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Chloe Sevigny Hipster Fashion Shoot of the Day

Chloe Sevigny was an it girl. People loved her. They fashion world loved her….she was edgy, and “cool”…acting like she didn’t give a fuck…weird enough to almost seem authentic…and most importantly, the girl who got AIDS in KIDS…

Obviosuly, I never found her that hot, except when she had AIDS in Kids, but I do prefer her when she takes progressive steps as an artist by sucking dick in a mainstream movie, called Brown Bunny, because actors need to start actually fucking in movies, they get paid too much to fake the sex, especially in this porn filled world….

But I never disliked her…and she’s still at it at 40 something…and is still more interesting than her Kids costar Rosario Dawson…which is what matters to me..

This is weird, quirky, interesting, fun…who knows…but it’s good.

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Chloe Sevigny Wins the MET of the Day

Chloe Sevigny Panties at the MET

Chloe Sevigny won the met ball, it’s like some fake art, instagram, edginess, you’d expect from Madonna in the mid-90s, to get controversy going…but people seem to still be into the sexualization of the church, whether through slutty nun costumes, or nun porn, or that girl I used to bang who would fuck her mom’s crucifix…it’s the easiest way to get noticed, be edgy, etc…..

I like this pic though….so it’s the winner of the MET….

That said, I never cared for Chloe Sevigny. Maybe there was a minute, when I was in my 20s and she popped up in KIDS where she got AIDS from losing her virginity to some player before being date raped spreading the disease….but that was just because I like sluts who get AIDS the day they lose their virginity to set a tone for their lives….

She went on to become some hipster, artist, fashionista icon…and the whole time, she was barely interesting, barely hot, but other pretentious people bought into her, allowed for her to bullshit them…

Sure that meant she did some edgy roles in movies, you know trying to give herself credibility…like where she was a Topless tranny with a Dick HERE and HERE for some show she was on..

And more importantly, mainstream movie sex before it was a thing, by sucking Vicent Gallo Dick HERE

Meaning, I guess she’s not THAT bad…but I just can’t get into her…because I don’t find her hot, especially not now that she’s 50….


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Chloe Sevigny’s Rockin’ Cock of the Day

We’ve seen CHLOE SEVIGNY SUCK DICK IN A HORRIBLE MAINSTREAM MOVIE , now we get to see her rocking a dick for the third time in a mainstream TV Show in the UK.

I like that the mainstream is going more twisted, perverted and creepy thanks to competing with the internet, it is good for my future….but I don’t like seeing my women rocking dicks…

Luckily for me, Chloe Sevigny isn’t my woman….if anything I am not even sure if this raver hipster fashionista party kid is a woman or not, and I didn’t need this “Prosthetic” dick to make the whole thing confusing…..I was confused enough after seeing her get AIDS in kids….it is the Gay disease….

She was hyped in the 90s, I never got it, and I still don’t….but I’ll still look at her naked…even when doing his tranny shit….that I bet she’s taking a liking to and ends up bring shit home with her to practice on her homo fashion raver hipster friends….

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Chloe Sevingy’s Tranny Dick – Episode 2 of the Day

Chloe Sevigny is still on that UK show Called Hit and Miss….that I haven’t really looked into to establish whether it is a hit or a miss….but I have posted her tranny prosthetic dick that I am sure some of you will get off to, cuz there is a reason tranny porn is so popular…and there is also a reason she was cast to play a tranny, that I call….looking like a Tranny….

Tranny’s disturb the fuck out of me…I’m old school at like the world to have 2 genders….none of these weirdo hybrids…stricken with serious emotional damage…

What is amazing in all this is that it is on TV. When I was a kid…all I had was Baywatch.

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Chloe Sevigny Naked Rockin’ a Fake Dick of the Day

Chloe Sevigny is in a show in the UK called Hit & Miss. I looked it up and found nothing really about it other than this discription of her role:

Chloë Sevigny plays a transgender assassin in the new series.


This tranny shit is out of control…soon enough they will have a gender of their own…instead of just being someone with a fucked up childhood in an identity crisis……

The funny thing is transgendered people are pissed off that she got cast as a tranny, and that they didn’t use an actual tranny, because her hard face and adam’s apple was believable enough….plus she’s confused as this hipster fashionista talent that is good to have cast on UK tv shows for ratings…even if they have to “Boys Don’t Cry Her”….but the opposite….by straping on a flacid cock instead of just strapping down her titties….

I guess it doesn’t matter, because shit is entertaining, has got her naked again, not that I care to see it, cuz she makes me sick….with or without her dick, but it’s good to laugh at…

You can also WATCH HER SUCK DICK IF YOU ARE INTO IT from a Vincent Gallo movie.

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Chloe Sevigny in a Bikini of the Day

My favorite thing about Chloe Sevigny was when she got AIDS in kids, thinking shit, no no one will fuck her knowing she has AIDS, making her a non sexual being, because I hate knowing overrated hipster trash that is hardly hot have sex….it fucks with my head….even though I’ve seen them give Vincent Gallo head in Brown Bunny as all part of her bullshit expressing herself as some kind of artist…..who really was probably just sucking dick on camera to prove that her ugly ass, despite getting AIDS in kid, is still good enough to suck dick…

She’s in a bikini, who cares. She’s horrible looking….


Pics via my good friends at INFDaily.com

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Chloe Sevigny Slutty yet Ugly for Interview Magazine of the Day

Remember Chloe Sevigny? She was an actor once…but that was ruined when she started sucking Vincent Gallo dick and taking his load in his movie Brown Bunny…something I assume was her last role…but I’m too lazy to find out…

I never really got her appeal, people thought she was this fashion icon, I just found her unattractive. She pulled the whole New York hipster shit, hanging with artists and the whole thing was way too annoying….and full of shit for me…

But here she is – decades after being the AIDS bitch in kids…looking like she may have AIDS, or at least a sex change, and for some reason I’m posting it….maybe I’m into AIDSed up Trannies…

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