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Christina Ricci by Lena Dunham in her Underwear of the Day

Christina Ricci is a child star, turned huge breasted girl who did indy movies when she was 18, after being a child star, then she went dark and gothic like the Wednesday Addams…

There was a time when her tits were massive, never exposed, but massive and the world wanted to fuck her, then she got dumb tattoos, got a breast reduction, and became unappealing…

And now she’s working with the nation’s enemy, Lena Dunham, in some flimsy feminist that isn’t feminist but that pig Dunham, plays it like it is and recruits people like Ricci to fall into her trap, older, smaller titty, and boring….but it happened….

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Christina Ricci Upskirt for Twitter of the Day

Christina Ricci was an Original child star who old creepy men wanted to fuck because she was so hot…I remember she fell off around 18…rebelled, got tattoos, had huge tits, tits she ended up killing off in a breast reduction….which at the time was a tragedy, and now she’s pushing 40, and posting pics to the internet of her in a fridge, showing off her ripped fit as fuck legs….and I am kinda starting to remember her alien faced appeal like this was Addams Family Values or some shit…and I was masturbating in the back of the theatre or some shit…not that that ever happened…you can’t prove anything….there was no security cameras at the time.

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Christina Ricci’s Showing Some Bra of the Day

Christina Ricci is a martyr….who attacked our freedom the day she decided to cut off her massive tits…the same massive tits who made her matter in the 90s…massive tits she hated cuz it fucked with her anorexic look….. But at least she’s showing some bra…to remind us of titties that were….and that are now just anchor scars….too small and substantial to show off without a bra….a tragedy to say the least…

More importantly… at least she’s got Miley in the
background lookin’ dumb as shit to save her….

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Christina Ricci Topless Scene from Some Move of the Day

CHRISTINA RICCI was some bitch you probably jerked off to when she was all Gothic in the Addam’s Family….you know cuz you love young girls in movies knowing they probably put out to be there even though they are just 10….

She went on to be a tormented teen, who got fat and busty, while remaining gothic…and if you were around in the 90s…she was someone a lot of guys wanted to taste…..

Then she got anorexic, chopped off her tits, and that was the end of her as far as I’m concerned, because as a fan and supporter of natural tits…huge natural tits…I hate and consider anyone to amputate them to look skinnier while pretending it is to save their back my enemy…

Well she’s still around, even though I forgot her….and she’s in some movie that came out in February showing tit…here’s the clip…..

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Christina Ricci Hot and Skinny at Some Event of the Day

This is one thing in life that I actually like….and that is skinny chicks. Everything else is just garbage, pollution, irritants….offensive as fuck….and Christina Ricci probably feels the same way, you see she was a pudgy little thing with D cup titties, who went anorexic like all pudgy little things should do, only to chop off her titties, something disappointing to most, but fantastic to me, cuz it meant she could really pull off that skinny body proper….I mean big natural tits fuck it all up….as rib cages are exposed, you don’t want big nippled sloppy sand bag tits hanging their like shit’s a fucking National Geographic….at least I don’t…..all this to say….2 decades into her career….she’s still got it goin’ on. Good Hustle.

To See The Rest of the Pics

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Christina Ricci Throwback Topless Pic of the Day

Here is a picture of CHRISTINA RICCI that I dont’ quite understand why it is recirculating ont he internet….I posted her BREAST REDUCTION SCARS back in 2008…but I figure a 5 year old picture of a bitch I once found hot, but who masacred herself to shape her tits into less of a sloppy tit, is always worth re-posting for a new generation of internet users who may have missed this the first itme……

And if you think it is a fake HERE’S THE PROOF I POSTED IN 2008 ….

What it comes down to is that I can’t believe I’ve been writing this site since 2004 and I am still not Rich or Famous…I need to restructure my life…like Christina Ricci restructured her tits…

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Christina Ricci is a Picnic Table of the Day

I guess this outfit will excite the weird guy in the park, who everyone thinks is talking to himself, but who is actually talking to the picnic table, because he is convinced it is his girlfriend, but you only really learn that about him, when walking through the part after midnight, when he’s fucking the shit out of it, telling it how mad his mom will be that he’s doing this, and how sexy it is, and how good she feels against him, making for an awkward experience, that is hardly as awkward as Christina Ricci cutting off her tits intentionally cuz she thought they made her look fat, while now she just looks useless…..unless it was to make my friend in the park’s imaginary wife come to life…and thanks to her self-mutilation, she’s great the feed families off of….

I don’t know what I am saying here, but the point of this post was to say Christina Ricci fucking sucks and here are the pics to prove it.

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