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Hulk Hogan Rubbing Lotion on Brooke Hogan of the Day

These pictures are some awkward fuckin’ pictures of Brooke Hogan being rubbed down by her dad and not of her dad’s new girlfriend who looks like an older version of Brooke Hogan and a younger version of his wife. It’s been joked that he is dating an older version of his daughter because he has some kind of sick incestuous fantasy he’s got, like the first porn I saw called “Sharon” that was an incest porn from the 70s where the dad said classic lines like “this is the shit that made you going back in you” and “you sure didn’t learn how to suck dick from your mother” or “I’m going to come in your ass cuz I don’t want no bastard babies running around the house” but to be fair to Hulk, he’s a piece of trash and this is what pieces of trash pussy looks like.

I think he’s just knows how to tan properly and it’s his kind of right of passage to his daughter, you know showing her the right way to get ‘er done before he dies. It’s like seeing a butcher teach his kid how to cut meat or a farmer teaching his kid how to tend the fields, in some kind of passing the torch over to the next generation and its not sexual like the time he jerked off to watching her changing from the crack in her door or the time he accidentally walked in on her in the shower, despite having 4 other bathrooms in the house, or the time he took her virginity so she’d know how to do it proper. Maybe it’s some in love with yourself shit, where fucking something you made isn’t wrong, it’s masturbation but no matter what this genetic sexual attraction shit is, it makes me uncomfortable.

It’s a lot like the time I saw a kid rubbing his mom down with lotion at some public pool – Watch It


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Brooke Hogan Bikini Pictures of the Day

Here’s some pictures of Brooke Hogan with her manly boyfriend out in a bikini when he should be the one in the bikini. She’s been forced to tan outside since her parents are having a bitter custody battle over their tanning beds. At least she’s been able to emotionally eat her way through this whole mess….

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Brooke Hogan’s Got a Wet Ass of the Day

Brooke Hogan is sad that her parents are staging a divorce and that her dad is running around with her older friend and mentor because bitches look the same. She’s so upset that the attention isn’t on her that’s she’s gone out and peed herself like a 2 year old kid because she knows that will get mommy and daddy’s attention and in some juvenile way, hopes that her emotional breakdown will bring their family together.

I never understood why kids were such pussies about their parents splitting up. It seems like a way better situation to be in. You don’t have to listen to the fuckers fight all the time, you have two homes so you can always escape whichever parent is pissing you off and the guilt your parents have for being failures by starting a family with someone they wrongfully thought they would stay with and the social shitstain they’ve become in their community leads to overcompensation that usually comes in the form of a lot of gifts. Whenever I see a kid cry about his parent’s divorcing I always laugh at how self-important people are, like their little bullshit family unit is relevant to the rest of the fuckin’ world and they should just look on the fuckin’ brightside instead of pulling a Lohan and blaming the divorce for her self-destruction. Shit’s fuckin’ weak so Brooke Hogan better pull the fuckin’ diaper up, shut the fuck up and film a fuckin’ sex tape because I want to know if she’s actually got a pussy or not because she’s broad and I like to think that’s the only revenge I can see fitting to show her parent’s how their failed marriage destroyed her that benefits me.

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Hulk Hogan’s Dating His Daughter’s Twin of the Day

It’s pretty clear that Hulk Hogan likes a big woman who can handle being thrown around in the bedroom like the men he used to throw around in the ring. He also seems to like fake blonde hair, fake tits and a fake tan. It seems like his wife fit that description, then he bred his daughter to look that way and now the girl he is fucking as a distraction from his son being a murderer looks that way too.

Now, I have heard of girls dating dudes who remind them of their dads, or girls who get off to dudes who look kinda like their brothers and I’ve always been pretty uncomfortable with that but I figure when you’re from Florida trailer parks it’s pretty much par for the course, not to mention every piece of trash who works in the dinner on the interstate or at the local strip club fits the criteria so I guess it’s just some kind of creepy coincidence.

Either way, here are some pictures of Hulk and his girlfriend who looks like a younger version of his wife and an older version of his daughter and the real sad thing about the pictures is that her dick is bigger than yours.

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Brooke Hogan’s Bikini Pictures of the Day

I was going to live blog the Academy Awards, then I realized that it would be more exciting to Live Blog a a fucking funeral because shit is equally depressing but at least at a funeral you can seduce a mourning new widow to get in your bed and suck your dick in her recent vulnerable state.

I tried to watch 5 minutes of the shit, but turned it off because I don’t have a TV and was forced to go to this queer 80 year old neighbor’s house, when dude pulled out his dick and started jerking off to Jane Russell or some other hot pussy from his day, I figured it was time to book.

To lighten the post Oscar depression, here are some pictures of Brooke Hogan acting a fool with her fake tits that she tries to pretend aren’t fake tits on the beach. Despite her amazing beach dance moves, she will never win an Oscar, but at least she’s already won our hearts. Right….

