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Christina Aguilera Nipple Pasties of the Day

christina aguilera tits nipple pasties

Fat Christina Aguilera is getting edgier in her old age, I guess when people start approaching 40 they realize it’s now or never. I am sure if you leave your house or know women turning 40, it’s probably a rough time for them. They spend their early 20s when they are their hottest figuring out and getting the confident to be as hot as they can. By 30 they are married with kids….by 40 they realize that they lost 10-15 years of life being married with kids…and that there’s only a small window of time left for them to be the slut they wanted to be back when they were 20 but too shy to be that slut…

I am sure it’s weird time for all people, aging, terrifying, closer to death, further from your hopes and dreams, clearly forced to accept that your procrastination has finally caught up with you and tomorrow is long in the past….not worth your time to try to have another hit…

In Christina Aguilera’s case, or X-Tina of you’re more into her edgier name is old as fuck, fat as fuck, but at 20 was slutty as fuck, made tons of money being slutty as fuck, stayed out of the limelight because she already did so much…and is now back…titties taped up like some EMO TUMBLR chick on tumblr when tumblr mattered cuz I guess she wants money…and knows it’s not too late to get out there tits first to get paid by her weird fans to sing and dance..

It’s the 90s revivial people…older, tired, fatter, but titty-taped…


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Christina Aguilera Too Little Too Late Pasty Tit of the Day

I’ve always hated pop culture, it’s always offended me on so many levels, and now it’s probably worse than ever thanks to social media and everyone becoming a meme in and of their self….

But there was a time, Back when pop culture mattered more than the selfie, and actually affected the world, because they weren’t too self obsessed, that they could fully absorb themselves in the scandals and tabloids of the time, in more than just a double click to like on instagram…

Not to say people don’t obsess over things that go viral, like Cardi B fights and other marketing stunts…by Nike…and that the general people still talk about the finale of certain shows…it’s just different now…

But when it wasn’t different, there would be a constant bro-versation about who you would rather fuck – Britney or Christina…and I alway chose Christina, a choice I regret today, but that is because I was less informed about the aging process back then, and figured she’d stay a tight little thing, with fake tits, which I didn’t love, but that were more of a sex doll fetish…while at the time Britney was soft and saggy titty and less Dirty..

Well, I take that back….as I look at Christina Aguilera…and Cross Reference how Amazing Britney has been consistently despite her mental issues…while this twat thinks she’s some voice of an angel or some shit…while Britney is just pop dance and lip sync shit…and really that’s what I prefer. I girl with less ego, not that Britney Doesn’t have an ego, she’s Britney Fucking Spears….but X-Tina thinks she’s an artist, while Britney doesn’t know how to think..

So the war is won, Britney takes prized pig at the county fair, and X-tina is on some weird pull her tit out comeback…that should have happened Decades ago and that like Maitland Ward – I’m not super stoked is happening now…when they should be fucking retired on their pile of money.

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Christina Aguilera Titties of the Day

I take personal offence when a woman like X-Tina Aguilera of “Dirty” fame have made a boatload of money off the fans thanks to being a brain washing popstar when she was younger….decide that now…when she’s pushing 40…all old and fat…is the time to put out the nudes.

It’s like where were you when we actually wanted you to get naked bro.

It’s like why the fuck do you think now, mom of two, 40 lbs overweight, is the era to take her edginess from the chap wearing trash she once was….instead of doing it when it mattered.

I’ll still look, but I look with anger and fucking hatred burning in the depth of my soul…cuz I know far too many old moms who decide to get slutty in their second life, after their divorce, when we really only cared to see them naked PRIOR to that whole period of your life.

Assholes…all fucking assholes out there just mocking us…taking our money and mocking us.

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Christina Aguilera Nipples of the Day

Christina Aguilera Nipples

This is pretty fucking huge….and not because Christina Aguilera is fucking huge…or because her tits are fucking huge thanks to her being fucking huge…and thanks to her breast implants she got before being fucking huge back when she was this tiny little dancing thing…back when I liked her better than Britney because I thought she was hotter, more petite, and amazing…in her push up bra days….

Some X-Tina let’s get Dirty Titty…

I am actually surprised that in her old age, she’s not far more slutty than she is, she seems to accept the fact that she’s a fat chick, like she did what she needed to do and made the stupid money and can now just be fat and comfortable and still rich and coddled…

It’s an ego thing…

I mean..she was pretty hardcore in panties and chaps back in the day….when that wasn’t the norm…

So seeing that tit, exciting…but the fact I haven’t seen it everyday before…or her pussy is depressing to me..

