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Elisha Cuthbert For Maxim March of the Day


Elisha Cuthbert may be relatively uninteresting….you know a girl who had 5 minutes of fame years ago, fell off, and became known as Paris Hilton’s friend….you know a Montreal Local Hero who I wanted to have a candlelight vigil for when she was fat, not working and all around sucking…but she landed a TV show, bounced into shape and the 30 plus Elisha Cuthbert is looking better than she has the last 10 years….and as much as I hate admitting it, these Maxim pics are her at her hottest….funny how people get a second chance…


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Elisha Cuthbert Cleavage for Happy Endings Promo of the DAy

Montreal Hometown Hero…who is probably not really even considered from Montreal anymore….you know now that she’s been living in LA for the last 2 decades….is in some promo shots for her TV show I have never seen and didn’t know she even had…I just assumed she died….cuz I haven’t heard or seen shit about her in the last 4 years…and the last time I did hear about her she was some gutter, fat, coked up looking pig who didn’t really shower and who I assumed had given up….being Paris Hilton’s best friend does that to a person….and now she just pretends she’s one in promo shots for her show….that remind me of every girl I’ve ever picked up after a night out…only a bit better dressed…a little less scabby…..a lot less covered in puke….and a lot more alert….the hollywood version of a good old drag her in the alley for your first date good time….

All this to say….Cuthbert….a girl I was trying to stage a candle light vigil for her career at her parent’s house in flash mob awesome viral video form….is back on some Girl Next Door hotness….and here are the pics….

Remember boys and girls…spending half your 20s being a cokewhore doesn’t always ruin you….and this is the proof….

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Elisha Cuthbert Grabbing her Tit in New York Moves Magazine of the Day

I am pretty uninterested in Elisha Cuthbert. Maybe that’s cuz she’s from Montreal, the place where I live, that hasn’t given me a key to the city yet, even though I’m substantially more important than most of the locals, except maybe this bitch and Jessica Pare, who is the wife in Mad Men, who recently blocked me on Facebook, cuz I know she’s not actually hot in person…..cuz I’ve seen her in person….

But I think it has more to do with her being some sloppy, chubby, friend of Paris Hilton, who may be on TV, but who still deserves a candlelight vigil outside her parent’s house….cuz she doesn’t turn me on like she did in that one movie she did, not even in photoshoots where she’s photoshopped and grabbing her tit like it matters….

I don’t know she’s dull, but I’m posting the pics anyway, cuz I got nothing better going on, see cuz unlike Cuthbert, I’m no celeb but a bottom feeder….

I approve of this message:


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Elisha Cuthbert is Not Erotic of the Day

I wrote a post on Elisha Cuthbert in some photshoot where she looked nice and photoshopped…for the first time in a bunch of years because she has a network behind her…

But I’ve seen this cunt in person and knew that it was all smoke and mirrors for the sake of getting people to watch her show…

So I was happy when these pics of her dropped, looking like shit, all short legged and useless, to remind us of what this cunt actually is….a dumpy piece of shit…

Now I’m just waiting for her to get killed off her show, and for her to run out of money and move back home, cuz drunkenstepdaddy has a bed for her future crackwhore ass to sleep on.

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Elisha Cuthbert Not Dead of the Day

Woah…Elsha Cuthbert pics are making the internet rounds…and I forgot this bitch exists…mainly cuz I don’t watch TV…or keep track of cunts like Elisha Cuthbet…I mean I’ve only done a handful of posts on her 3 years ago….cuz she was in a bikini with hard nipples and a bikini showing some ass back in 2008….and hiding behind a camera in a bikini with sheer pants on back in 2007…..

I know people who know Elisha Cuthbert because she is from Montreal…which happens to be where I live and there are only a dozen english people so everyone knows everyone….Apparently, she always had an ego, always thought she was important, because at a young age she was cast on some shitty TV show and the second you put a bitch on TV it’s all fucking over, their egos inflate, they move to LA and get cast in movies…only to come back with their hockey boyfriends and happen to be in the same bar as me one night…unwilling to respond to my requests to grab her breast….That’s why I tried to organize a candle light vigil for her career at her parent’s house, cuz her sister was living here, but no one was into my genius concept…instead they all wanted to jerk off to her cuz she was on 24 or Girl Next Door or some shit….