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I am – Brooke Hogan Bikini Pictures of the Day


Brooke Hogan’s a pretty thick girl, but one that you’d still want to fuck based on her pictures, not because of her hot ass or good new fake tits she got while her brother was out totaling cars and crippling people, but because she’s Hulk Hogan’s daughter and your first taste of gay porn was watching his ripped greased up body rubbing up against other ripped greased up bodies in their underwear, and things have never really been the same for you since. I bet you’re lookin’ at these pics trying to find her dick you fucking homo.

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I am – Brooke Hogan Bikini Pictures of the Day


Here are some pictures of Brooke Hogan on the beach in a bikini lookin’ alright for Brooke Hogan.

The funny thing about bikinis like this is that they are pretty fucking revealing. I was looking at these pictures before posting them and I could see her full vagina. I can tell where there’s meat and where there isn’t and that’s pretty much the closest thing there is to seeing her sprawled out on a bed diddling herself naked. When a girl is just rockin’ underwear, you don’t see this kind of definition and this post may make me seem creepy as fucking hell but I am not the only one thinking this. I was talking to a friend who just went to some public pool who went off about how he doesn’t understand why guys focus on tits and asses when girls are around them in bikinis, you just have to look at the crotch and pretty much see everything they have to offer. My friend is also a 3 time sex offender so maybe it is a little creepy.

Eitehr way, I want to go off on how Brooke Hogan is thick and disgusting and has a broken down pick up truck of a face and looks like a man but these pictures don’t bother me, she’s tight bodied and bigger and now that I know she’s got a box and not balls, I am way more into her and her cheap stripper ways than I was before.

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I am – Brooke Hogan is Trash of the Day


So it turns out that Brooke Hogan got fake tits. I figured that was the next step for her and you can tell by the scar in the armpit and from the fact that her tits are bigger than they were before. I remember when this slut was just a small breasted fat chick with a dream and now she’s pretty much no better than the whores I dream about getting lap dances from in my local strip clubs. The reason I call them whores is because they let you grab their tits for money and if you don’t have money they really want nothing to do with you and that would piss me off if I was lookin for love, but I am not, so I can handle the fact that they walk off pissed off when I tell them I have no money after making them chat me up for an hour. It’s actually one of the only things I find joy in these days. Because if I was a stripper I wouldn’t be working the loser in the corner who has been nursing one beer for the last 5 hours while wearing joggin’ pants….but I guess strippers aren’t known to be geniuses at least not at the places I go to.

The one thing that drives me crazy about strippers these days is their stupid legwarmers. The only reason I am posting these pictures is because of her fucking stupid pants. I got issues with these things and I see them everywhere I go. I don’t find them hot, I don’t care that a bitch is walking around with her ass hanging out and her legs covered up, I like full nudity or half nudity, but not no nudity, just annoying glimpses at what could be, from behind of retarded pants that distract me from wanting to see her naked because I am too focused on wondering what the fuck bitch is wearing.

I don’t care that Brooke Hogan thinks being sexy is being a stripper, it’s a pretty general mentality. A lot of girls and strippers think being a stripper is sexy and they all take notes from each other, making all girls run the same tricks. I go to fucking strip clubs all the time so I guess I partially feel the same way, but I like to believe the real reason I go to strip clubs is to try to figure out what drove these whores into becoming whores. What kind of daddy issues, broken homes, poverty and addiction did they face to resort to making a lot more money than they would working the checkout counter at the supermarket an to see some naked chicks, but not to be seduced by stuidity.

Either way, Brooke Hogan has access to money, comes from a big house with big cars and a big father, but for some reason she’s following her whore mother’s footsteps and taking this shit to the stage, big fake titties and semi-nudity, the only problem is that cunt isn’t showing her cunt and that to me is a waste of a stripper or someone who is so obviously inspired by strippers but is too pussy to take it to the level needed making her nothing but a failure to me…at least SHE’S been consistent on her quest to the pole….

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I am – Brooke Hogan Bikini Photoshoot of the Day


When I used to watch wrestling in the 80s I used to think about how fucking gay it was. There were men in briefs greased up and rubbing all up on each other while play fighting. It always made me uncomfortable, not because I am homophobic, but because every time a greased up half naked man asked me to play fight I knew what he was up to. I used to always think to myself that since this shit is already so fucking homosexual, they should switch things up a bit and dress like women. You know rockin’ bikinis and dresses and turning shit into something you’d see at a Gay Pride parade. Thanks to Hulk Hogan’s hooker of a wife and his magical steroid sperm, I can live out that fantasy with his daughter. I can admit that she’s not all that bad since so lost weight, and that she’s the kind of girl guys go to strip clubs for, but no matter how hard I try, all I see is a platinum blonde handlebar mustache and a guy in yellow giving me life advice. If the world had an icon like Hulk Hogan today with his big muscles and workout audio cassette tapes, maybe it would be a better place. While you think about that, check out his daughter half naked….that’s why I posted these pictures.

