is almost over and I guess she got a sympathy invite to some Oscar party because she’s still got celebrity, despite really only deserving AIDS.

The last is some Aussie with great tits, who has hard nipples, but who can’t be acknowledged as someone I want to fuck because she was engaged to a Good Charlotte brother because I guess in Australia, they were stars and she was a groupie even he didn’t respect enough to not cheat on. Meaning that she wasn’t even good enough for him and lets face it, he’s not really good enough for any vagina, not even fat chick vagina, that said, I’d still fuck her, but I would never respect her and I guess either will Hollywood because I haven’t seen her in anything worth seeing recently, may be a good time to head back to the Outback…but she did have a date with Russell Simmons this past weekend, so who knows…maybe I am wrong about this one…

And here are their pictures, because I am lazy and not gonna let good cropping and uploading go to fucking waste. Enjoy.

Sophie Monk….

Lindsay Lohan….

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Bai Ling’s Gotta be a Tranny of the Day

There was a time many years ago, when I ended up at a gay bar because I was into drugs, and that’s where the drugs were free. Not because I was hustlin’ dudes, because the truth is that every time I went out to one of these parties, I’d have lower self esteem than I went in with, because gay dudes will fuck anything, but they wouldn’t fuck me, but I was too wasted to really care, and if the guys were coming onto me, I would have probably not had as much fun as I had.

The good thing about gay bars is the fag hags, you know the kind of girl who either tries to pretend she’s fabulous, like some socialite with her gay man entourage, who pretends to be fashionable and superficial and shit, but who insecure as shit, and that’s why she’s running this whole act to begin with and she’s just sad she’s not getting any attention at the bar and just wants to get her pussy licked by her bff fag she wishes wasn’t a fag and who she spends all that time with, in hopes he’ll slip up, but that’s not going to happen, so when she’s drunk enough she settles for someone like me, because it’s a numbers game and I’m in the fuckin’ lead…..

Either way, I used the lady’s room, because the men’s room was a fuckin’ sex pit of sinning disgustingness and always smelled like shit, and I just didn’t need to get raped by some guy who was a little too caught up in the moment. So as I am waiting for a stall to piss in, this tall asian in a thong and lingerie walks out, and I’m thinking that I can get used to this shit…before realizing she was really a he….and I have a feeling in a few years, we’ll find out the Bai Ling was a he all along and here he is at a Pussycat Doll event dressed as classy as he gets….

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