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Cindy Crawford’s Old Face Dumpy Ass of the Day

Cindy Crawford is an old lady at this point…and here she is walking around with her old face hanging off her old jaw…just looking old….despite what is probably a lot of botox..and her ass…looking old and sloppy in leggings that should be loose fitting sweat pants…because at a certain age…simmer the fuck down with your whoring and divert attention to your clone 16 year old who you irresponsibly is taken out of school to be a “model” at “fashion week” for her instagram celebrity like a Kardashian…which is fucking disgusting to me….on so many levels…you have the money and resources to not make her a model…get her a job at the smoothy shop or some shit…parents whoring their kids out to a vapid existence of superficial, vanity, overpriced product, polution and all that is wrong with fashion industry and being a slutty model…are so fucking wrong…especially when they are rich and have resources to help them be real contributing people in the world…LA man…it’s a terrible place.

Here’s her 16 year old daughter sexualizing herself, working at Fashion week, walking for fashion companies, at 16 years old, despite her family being virtual billionaires thanks to the tequila deal deal….in what I would consider pretty inappropriate, whether it is for fashion or not…she’s still 16…and that’s not even the age of consent…so seeing her used by brands seems fucking wrong to me.

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Coleen McLoughlin Honeymoon Bikini Pictures of the Day

Here’s yet another dumpy chick from the UK in her bikini, not because all chicks from the UK are Dumpy, but because she’s married to a soccer player and with this whole Euro shit going on, I can’t leave my house without running into some fucking immigrant carrying his team’s flag and it’s starting to annoy me.

What doesn’t really annoy me is the fact that soccer players land the trashiest girls out there, they are like the pussy you fuck when you are out of town on business and you leave the wife at home with the kids and feel like it’s time for new pussy and conveniently a drunk girl in a messed up party dress on the verge of passing out or throwing up falls up on you and mistakes you for her boyfriend who was actually just a random dude from the same bar the previous week who had his way with her, but she doesn’t know the difference, her timelines are all messed up and she’s been this drunken mess for the past 6 years so she ends up showing you the same good time she’s shown many men. But for some reason, one night while out, they win the fucking lottery and some rich soccer playing dude falls in love with them because she gives a better blowjob than his teammates and next thing you know, you’re honeymooning in Vegas, showing the world your fat ass that is only going to get fatter. It’s really one of life’s great mysteries.

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I am – Coleen McLoughlin Bikini Pics of the Day


Her name is Coleen McLoughlin, she’s obviously not that famous because I have never heard about what she does. I have posted These Bikini Pics of her in the past, which means that the dudes who rock the message boards I steal my pictures from seem to care about her when she’s rockin a bikini….

I was out of town this weekend and not near a computer. It was me and the trees and beer and it wasn’t much of a holiday just more of a random adventure that wasn’t very adventurous. I came back to find emails from some people about a comment someone left posing as me that was dissing one of the sites I like. I generally don’t censor my comments, I don’t edit my comments, I barely even read my comments because I don’t really care about what you have to say. I know that people like HornyLohanWanker write creepy shit that has probably put me on the FBI’s list of sites to monitor and I still give him free reign.

Either way, I don’t dis other sites in my comments, I do it within posts because I am uninspired most of the time and if I am going to bother writing anything, I generally do it in a post. I do like somethings some people are doing out there and the site in question is one of those sites that I dig as far as celeb shit goes and I refer people to check him out if they want to know what’s going on in the world of celebrity.

That said, I didn’t rip into him, I didn’t say he was a third rate version of me, because my site sucks so hard that a third rate version of me would be some weird homeless dude with a calculator and women’s panties on. I don’t really appreciate whoever it was who pretended to be me, you’re an asshole. Ripping into people on the internet is what I do, so I am not going to be a bitch and cry about that, but next time try to do it with your own name, or with some fake name that you like, or with the handle Perez Hilton, or something. Just don’t pretend to be me because I have to deal with the backlash and I only like dealing with backlash to shit I actually wrote.

Here’s that bitch Coleen McLoughlin in a bikini. The pictures are dull but so am I, so it’s a match made in Internet heaven.

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