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I am – Brooke Hogan Performing of the Day


Nothing says I am a piece of Florida trash that would have become a stripper if my dad let me because being a stripper has been my dream for my entire cheesy slut life that when I sit alone in my room I put on assless pants and pretend that I was rocking the pole until I realized that if I became a talentless hack of a popstar with my dad’s money funding my career, I can do my stripper routine in my assless pants on stage for lots of people to see that my fat ass is less fat than it was when I started to live my fucking dream. It’s actually a typical situation for a girl who no one wanted to fuck because they thought she was worth fucking, but instead fucked her because her dad is a fucking legend in the WWF, which may not be saying much, but I know some of you would still let Hulk Hogan give you a hot oil massage, not because you are gay, but because you are lonely and human touch is something you’re yearning for….Either way, always being second lead her to emotional eating that turned her fat until she realized that she could make a name for herself and started to hit the fucking treadmill and that is my theory on this slut.

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I am – Brooke Hogan Dancing Around in her Underwear of the Day


I know that a girl in her underwear is enough to make you happy. I know that you’re one of those guys at the strip club who sits by the stage clapping and urging the bitches on. It’s people like you that fuck it up for the rest of us, because it gives them a false sense of worth, making them feel pretty and wanted and putting them on a some kind of ego trip, making them forget they are whores.

So these pictures of Brooke Hogan make you happy, because a girl in underwear is better than a girl in clothes especially on the internet.

When I look at these pictures, I just remember a fat girl trying to get skinny to have a career, and when she reached her ideal weight, she decided to get naked, in hopes of getting assholes like you, who are easy to fucking please at her show.

I am not saying I wouldn’t stuff her like a turkey if I had the chance, I am just saying that bitch has no business doing whatever it is that she does, and being Hulk Hogan’s shadow, is probably not a place anyone should be, because he’s a piece of Florida trash with big biceps, stupid hair and crazy pants….and she may not be wearing crazy pants, but bitch could probably beat the fuck out of me with legs like that. Ya’ Heard?

I forgot where I was going with this, because I am drunk, but I do hate people who cheer on strippers, because it makes getting a lap dance next to impossible….Cuddles….

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I am – Brooke Hogan Performing Half Naked of the Day


Here are some pictures from some surprise performance Brooke Hogan was involved in somewhere in Florida. I don’t know any of the details because I don’t really give a fuck about Brooke Hogan, other than the fact that she looks like her dad and I always had a thing for his pulsating muscles and work out audio tape.

I do remember this bitch being a little fat while planning on launching her failed music career and it’s nice to see that she realized her key to success was to get toned and barely dress for her shows to keep people like me interested. I can’t really dis her because she’s probably better looking than most of the crackwhores I threw it to over the years and she is definitely better lookin’ than my fat wife.

I guess I’d write more, but the sun is rising, and I always feel like a crackhead when I go to bed when the sun is rising. It’s just not the way you society thinks you should be living and keeping up appearances, like Brooke Hogan’s realized is important and takes a lot of commitment. On a side note I realized that I have no memory for jokes, I always remember the punchlines but can’t ever pull it together. I was at someone’s house today and was trying to be the life of the party but I just embarrassed myself with my delivery. Lucky for you, I will never do stand-up, unless my act was just telling punchlines to jokes I don’t remember, which could pretty much be a huge success. I will update more when I wake up but until then click my links below. Cuddles.

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I am – Brooke Hogan Sports Bra of the Day


I hate sportsbras. I have never really had to deal with a girl in a sportsbra because I usually let them know from day one that I can’t deal with that shit around me. It flattens out their tits and makes me feel like I am hanging out with a jogger or a dude who just got back from the gym and that normally doesn’t turn me on unless I am really drunk.

I can’t think of any sportsbra stories, other than some girls in highschool who had retardedly big tits using them to tone down their junk, obviously not one of Brooke Hogan’s issues. But who cares what I think, if you’re into trannies with orange skin, that’s your deal and I an not going to judge. I figure everyone you know will when it comes out and that’s enough for you to handle.

Reality is that this bitch was fat and hit the gym, now she feels like it’s her right to show the world what she’s packing like ever fat girl who doesn’t realize she’s still fat because she’s the skinniest she’s ever been. This is just a case of a fat girl in slutty gear thinking it’s all okay when it obviously isn’t. That said, I’d still lick her ass right after she took a shit.

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I am – Brooke Hogan Bikini of the Day


Here are some pics of Brooke Hogan lookin’ like her dad in a bikini from a couple days ago in Florida. I never understood why Jersey was labeled the trashcan of the country, after visiting Florida years ago, it reminded me of a trailer park strip club, but I guess that doesn’t matter.

I was walking by a store window yesterday and the Hogan show was on TV. Hulk was trying to teach his kids responsibility by making them get a job. I stopped watching because there was no sound and because some crackhead I didn’t know hassling me for money but I did see her on all four cleaning a toilet.

It reminding me of a friend I once had you made his girlfriend drink toilet water like she was a dog before getting in bed with him, he would just sit there jerking off while she did it and I never really understood the fetish. I never really do understand the fetish, but I do know that he didn’t really have a hard time finding girls ready and willing and he didn’t even have to pay them. While watching Brooke with her hand in the toilet, I knew she woulda been into it…that slut.

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