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Cindy Crawford Wet Bikini in Muskoka of the Day

Cindy Crawford Wet Bikini in Muskoka

Cindy Crawford is sex working, or sexual assaulting Canada whilst enjoying her time at her mansion of a cottage in Northern Ontario where all the rich people have their lake houses, because for some reason Cindy Crawford and her Husband the Tequila George Clooeny fucking billionaire bought up there and now the whole family whilst not whoring to the world, through her daughter…Kaia

I find it very weird that Kaia Gerber is the face of any brand, mainly OMEGA watches, who target rich old men, using a 16 year old half naked girl…sounds grey area to me…almost illegal…criminal..but it’s advertising and this old model, who was one of the hottest models…singed the field day consent form….


Cindy Crawford Wet Bikini in Muskoka


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Cindy Crawford Tits of the Day

Cindy Crawford Big Tits Black Dress

Cindy Crawford is old, and her narcissism has been diverted with laser sharp accuracy on whoring out her teen daughter….but I guess with people obsessed with the 90s like everyone…it’s the 90s revival…people are still into her…despite her looking her fucking age.

I have seen her in person…and it turns out that she’s fucking amazing in person…we exchanged smiles…made eye contact…as she entered her hotel years ago….I didn’t follow her in, security didn’t like me and she probably only smiled because she probably thought I was a homeless guy…or someone with downs syndrome down on his luck who needed a little pick me up…when in reality…all I needed was for her to invite me into said hotel room and sit on my face…which obviously didn’t happen…but that was decades ago..and I don’t know if she would still have that star power or presence…but I do know that her tits are out, her and her husband are stupid rich, her daughter even as a teen being whored out is hot, and that’s more than I care to know about 90s models who should have died off to me in the 90s…but thanks to the fucking internet all these people get second and third lives to their celebrity…instead of their disappearing.

We have pics of 90s Cindy, we really don’t need this. She should go back to destroying her daughter’s soul, by cashing in on her look at 16, even though they don’t need the money, they just like the money and probably think they are teaching her work ethic, thanks to skirting through life not working her entire life and having at least one Malibu beach house to show for it.

Cindy Crawford Big Tits Black Dress

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Cindy Crawford’s Old Face Dumpy Ass of the Day

Cindy Crawford is an old lady at this point…and here she is walking around with her old face hanging off her old jaw…just looking old….despite what is probably a lot of botox..and her ass…looking old and sloppy in leggings that should be loose fitting sweat pants…because at a certain age…simmer the fuck down with your whoring and divert attention to your clone 16 year old who you irresponsibly is taken out of school to be a “model” at “fashion week” for her instagram celebrity like a Kardashian…which is fucking disgusting to me….on so many levels…you have the money and resources to not make her a model…get her a job at the smoothy shop or some shit…parents whoring their kids out to a vapid existence of superficial, vanity, overpriced product, polution and all that is wrong with fashion industry and being a slutty model…are so fucking wrong…especially when they are rich and have resources to help them be real contributing people in the world…LA man…it’s a terrible place.

Here’s her 16 year old daughter sexualizing herself, working at Fashion week, walking for fashion companies, at 16 years old, despite her family being virtual billionaires thanks to the tequila deal deal….in what I would consider pretty inappropriate, whether it is for fashion or not…she’s still 16…and that’s not even the age of consent…so seeing her used by brands seems fucking wrong to me.

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Cindy Crawford Titties in a Satchel of the Day

Cindy Crawford Tits are Out in a Grey Sweater and Black Jeans

Cindy Crawford’s husband and billionaire thanks to his Tequila brand, who mooched off her for many years, where she was the rich one, being Cindy Crawford…you know famous pussy for being hot pussy…now old pussy..

I guess when she’s not out whoring her 15 year old daughter to live the life she lived, that paid out nicely, even though they are rich and they don’t need the girl to whore herself out to an industry that will just objectify her and fuck with her self esteem…you know pay for her to become a doctor….but no, vapid cunts breed vapid cunts, look at the Hadids…all these people want that for their kids…it’s an LA thing…

Garbage, but them old titties are being popped out by a satchel, intentionally, like you’re watching a very old college girl, or some busty bitch in a seatbelt, you know titties…poppin…thanks to straps…hotness…if she wasn’t 100 fucking years old.

Here is a video of the mom and daughter clickbaits..


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Cindy Crawford’s Tit in 1988 Marc Jacobs Show of the Day

I am thankful for it never being too late to post a tit pic….

In fact, when the woman in the tit pic is still alive, and a mom of two, after years of aging…because this is from 1988, 30 fucking years ago…it is encouraged…

If you’re going to look at a tit pic of anyone over 30, it best be one from the archives of what was, cuz no one wants to deal with their current shit…

Unless when their current shit, is their clone they created with all their money, who they are throwing out to the world to do the exact same thing this one did….30 years later..named Kaia…

The archive tits, thanks to the internet, are like new tit pics to me…and in this case better than new tit pics..so consider it a Thanksgiving miracle…

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Old Lady Zombie Cindy Crawford Spread Legs of the Day

Old Lady Zombie Cindy Crawford Spread Legs

Cindy Crawford’s husband and billionaire thanks to his Tequila brand selling, threw a Hallwoeen party with his gay lover George Clooney, who he made the Tequilla brand with, and a bunch of fame whores were in attendance, but none more terrifying than his old as fuck wife, dressed like a 70s disco queen in her 70s, and it was a perfect level of absolute fucking nightmare…you know for Halloween….not for life, because in life, when you marry Cindy Crawford you need to expect her to end up looking like this, but you also better hope there’s a clause in your contract that allows you to fuck younger models, because you’re a tequila billionaire and dudes age better than women, it’s only fair.


Cindy Crawford also did some photoshoot because I guess people still like her, her name, her celebrity, the 90s revival while pussy looks like she’s 90….and for some reason she kept her legs spread….and grinding up on things because I guess when you’re pussy is dried up, your sex drive doesn’t reflect that, in fact the more testosterone / less estrogen you have the more horny you are. SCIENCE…



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Cindy Crawford Topless for Old Timers Whoring of the Day

People are excited that Cindy Crawford recreated her 90s topless in jeans photoshoot because people really have nothing better to do or to talk about the past, or be distracted by nonsense because who the fuck cares what anyone was doing in the 90s, or if the model, even when as iconic as Cindy Crawford does it again, because it’s all commercial hype, nonsense, and anything she is doing, promoting, hustling, is for her ego, her self interest and unless it is her daughter who looks like her, like a clone of her, in her prime, still young, still vibrant, hot and tight bodied…

Celebrating an image I forgot even existed…..It’s not worth our time….

is like celebrating an Ex Girlfriend’s birthday, every year, after year, remembering the good times before she left you for a real man, with a real job, destroying your ideals of LOVE and happiness, because you peaked, and now it is just you…your cat…and the piece of cake you cut yourself from the cake you bought for her…even though she’s blocked you on social media 5 years ago…

Cindy crawford, still hot in her 50s, sure, but not important and that old image of her isnot like it’s a sex tape or revolutionary, there must be other things people can put a lot of importance on, put their time into, jerk off to….but because people are consumers, they eat everything up, talking about it like it’s a thing, when clearly, it’s not..

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