So this tit better be a taste of what’s to come…and not the reminder of all the nudity she hasn’t produced as a shameless attention rich person…you know…


Christina Aguilera Nipples Naked in Bath

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Christina Aguilera in a Photoshoot of the Day

I feel like I’ve seen this shoot before…but everything is a blur…

What the fuck is this Christina Aguilera photoshoot for…I think I’ve seen it before and it is a nice reminder that young hot things turn old an fat…but when they are old and fat they collectively feel confidence in their new body because they are rich as fuck and coddled for so many years and know that fat or not people will want to throw money at them…in what is almost magical…because we life fat tits but that is almost sad because we are forced to remember what died to make these fat tits…and I’m not talking about all the SUGAR cane plants..I’m talking a young hot X-Tina…

If she really wanted to make some noise, I’d suggest…sex tape or more vagina..because I feel like I’ve never seen X-Tina pussy – mom pussy or not – and I think I’ve seen every celeb pussy…making her pussy one to look out for on the pussy-to-do list…

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Christina Aguilera Got Them Titties On of the Day

christina aguilera Big Tits covering her NIpples in a Black Robe

Christina Aguilera got them titties on…because Christina Aguilera is fat…and I guess because Christina Aguilera has breast implants beneath the fat…which reminds me of a fat woman having an autopsy video I watched on Netflix a few weeks ago..where they try to scare people into not being fat by showing you a dead fat woman…who despite being fat as fuck and who died from being fat…had a set of implants…

I didn’t jerk off to it, but the idea of a dead fat woman to a man who has had his soul and freedom raped by a living fat woman I call “wife”…is porno to me…

I won’t jerk off to Christina Aguilera’s tits, because she’s not 20 and rolling around in the mud getting DIRTY…

But I’ll post it to celebrate how fucking old I am that I even know the host body to these tits…

christina aguilera Big Tits covering her NIpples in a Black Robe

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Christina Aguilera for PAPER Magazine of the Day

From the minds of the people who brought you Kim Kardashian balancing a champagne glass on her fake ass…because shit is built like a shelf thanks to being packed so hard by more than just Kanye’s homosexual penis, but also from whatever it takes to make an fake ass look so fake, chemicals we hope lead to cancer…

Comes Christina Aguilera – 40 year old fat chick making out with herself in the mirror because she’s just that in love with herself and all she does….even in her old age…she’s no britney

But like all the women in this era…she can get face injections making her look like more of a doughy sex doll than she ever has….

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Christina Aguilera Nipple Pasty for Christmas of the Day

Christina Aguilera has been slutty since the day she was legally allowed to be slutty, maybe right after breaking free from her parent’s control as a child performer, she came out with that DIRTY album, video rolling around in mud, got the fake tits on her small frame, and overall looked pretty fucking wonderful because it was a simpler time – where we could get excited by a girl in full bottom bathing suit and chaps….now it takes so much more…and I guess X-Tina – while pushing 40…and being a mom of at least one…is bringing it back or trying to bring it back….by intentionally posting up her nipple pastie…because she wants you to see that tit.

Exhibitionism, ego, a fear of getting older and not being hot anymore…after years of being really fat…all contributed to this beautiful ART..that I feel my soul needs on this Christmas time of year.

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Christina Aguilera’s Boring Cleavage of the Day

Christina Aguilera Cleavage

It always amazes how horrible the aging process is for some people….

Especailly when thos people have all kinds of money, and thus have nothing but time to look good and funds available to make themselves look good…..

Like you expect the white trash bitch from your high school who was getting abused by her father, who ran away and worked as a stripper, developing a drug problem before finding Jesus, getting married and having 7 kids….who spends her days eating cakes and remember the banged out pussy, that even before having kids, was banged out….to look like garbage…

But Christina Aguilera was so small, tiny, fit, and seeing her walk through life like some fat black Diva at the the Casino or on the Cruise ship, freaks me out….I mean she’s not that old…why does she look like she’s pushing 50.

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Provocative Christina Aguilera Pictures of the Day

Provocative Christina Aguilera Pictures

I am trying to figure out if these pictures are of Christina Aguilera…who always makes me laugh because in 1999 I made a bet with an old friend that I would fuck her in my lifetime and I guess I haven’t lost the bet, and can only lose the bet if I die, but can say that I haven’t fucked her yet…and likely won’t…because I haven’t tried…but I am convinced that if I put my whole life into it….I could make it happen…maybe I am delusional, confident, who knows…but I figure you can make anything you want happen…I mean look at me…I made a shitty website happen with no writing or computer skills…BRILLIANT….

That said, I saw these pictures they claim are of her, that are old pictures she posted to social media, they are racy, there are nipples in some they, topless in others, memories of when she went from pop tart to slutty pop tart before getting fat..her prime…a little rat faced with the bolt on tits…but still memories of a better time…a great time…for her and for me and the entire human race…there are people dying….I think I’m quoting MJ…young pussy that’s now old does that to me…

Racy racy – a reminder that all girls are slutty – and always have been…

Here she is old and fat for Halloween, to remind you that ALL Things DIE.

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