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Dita Von Teese Nipples n Bush of the Day

Dita Von Teese Jean Paul Gaultier Nipples Bush

Dita Von Teese is a fucking legend and genius and pretty fucking cool in all that she’s done.

She was early to the internet with her fetish shit that she turned into Burlesque shit, that I never really fully appreciated, even though I love the era it is from, mainly because the people who into that, pin-up, swing dance, rockabilly, back in the late 90s were usually fat chicks…and I hate fat chicks.

While Dita was doing her fetish content, polarizing it to be Glamour, getting dialled into hollywood, rock and roll, fashion and all this other high end shit….doing Playboy when it mattered, being consistent and high concept….high brow…while other fetish chicks, who didn’t curate their content, who weren’t actually passionate about Fetish and Burlesque, ended up in porn getting pissed on before becoming born again Christians…

Not every one has the same ability to achieve success….and not every one has the same ability to have staying power…and not every one has the ability to still be doing it, still be relevant, still be interesting….but Dita Von Teese pulled it off…

She’s in Paris Fashion Week, wearing sheer lace, you can see her rockin’ tits, and this is nice and authentic, it’s not some instagram idiot doing it…it’s a legend, who’s got over 20 years in high end lingerie.

I’m just happy she’s not the Burlesque dancers I knew in college, not that I went to college, with their Betty Page Bangs and Double Big Mac everyday for lunch bellies…that don’t understand that not every titty tassel or corset lacing is created equally…

Here is a throwback of her getting wet as she does
Dita Von Teese Nipple Pasties Thong


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Dita Von Teese Nipples of the Day

Dita Von Teese Black Lingerie Nipples See Through

I have hated the new wave of Pinup from the time it started in the 90s. It was some excuse for fat girls to wear lingerie and dance around doing striptease and it was embarrassing to watch these people in action. It was this whole old hollywood Burlesque shit that for some reason people got into….everyone dressing like the 1950s with their slick back hair…fire decals on their old hot rods….very fucking weird…

But Dita Von Teese was able to go from doing lesbian porn and porn mags to running her own little Burlesque pinup website that she charged a monthly memebership to…early to the fucking game…and influencer before influencers…all thanks to getting naked or half naked…and thanks to all that she’s FUCKING RICH as hell and still making money with off shoot brands……The pinup thing, thanks to not being a fat chick, worked….you know move in on fat chick territory with your own hotter angle and dudes will bust out the credit cards I guss…

Well, she’s still at it, tits out….but these could be old, with face injections everywhere, it’s hard to tell…

Dita Von Teese Black Lingerie



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I am – Dita Von Tease Goes Shopping of the Day

Dita Von Tease Shopping
Julien, our token gay blogger, sent me this email this morning. And since I think Dita Von Tease is just a whole bunch of (hot) hype, I thought I would post it. It’s so gay I can almost hear his lisp when I read it.

Ok, just because I’m gay doesnt mean I’m going to redecorate your house and take you to Ikea to pick out new plates for your dining room. Choosing paint colors that match your new bedspread is not my idea of a fun Saturday afternoon. I like to spend my Saturdays lying in bed recovering from the fact that I came home at 8am all sketchy from some loft party that I went to after last call at the bar.

Like last night, some ex-fag hag of mine calls me up because the loser that she was dating realized that he could do better than her. She called me up all weepy and shit, wanting me to come over and talk about her failed relationship. She probably wanted me to hold her for awhile and then take a bubble bath with her to make her feel better.

Look, that was what I did when I was fat in high school and no guys to fuck me. But now I’ m hot and have better things to do with my life. So I made up some lie about being sick and instead went to a strip club where I got a contact lap dance from a hot guy with his initials tattooed on his ass. He was uncut but didn’t have too much foreskin. Hot.

Anyway here are a few pics of Dita Von Teese. Now, like I said, I’m not you the kind of fag who is going to help you with all your clothing issues. But even this is too much. I know she’ s supposed to be some fashion maven but her dress looks like a needlepoint picture that my grandmother had in her kitchen where she and I used to have teaparties. Girl, what the hell you were thinking?



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I am – Dita Von Tease Doing Her Routine in Tokyo of the Day


Here are pictures of a half naked Dita Von Tease doing her stupid Burlesque show. It always involves her in a champagne class with nipple covers and a thong and as good as that sounds on paper, shit looks pretty fucking boring, not because she does the same routine over and fucking over like bitch is in Groundhog Day, but because she doesn’t show the world her box that Marilyn Manson shot his satan seed up inside.

I don’t really get the whole pinup girl craze that’s been going on the last couple years. It seems like only fat chicks really respond to the whole movement, because it gives them a false sense of sexiness and they wear corsets and show off their fat tits everywhere they go to celebrate that sexiness they never knew existed while they emotionally ate their ugly fat hearts out through high school when no one would slam them.

I also don’t understand the whole alternative model movement that is a lot like this 1950’s burlesque pinup shit, because these fat chicks in corsets get tattooed and pierced decide that they can be models and people will get off to their naked inked fat asses. The way I see it, they shouldn’t be allowed out of their ratty homes and jobs working as a cashier at the pharmacy and into the photo studio where they get naked, but guys like you, who aren’t into hot chicks, buy memberships to these Suicide Girls sites, fueling this whole fucking industry and making more and more ugly girls get tattooed to feel wanted. I guess you’re a fucking charitable organization and you at least get off because of it, which is more than I can say about people who donate to AIDS Babies in Africa Charities.

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I am – Dita Von Tease Performing of the Day


I did a post on Dita Von Tease performing at some point last week that you can find HERE . I don’t really have much to say about this, other than the fact that her shit is dull, burlesque is dull, and her lame nipple tassels are dull. I just thought that it was funny that she did a performance a couple of days ago that was pretty much exactly the same as the one from 2 weeks ago and the pictures are pretty much the exact same as they were 2 weeks ago, which makes this post as dull as Dita Von Tease.

It makes me realize that if I could come up with one post that I could re-use with every set of pictures I post, I’d have a much easier life, especially since you don’t actually read this and come for the pictures.

Bonus: Dita Von Tease Nude Photoshoot

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I am – Dita Von Tease Does a Strip Show of the Day


I don’t like burlesque, if I got to strip clubs I want to see no panties and no nipple covers, because nipple covers are pretty much the same fucking thing as wearing a fucking shirt in my perverted world. If I can’t see the color and size of a bitch’s nipples or the hang of her cooch, then I know that I’ve been ripped off. What I do know is that she makes more money doing this artsy faggot dances than the strippers I know who suck dick for 50 dollars in the booth, but she’s way less authentic. She’s like the candy coated stripper who still does Penthouse pictorials and is officially more of a pornstar than any of the girls I know, but pretends she’s an artist.

These pictures may or may not be old and I really don’t give a fuck because I am sick and my flu killed my weekend, even though everyday is a fuckin’ weekend.

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