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Courtney Love Hard Heroin Nipples of the Day

Courtney Love Hard Nipples in a Red Swimsuit Getting Wet

Somebody forward this to Demi Lovato – the long term affects of opioids are NOT HOT…but they aren’t that bad…

I mean at least Courtney Love hasn’t had public overdoses like the candy-coated Disney opiate addicts, and she’s been consistently alive throughout the years of opiate addiction, even getting away with murder, being nominated for Oscars, like she was a celebrity and not a gutter fucking addict….from the streets…I mean in a lot of ways, this zombie looking monster…who isn’t fat….should be a mentor to crackheads out there…you can make it…you can live your best life…you don’t need to be out there eating trash under an overpass…

I have a crackhead fetish, most of the hookers I can afford are crackheads, and despite their rotten teeth and rank cunts, they are pretty fit looking…so I’m into this…I am into giving crackheads hope they too can live their best life ….even if I can step back and can still be terrified by it….it doesn’t mean it isn’t hot.



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Courtney Love in a Bathing Suit of the Day

Courtney Love put up this picture of her in a one piece that may have been taken many years ago, when she was just a young drug addict killing off boyfriends to get ahead and become insanely popular, reminding all you rich and famous motherfuckers, to never fall in love with a hooker, or stripper, they are usually damaged goods and won’t really bring you up so much as bring you down, plus their vaginas smell like other men, which in turn makes you a little bit homo…

Maybe this picture is proof that you can fake a bikini pic, if you have implants and a one piece to cover your flaws, along with years of posing for pro-photogs to know your look, and enough filters to blur out your zombie fucking face…and body…”make it black and white so they don’t see my blue dead heroin addict skin”….”fuzz out the right side of the picture so that they can’t see my botox failed me, scrotum like face”…”let me lay on my side so it looks like I have a waist, even though them meth took that years ago”…”let me squeeze my implants together, cuz #tits”…

I know what she’s doing here…but I may still try to masturbate to it…I like challenges…

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Courtney Love’s New Video of the Day

Speaking of hookers…everyone hates Junkie Hooker Courtney Love….even Kurt Cobain, but he was nice enough to give her his catalog of work that was worth 100s of millions thanks to him killing himself…you know increasing the value tenfold while allowing her to go on to be HOLE…

I guess she got bored in the whole being retired and rich as fuck. She’s done all the drugs she can, and she has given all she can give in finding missing planes by going through thousands of satellite images no one appreciated the hero her…

So she dropped a new song, the first on since the 90s…and I like it….I understand why Kurt Cobain let her kill him off, she’s that good.

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Courtney Love Big Titty Performs of the Day

Courtney Love brought her big ass crackhead titties out to some fashion week party…where no nipples were thrown out for the audience to cheer at…but where I am sure at least one person got AIDS for getting to close to the MIC after her crackwhore ass was done with it…

I am sure Courtney Love is a lovely person, from Killing off her husband for fame and fortune, to really showing other crackwhores that if you find the right punk in a band, you can turn that life from the meth lab trailer park…into luxury…

But fuck she’s disgusting, even though I’d love to sniff her dirty panties, in a Hazmat suit, just to see what she’s all about…

But I am a sick fucking person…

Pics via click here

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Courtney Love Tits Flashed in Brazilian Concert of the Day

I do not know how long youtube is gonna keep these courtney love titty flash videos on Youtube….from a concert in Brazil the other day….but I have a feeling it will not be long….see cuz youtube prefers if you jerk off to sketchy weird non-nude shit than things than crackhead rockstars rumored to have killed her husband for her own crackhead fame tits…that you have seen in any move roll she has had…..which is some weird shit in its own right…..but that nipple makes it offensive…even though we all know far more makes it actually offensive…..

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Some Bitches Who Look Like They May Have Aids at an Aids Event of the Day

Both of these bitches might as well have AIDS, cuz I already have decided that they both have rank pussies the average person may not want anything to do with….

Now, I’m not the average person and I am sure that I have had sex with HIV positive girls more than once, but that’s only because I congregate with the discount street whores and you kinda get what you pay for…but for the sake of argument, I’m just gonna point and laugh with the mainstream in a collective “ewww” as if I wouldn’t bury my face inside either of these vaginas….cuz that’s the power of the internet or some shit, I can pretend I’m whoever I want to be, like someone who would never pick the scabs off either of these cunts, even though I would, because my love for pussy outweighs my hatred of bad music, murdering wives, and fake hipsters who have weird bulges in their “underwear as outerwear” milking the system cuz they were BFF with Katy Perry before she fucked a celebrity and got a record deal.

If you know what I mean…

Courtney Love…..

Bulge in Her Underwear as Outerwear Kesha

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Courtney Love May Be in a Bikini Under her Clothes of the Day

I get scared when I see Courtney Love in what may be a bikini because Courtney Love’s corpse of a body should not get wet. It may affect the eco system, kill all the fish and lead to a natural disaster cuz there won’t be any fish to eat the algae left, or some shit….

I am basing this theory on no hard facts, but just on how vile the substance or pollutant, the waste coming out of her twat is according to me.

I mean I’d still go down on her, but I don’t care about my well being…I’m just concerned about the future of our planet. I’m a hippie like that.

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