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Elizabeth Hurley See Through of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley See Through White Dress showing Panties and Bra

Elizabeth Hurley is almost an interesting specimen…

She’s an old lady who posts selfies of herself, after years of barely existing, which seems to go against nature and science, and makes almost no sense to me….

It’s like she tapped out mid-30s until her 50s, where I guess she decided to be a mom, and is now back at it….cuz she either thinks she’s hot or is trying to find a new rich husband…or maybe it actually markets bathing suits…

You know giving the instagram sluts hope that in 30 years, they will look this good and still be doing what they love as shameless attention whores…she’s like the den mother, the beacon of hope that their wave will never end…and that they can ride it forever, which as most hot chicks know…they can…there will always be a willing pervert willing to look – even if posting half nakedness is pretty sleazy and disgusting..we like sleazy and disgusting.

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Elizabeth Hurley Pussy Dance of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley needs to simmer the fuck down…

She’s 100 fucking years old, yet still publishing self produced content of dancing in a bathing suit like some idiot 20 year old…

Shouldn’t she have some level of exclusivity, not that anyone really wants to see this, I mean other than her mass of 45 year old fans who are probably the only people who come to this site, so this one’s for you, only person who keeps me doing this…as the young kids don’t know we exist…so I rely on women like Elizabeth Hurley posting shit like this to give me content to publish..

I just think that she should be more classy, a little more exclusive, a little more “if you want to see an Hollywood Star and Bikini model from the 90s dance in a bathing suit, pay an admission fee”….

But instead…she’s giving it away, far less classy than her accent would make you think….

I mean this was a woman who fucks really rich guys, 20 years later, putting out low level insta slutty content…because I guess a ho is a ho forever..

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Elizabeth Hurley InstaThot of the Day

Liz Hurley Bikini Big Tits

Elizabeth Hurley proves one thing and that is that even when you are too old to get naked on that instagram thing that Facebook Evil Corporation runs in order to exploit all your data….you can still get naked enough on that instagram..it is good for the ego, gets you instant feedback, good for the personal brand…helps sell your products and gives the media something to talk about…without having to do much more than post seductively….

It’s a never too old to manipulate a system that you are presented with, especially when you have the work ethic and knowledge it took to manipulate the world in your favor long before instagram ever existed…

You know…the real stars, the brains, the money, the power…is finally moving in on this internet and staking a claim in it, something I remember being a 25 year old in 1995 thinking “when will the government shut down this porn machine that allows you communicate with like minded perverts and really disrupt society as a whole…without them knowing…


RIP INTERNET….it died with Liz Hurley’s youth, but like Liz Hurley we must pretend it’s still alive…

Liz Hurley Big Tits in See Through White Dress

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Elizabeth Hurley Bikini of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley Bikini Selfie

Old lady Elizabeth Hurley, the bikini entrepreneur thanks to being the bikini model entrepreneur who understood the importance of launching her pussy onto famous rich cock and sticking by it until it got caught fucking a tranny, allowing his success to be her success, that brought her to a place where she could meet other rich guys to mooch off of, and to be desirable for, and to get knocked up by….because rich guys like the pussy that famous guys cheat on with trannies – apparently…..

The aging process is so fucking weird these days….she’s 50 plus, but still putting out the bikini selfies like a college girl trying to make it on social media and it blows my fucking mind…because it’s not overly disgusting to look at…which is terrifying to me and everything I’ve ever known….

I guess posting slutty pics is timeless…and the only hope we can have in this is that she ends up at the old folks home you’re working as a Personal Support Worker at, because it’s the kind of ass you’d want to diaper change, provided she even shits on what must be a liquid diet…


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Elizabeth Hurley Has Gone Racy of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley topless cleavage

Woah simmer down Liz Hurley….

Someone doesn’t realize she’s 100 fucking years old…and that the 90s, when she was a hot model were 25 fucking years ago….

I blame the face injections these people are getting, so that at 100 fucking years old, they can still pull off looking like a Kardashian, so long as they don’t get fat, which these people are too fucking vain to ever do.

From mooching off tranny loving Hugh Grant to get into the movies, to a series of other rich guys, to running a bikini company that I guess she is still the body for…a body that is impressive, if you were changing diapers at the old folks home, you’d want to change this old lady diaper…cuz it is old…

Posting topless selfies….bold…but great…I support this empowerment, feminism, even if we wish it was younger and less damaged.

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Elizabeth Hurley in a Bikini of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley in a pink bikini

When I look at Elizabeth Hurley trying to promote her bikini like at 50…I think to myself…damn most 50 year olds don’t look like this…

But then I remember that the only reason I know who Elizabeth Hurley is, is because she looked good enough to be a sex worker to celebrities back when the #METOO movement was more under the radar and no one thought the unknown “model” (a job that instagram has taught us, anyone can have)…..was fucking the famous celebrity for any reason beyond trying to get herself famous…It was one of those KNOWN and understood things.

Now people need to make a big deal about it…

But I guess they don’t know that girls who look like Liz Hurley, you know the kind of girl you want to actually fuck, will not be dating some broke ass loser who can’t make their life better….

She dates money…like Liz Hurley…so #MeToo or not…most people are sex workers.

Here she is clothed at The Shangri-la in Paris’

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Elizabeth Hurley in a Bikini of the Day

Elizabeth Hurley  in a Bikini

Elizabeth Hurley is 100 years old and in a bikini – because thanksgiving is a time to show off that you’ve never eaten more than 1000 calories in a day – as it will fuck with your sugar babying tactics… because when you reach a certain age, there is always going to be a dude 25 years older than you who thinks you’re hot, likes your dick sucking experience, enjoys being able to fist a girl with more ease than if she was 20 years old, while not looking like a total pervert misusing his wealth…by choosing a more refined woman than a young hot one…but rather take the old hot one who’s not that old, but has a level of fame and brand name to make her of more value than the other hotness out there scamming…

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