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I am – Britney Spears and Cris Angel are Trash of the Day


Here are some pictures of Britney with her Magician boyfriend who she is either keeping close incase her career bombs and she needs to pull a Pam Anderson and rely on being the slut in a Magician act, or because she’s lonely and likes the attention. It’s kinda her thing to let dudes use her to get themselves famous…even when they are magicians and for anyone who knows a Magician, they now the best thing to do is keep them as far away from their kids as possible because anyone with so little social skills that they need props to “wow” a room of 10 year olds, is someone who is probably just as likely to try to hide in the girls locker room of the elementary school to sneak a peak.

I got this email from a reader along with these pics of Spears and her Magic Man and figured I’d throw it up because it’s one of those too good to be true situations that I’ve never had because I suck at life and never get any breaks….

Subject: Sleazebag Christmas of the day

Here I was engaged in my usual 5pm routine of drinking cheap, shitty beer and wishing I was any other place besides sitting in front of my computer, when someone knocked on my door.

Reluctantly I got up, a little nervous about the fact that there was still a pretty thick cloud of chronic smoke in front of the door to my filthy, stinking, rathole apartment. Stealthfully, like a drunken ninja, I checked the peephole to see a strange looking guy holding two bottles of liquor. Seems legit to me.

So I opened the door and it turns out the dude is my new next door neighbor, offering to sell me a freshly thieved fifth of Jack for 5 bucks. Now I don’t know where you live, but here in Albuquerque, a bottle of Jack will run you about 20 bucks. Weíre talking cheap ass liquor here, people. So Iím fucking stoked. I nabbed the bottle and retreated into my cave to down a couple of shots. Yeah, pretty ghetto. But you gotta understand I live in a shitty-ass section 8 ex-PJ turned wannabe legit apartment complex. Just check out the fabulous google reviews: Copper Ridge Apartments

So naturally the next order of business is a cigarette back outside on my porch. The neighbor girl opens up her door and comes out, telling me she’s about to move and that sheís stopped taking her meds. I try to contain myself but instinctively I ask if she’s got anything she doesn’t want anymore. She’s like “oh yeah, hold on” and goes back into her apartment and produces two bottles of pills ñ Valium and Ambien. Free of charge, folks. Truly, a Sleazebag Christmas in September…

I’m including these pictures of Britney and Cris Angel here because Britney, when Cris was busy magically cajooling underaged girls with tricks, he probably lived in an even bigger shit hole that I do.


Sean O’Donnell

As you sit at home practicing your card tricks because it’s your last hope in having any form of social interaction and the hope of possibly impressing a girl enough to have her bang you, I am going to post these pics cuz Britney has a short skirt on and with a short skirt comes endless possibilities beyond just airing out her stank vadge, and since I have no standards, I’d totally do her….

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