Either way, I hear she’s back on TV, and here are her tits in some photoshopped photoshoot that erased all her hard living and the fact that she’s pretty much 30 and boring….but she’s got tits…and I guess that counts for something…and that something doesn’t matter…this bitch needs to get substantially more naked, more scandalous, cuz that’s what I think her career and your masturbation habits really need…not that I like giving you my advice on your masturbation…it’s kinda gay…but I do prefer when the pics I post aren’t this well dressed and put together and more raw and gaping…Goodtimes…

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Some Elisha Cuthbert Pictures for Old Time’s of the Day

Remember when Elisha Cuthbert was this hot thing everyone wanted a piece of, I mean maybe because I live in her hometown, I heard a lot more buzz about her than the rest of the world, but she was definitely all over the fuckin’ place, dudes were jerking off to her in that Girl Next Door movie, and she had some Maxim covers, and now she’s pretty much a dumpy lookin’ nobody. The only thing upsetting in these pictures is that she hasn’t come back home so that when I get drunk in the same bar as her I can do my best to destroy the little self esteem she has, you know make her feel like she really sucks at life for not being a big star, and making her want to prove herself to me by sitting on my face. See, I don’t care that she’s got fatter and looks like the kind of girl who doesn’t shower always, doesn’t keep her bush maintained and who may or may not have a 3 week old tampon lodged in her pussy, just because it was too much work to take it out, I’m talking Toxic Shock Syndrom pussy motherfuckers.

Here she is doin’ nothing, something she’s pretty fucking good at lately.

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Elisha Cuthbert’s on Fire of the Day

Here’s Elisha Cuthbert’s arm on fire on the 24 set. I didn’t know she was still working, I thought she was just some Canadian puck slut working the Hockey circuit and by the looks of this soap opera star performance, they probably should have let the rest of her burn up in flames with her career, but maybe putting out the fire was just symbolic of her career being snuffed out, because killing her on set would have lead to legal issues, but then again, what the fuck do I know,

The last time Cuthbert was partying in her hometown of Montreal, she had a security detail, thinking people actually give a fuck about her still and when a guy I know managed to sneak in and give her a flower as a joke, she snubbed him like she’s too fucking important to interact with the locals. Now, if you’ve ever been to montreal, you’d know that nothing here is “exclusive”. Homeless people party in the “hottest” clubs here and manage to get into the VIP rooms poppin’ bottles and I’m just tired of these Montreal sluts who leave the city to go onto bigger money and better things, coming back and acting like they are anything but the fucking white trash middle class suburban cunts we know they are.

They pretend they are too good for this shitty city, and maybe they are, I mean I’ve met ex strippers who are onto better things since leaving this city, but when they are here, they act like they are too big for the place and that they are doing me a fucking favor for visiting, like I give a fuck. I remember meeting this bitch from here, who had moved to LA a few years before and was visiting her parents over the holidays a couple years ago. After an hour of her talking about how great LA is and how well liked she is and how hooked up she is and how many celebrities she parties with and how amazing the clubs are, she turns to some falling apart stone building and asks me if it had aways been there, she was trying to be so fucking LA that she couldn’t be bothered to remember buildings in the city, or recognize something that’s been there for 300 fucking years, thinking that I’d be impressed with how sophisticated and Sex and the City she is for leaving the city because no one liked her here, and that I’d be impressed with how industry she is by being too important to remember here, when the truth is, I don’t give a fuck about Montreal and I don’t give a fuck about LA, I do give a fuck about being forced into tedious conversations with a piece of fucking shit of a person. Not that you do care…..because she wasn’t Cuthbert, in fact she was a total nobody, but I’m pretty sure they have the same attitude.

I guess the real sad thing in all this is that they couldn’t put out her double chin…..if I was more eager, I’d find the Cuthbert family home and hold a candlelight vigil for her career and her sex appeal, that shit would be number 1 on Youtube.

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