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I am – Charlie Uchea Nip Slip of the Day


I am not posting this shit because I know who this slut is, I am posting it because she’s rocking a double tit slip in the same fucking night with the same shit, like a little left tit and a little right tit but not at the same time making me feel like she’s keeping

The reality is that Big Brother cast whores, because whores getting ratings, and without a bitch who is willing to fuck, get naked or whatever else they do on the show, they don’t have much of a fucking show. No one wants to watch a show about a bunch of people who get along, help each other out, spend their days reading, they want smut….and I do too…

I am wondering if It’s one of those chicken or egg situations, like was this bitch a whore before the show, or did the show strip her of all her dignity making her not give a fuck about being naked in public because she’s already been seen naked by the world and by world I mean the UK because that’s where this shit is from. If that’s the case, then we can only hope to seeing her sucking dick in public, masturbating in public, taking a dirty shit in public in the months to come…..she’s just getting warmed up with this tit slip shit.

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