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I am – Chauntal Remakes Britney Spears Gimme More Video of the Day

This girl played Lohan in some shitty viral video that went around and I thought she looked good enough to see naked so I reached out to her and did an interview. She hasn’t really been in touch since, even though I like to think I helped make her famous, then today emailed me this Gimme More Remake and after watching it, I realize it’s Chauntal again – remaking the most played out song of the year aside from Soulja Boy.

Now I don’t know how much time goes into remaking a Britney Spears video, but it must be nice to be so bored or to have nothing else going on that you can spend a day doing this shit. That is time that could have been better spent making a shower video, or a masturbation video, or if that’s too slutty for her, then a yoga video, or a dancing around your apartment video that would have taken a lot less work and been a lot more interesting to watch. In reality, this is a Britney Spears video remake, that’s time that could be better spent taking a day long shit.

Either way,when fans react to their fallen leader by throwing on some lingerie and thinking shit’s no pornographic, but satire, I link it, because I encourage any excuse a girl uses to justify putting on lingerie to make them feel like they aren’t a slut but an artist. Like that time I told a girl at the lingerie store that I needed to see how the panties fit because I needed to get them for my wife for Valentines Day and she was about the same size, even though she was about 1/3 of the size of my wife. But I gave a whole sob story about how I lost my job and had 40 dollars to my name and was spending it on my wife because she’s been such a support system to me and all that bullshit, and the sales girl did it. Within 10 minutes we had our own Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and I ended up not buying anything she wasn’t impressed that I left empty handed….I ended up fucking her. Then I realized i was reading my Penthouse Forum magazine I got for free because they reviewed my site (badly).

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I am – Interview With Chauntal, The Girl Who Plays Lohan in a Video of the Day


There’s a viral video going around the internet and it’s pretty much one of those comedy songs I find lame, set to a video of Lohan or someone who is supposed to be Lohan. Since I love Lohan and do everything I can to get closer to her, I hunted down the girl who played her in the video and she agreed to doing a stepINTERVIEW with me. It was an amazing experience that I may never forget until I get drunk and a new girl who plays Lohan comes along, but in the meantime, I want to make this girl as famous as I can…because I love her.

Here’s the interview….

So you play Lohan in this viral video I saw and decided that I had to interview you, so the question that’s been on my mind for the last week is how did you prepare for the role as Lohan? Did it involve a lot of drinking, drug use and unprotected sex?

I did not take on this role to bash poor Linds, absolutely not! I simply emulated many of her mannerisms and that’s as far as the prep went, thanks. I just figured the more glamorous (yet sexy) with elements of humor, the more tasteful the video would turn out. The minute it crossed the line on being mean or harsh to get a cheap laugh, the video would be trash…but that never happened, yay!

I actually like her a lot and really hope she gets healthy. I think she is a very talented actress (people forget she played 2 characters in a movie at 12 yrs old, talent) BUT at the end of the day, SAD STORY:(

All of these beautiful young starletts are throwing amazing careers away because drugs and alcohol control their lives, leaving them lost and unstable. It’s not our place to pass judgement & it doesn’t make these poor girls bad, wrong, insane, or stupid…they just need HELP, its just SAD.

LFL is a little on the BOLD side with some of the honest statements about Lindsay, but it is a parody, comedy…just laugh, or not. For those who know me it’s hilarious because the true goof in me really shines through!

What can you tell us about Lohan that we don’t already know, since you’ve played her on the internet I can only assume you’re an expert.

Nope, not an expert…

What does she smell like?

No Comment

Are you comfortable with guys jerking off to you as Lohan?

OMG gross…Okay, this is a comedy boys, where I’m being an absolute nerd…if that get’s dudes off, eew weird! Oh wait, I forgot about the part where I dance in a bra and underwear, oh yeah…but still eeeew! I appreciate all the fans, feedback and love but old, perverted men overly commenting me on myspace or wherever really just gross me out….sorry, hope I haven’t offended anyone;)

All my readers are virgins but, isn’t that kind of like if your boyfriend put a Richard Nixon mask on you while you bang because it’s the only way he can get off…instead of getting of to the Chauntal we all know and love?

No Comment

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Acting/dancing/singing all my life…I’m a performer, that’s what I do! And I have the most amazing family & friends anyone could ask for. I am truly blessed…so grateful!

Where are you from?

OXNARD, CA whattttt?!

How did you get the part in the Lohan Video?

Ummm some people think I look like her or something HA. No really, I get told I look like her like everyday it’s ridiculous. Don’t think so myself, but whatever. Ultimately, I just kind of nailed the audition process.

Why is your body so tight, do you work out a lot?

I am a dancer, particularly modern day cabaret and hip hop..Yeppp I love my hiphop, that’s the Oxnard in me! That’s how I keep the bod in shape, or “so tight” excuse me. I love hiking also, it’s very theraputic. Good to get away from everyone and just get a sense of mental clarity.

Do you have a boyfriend?

BOYFRIEND??? Shall I say it? Nope, very single and…not really lookin. I like the place I’m at right now. The next guy I decide will be my boyfriend will be the guy I see myself marrying. So what’s that mean, I’m picky? I guess so. Otherwise what’s really the point, you unhappy couples. I’ll wait thanks…I really enjoy my own company & SIs is like my best friend and I have the most amazing group of girls, so I have more than enough love runnin through my life. I am so busy right now, dudes are kinda irrelavent anyway, unless he’s super hot and sweeps me off my feet!;)

I must say though, I am quite attracted to the dangerous type but with a wise mind and sincere heart. Hahaaa does that even exist? But don’t quote me on that, you can never generalize & I change my mind a lot… ooops…

What about washed up fat mexicans with no job and who hate showering, come on baby, tell me what do you let your boyfriend do to you, if you had a boyfriend, that you won’t let me do to you?

No Comment

I think what I was getting at, is would you meet a dude from the internet?

NEVER…I definitely don’t have a problem meeting dudes, in real life;)

Do you think it’s easier to get an STD from someone you meet online or someone you meet in a club?

Clubs are gross, and the guys online trying to hit on me are the same idiots at the clubs looking to get lucky…bar, strip club, myspace, it’s all the same to them…so either way they all most likely have STDs…”Go Away!”

My readers never leave their mom’s basement, so do you ever go to parks to meet men who promise to buy you candy on the internet? Or are you too old for that?

No Comment

What would I have to do to convince you to send me nude pics?

AHahaaa go ahead, try finding some but nude pics of me do not exist…never will, trashy. Maybe like Rolling Stones but most nude mags are cheeeeseball!

I kinda like nude pics and take offense to that….What do you have to say to your many, many fans reading on drunkenstepfather.com? All 5 of us are dying to know what can we expect from you in the months to come? Can we expect a Lohan Stage Act?

There a few project in the works right now…I’ve been on overload since the LFL video, crazy! However, you probably won’t be seeing any more Lindsay stuff from me, other than interviews on LFL. I am an actress/performer, working on all different types of projects, not a LiLo lookalike. And I do love comedy more than anything so I hope I can continue to humor you throughout my career. As of right now, music is a main focus.

Would you sleep with me if I could promise you stardom?

No Comment

Too bad my penis doesn’t work and you are already more famous than me….I think I am in love. Cuddles.

Heres the Video:

Here are some pics:

You can find out more about Chauntal, the girl who played Lohan in the viral video at Chuantal.com – Check Her Out….

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