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Christina Applegate’s Got Tit Cancer of the Day

Tit cancer is like AIDS, it ravages something I like. Now I’ve never really been a fan of Christina Applegate, except maybe in Married With Children when I had lower standards for sluts on TV, because there weren’t really that many sluts on TV,, but I do know that she was someone everyone wanted to fuck throughout her career and I hope that after her tits get cut off and she gets her free government funded big ol’ implants and a nipple tattooed on, people won’t hold the fact that her tits were weak and diseased and couldn’t put up a solid fight and can go back to fucking her in their fantasies….

Top 3 Christina Appelgate Tit Videos to Celebrate Her Tits that once Were….

1- The Sweetest Thing
Cameron Diaz & Christina ApplegateClick here for more free videos

2- Married With Children
Christina Applegate Bouncing Tits In Married With ChildrenThe best video clips are right here

3- Some Stripper Video
Christina Applegate Stripper Scene (no Nudity)Watch more amazing videos here

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I am – Christina Applegate in a Bikini of the Day


There’s nothing more fun than a washed up celebrity who hires two fat chicks to hang out with her on the beach, but pretend they don’t know her, in efforts to make herself look hotter and thinner and less washed up than she actually is.

I know that you all wanted to fuck this bitch when she was on Married With Children because TV was different then, and openly slutty girls who dressed in slutty clothes and talked about slutty things were fucking rare. We had limited selection and being guys we were easy to fucking please. I remember when I’d go to the video store and hunt down movies with nudity. I’d read the rating and if the tag said nudity, I’d rent it, because I never really cared about the story but I did care about the fucking tits. I guess there’s pretty much nudity in every movie now, probably because I wasn’t the only one renting movies this way. I also guess that in a lot of ways, Christina Applegate paved the way for the sluts of today and I guess we should all thank her for that by rubbing one out to these not so hot pics.

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I am – Christina Applegate Leaving the Gym of the Day


Here are some pictures of a girl you used to jerk off to leaving the gym and lookin’ more like a man that I ever remember her lookin’ but not really caring because girls leaving the gym is a fetish of mine, mainly because my wife can’t walk on her own, I can’t walk up stairs on my own and the thought of running a marathon would give me a boner if I could get one…It’s a whole opposite’s attract bullshit….

While I just got home from drinking Irish Car Bombs, not because I like to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, but because I like to drink all the time, this bitch is out on the treadmill and doing ab exercises.

I ended up at some shitty pub after trying to avoid all the drunken idiots I’d normally never have to deal with because they would be in the suburbs being idiots in their basements. The drunker I got the more entertaining the night became. I’d have to say the highlight of the night is when I told the barmaid that I was a pervert and she didn’t believe me until I started asking her to flash me her panties, which she did once or twice but took a lot of work….

All this to say that girls aren’t as easy in person as they are on the internet. Here I can just type in “Panties” and I get all I fucking need, which goes to show you that living life away from the computer is a fool’s way of living….

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