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I am – Chanelle From Big Brother UK before she was Big Brother UK Famous of the Day


These Big Brother chicks are fucking crazy. I guess the producers of the show try to find the most obscure and slutty girls they can because they want people to tune in, so reality is that these pictures of a 19 year old on the show named Chanelle showing her box aren’t that much of a surprise. These were emailed into me and I have issues recognizing people so I don’t even know if this really is the same chick, but I am posting them anyway as a protest to every other blog and their fat Beyonce in a bikini pictures that I don’t really give a shit about because I don’t like fat chicks in bathing suits and bitch is already famous and has too much fucking money. I would rather help some poor British chick that obviously craves attention and probably has daddy issues and likes the thought of men jerkin off to her become a household name, because I’ve already seen her box and she’s just starting out.

I realized that I am pretty old and washed up. I went out drinking on Saturday night and met up with a guy who was already on a 2 day bender. I ended up crashing and burning and not remember anything that happened while he kept going strong well into last night while I was in bed by 9 while he was at the pool with chicks in their G-strings. If I was younger and more ambitious I probably would have been there by his side getting pics and trying to convince them to do a slutty photo shoot for the site since she’s already 3/4 naked, but instead I refused to leave the fucking house. I am starting to turn into you and that makes me sad.



Chanelle the Intro

Chanelle Butt Wiggle

Chanelle is Scared of Herpes

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