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I am – When Paris Hilton Meets Someone Uglier than Her She is at Her Happiest…


I came across this picture on the internet this morning and figured I’d post it because it is Paris at Coachella and not in a hotel room sucking cock. I say that like I know the bitch personally and sit with her over pancakes and lattes while laughing at the cum shot that still clumps up her hair from the night before, but I really don’t know what make Paris her happiest, I just like to pretend I do.

I do know that this herpes ridden whore loves to be in pictures with girls who are uglier than her. That’s why she did the Simple Life with a fat Nicole, that’s why she was always seen partying with Kim Kardashian the Fat Armenian fashion accessory and now it looks like she’s pulled some broken down little rat out of the orphanage and brought her along with her to this concert as part of some make a wish foundation for orphans who don’t shower, or from broken homes with deformities inflicted on their face by their foster parent throwing beer cans at her as a baby. My guess is that it’s some PR move to make us think how good bitch is, when in reality all she had to do was not breathe in through her nose for the 2 minutes as to not get sick by the dirty rat’s stint, just to snap this picture.

Update –
The ugly girl in the picture is some hipster named Cory Kennedy …. Not a Ratty Kid Kid From an Orphanage with no showers, just a normal girl with a fucked up upper lip making her ugly enough to share the picture with Paris according to Paris’ people. Cuddles.

Picture via – TheCobraSnake

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