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Emma Watson as Wonder Woman of the Day

I wonder how many autistic seizures this has just caused…

It’s a Harry Potter character, now legal to jerk off to, wearing a Wonder Woman Costume, next to a Star Wars Character, like the nerd multiverse has just giving you the best thing ever to ejaculate to, only it’s a selfie and not a leaked sex tape featuring her asshole, that her lawyers kindly ask me to remove like they did with her other leaked pics that included her not naked, but trying clothing on, something you perverts clearly appreciated but not as much as this Cosplay shit…

I may have a blog and that may in and of itself be autistic and nerd shit…but I do not understand sci/fi, comic book, comicon, or any of that other fetish shit you can’t grow out of….

I do it for the tits, and there’s clearly a serious lack of tits here, but that doesn’t matter to any of you, that’s just how weird you are.

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Emma Watson Boring for Vogue Australia of the Day

Emma Watson white crop top

The only reason I am posting these REALLY FUCKING boring pictures of Emma Watson in Vogue Australia, because she’s a high brow – fashion – celebrity….

Is because she’s got some pervert virgin loser comic loving wizard and dragon magic obsessed socially awkward live in their mom’s basement with their collection of toys still in their packaging fans….that have watched her grow up and jerked off to…because she was in that Wizard shit at a young age, something the aspergers fans probably couldn’t handle, but they waited until she turned 18 to actually get off to her (SURE THEY DID)…..and look at her now…

Still a Potter girl, always a Potter girl, but in some fashion nonsense not showing her spread asshole, making me ask “Why the fuck do we care about this shit”…and the reality is we don’t…but her fans fucking do…so this one’s for them…because I assume there’s a lot of crossover between blogs and Harry Potter fans…

To see the rest of the pics, they are boring CLICK HERE

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Emma Watson for ELLE UK of the Day

Emma Watson creeps me out – because I know you weirdos have been jerking off to her since before she hit puberty. You know Harry Potter fans, just socially awkward enough, thanks to a love for Wizards, to sexualize her or at least “collect her”….to wait for her to turn 18….and I don’t think I can really see past that and I have never seen a Harry Potter movie. I just know what she represents…

I mean maybe if her editorials for Elle were a little better concept than this suburban real estate mom working on her new “casual” look for an ad she’s running…or maybe this is some Kids author working on her media kit…

This can’t be a well paid hollywood star…it’s just too fucking boring to be…especially when you consider the amount of people who masturbated to her over the years, people who would probably still masturbate to these because they feature her and that’s how nerd loyalty works ,I just think it could have been so much better…but I still wouldn’t care because Emma Watson is dull.

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Emma Watson Does Elle of the Day

Emma Watson was in Elle.

I am only posting it because I find Emma Watson a funny character, only because her fan base, a ridiculously loyal fan base, is made up by a huge percentage of creepy perverts that are Harry Potter fans and who watched her grow up. You know, who waited for the day she turned 18 to jerk off to her…like most creepy pervert fans who have obsessive behavior about random nerd shit…

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Emma Watson’s Bikini Pics of the Day

Emma Watson is one of those creepy girls who you know a lot of virgin loser nerd sci/fi fantasy Harry Potter awkward people have jerked off to…even scenes of her in the first one…

YOu know there’s a guy out there who is all about that shit and who hates that she turned 18 and became legal because posts like this fuck up the years she was 10 for him….

While on the flip side, weird Potter fans who aren’t pedos, will love her til they day she dies because they have little going on and watched her grow up to be the woman she is…like a dad or big brother…but with more masturbating to her…

ALl I know is she’s on the beach with a boyfriend who will probably knock her up…but more importantly…that’s she got a massive fucking ass on her little body…thanks to genetically modified foods and I actually love it…that the first time I’ve been down with this girl, because unlike the rest of the world I’ve never seen a Harry Potter movie…


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Emma Watson for W of the Day

Emma Watson is in W MAGAZINE and these are some of the pictures….boring fucking pictures…that luckily are exciting to her fans, because her fans are into Wizards and shit, making them not so into girls, or at least into fucking girls, but more into lusting after them in uncomfortable ways as they LARP…..

You know she could be in a clown costume, mascot costume, just the idea that it is Emma Watson…the EMMA WATSON…from Harry Potter….makes them spontaneously ejaculate….I mean as far as they’re concerned they’ve been in a relationship for the last decade and her older familiar face…is all they want to know…and anyway they get it, they are stoked…

While I’m more into nude fashion shoots. Call me crazy.

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Is this an Emma Watson See Through of the Day

These pictures of Emma Watson at the airport are circulating – and people are saying you can see her nipples….

I don’t see her nipples.

I am guessing the people who do are either Harry Potter nerd freaks who have been wanting this day to come so badly the last 10 years they’ve been watching her every move, coupled with the fact that they think they are fucking wizards….you know like you…you freak…


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