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 Eva Herzigova Lingerie of the Day

Eva Herzigova Black Lingerie

I would imaginge you’d care about this if you had any fucking idea who Eva Herzigova is…and I feel like you probably do because you’re just that kind of pervert, your finger on the pulse of all sluts who get half naked, and the truth is I probably do know who she is, because I have been doing posts on her the last 14 years, you know I got my start when she was probably in her prime….at the tender age of 40 ….but who now, 14 years later….is in her lingerie to make some money because that’s what it’s about and when it’s all you know as a model..fucking bring it….even if you’re old as fuck, but looking better than all the bitches your age…cuz they gave up on life but you keep going for that paycheck and rich husbands…

Eva Herzigova Black Lingerie



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Eva Herzigova Hard Nipples for Vogue of the Day

Eva Herzigova ass in see through pants

Eva Herzigova is in VOUGE showing off her ass.

I would imagine this would be more exciting, and that you’d care about if you had any fucking idea who Eva Herzigova is…

I don’t doubt that some of you perverts know exactly who she is, where she lives, and how many times you’ve jerked off to her…but I am just not that committed to this cause…or movement…or pop culture sluts…

Even though I’ve been writing the site for 14 years, which means I started when she was probably in her prime, and I still don’t know who the fuck she is…

But clearly she matters, Vogue wouldn’t be featuring some old lady ass if it didn’t matter, Vogue is Prestige, you know they put Kardashians’ on their magazine like a tabloid…

And really what matters is her ass in pantyhose fetish pics…YUM…

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Eva Herzigova in a One Piece of the Day

Eva Herzigova is in a one piece…I would image you’d care about this if you had any fucking ideal who Eva Herzigova is…and I feel like you probably do, but I don’t and I’ve been writing the site for 10 years, which means I started when she was probably in her prime, and I still don’t know who the fuck she is…sooooooooo she’s in a one piece…this is not news, but the news is depressing. I don’t need to hear about 2000 people dying of Ebola in some African country that I know will spread to the rest of the world – killing us all off, a fear of mine when I was younger and a little more hopeful in humanity, but now something I am ready to see happen….or maybe the 1500 Christians killed in Iraq, the Isreal crisis, the Libya criss…shit’s fucking doomed…but Eva Herzigova can get us through this in her bikini…she’s a modern day superhero…someone give her the nobel peace prize like she was Nelson Mandela.

To See The Rest of the Pics Click Here

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Eva Herzigova’s Naked for Fashion of the Day

Eva Herzigova is naked for some ad campaign and it is about as exciting as you’d expect it to be, you know since it is for fashion and not for spread vaginas or gynecological equipment or cervix jewelry…even though cervix jewelry is the only accessory I am into this year…but I guess no one cares about my needs…assholes.

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Eva Herzigova Titties for Antidote Magazine of the Day

Eva Herzigova is showing her old hot nipples for a fashion magazine I have never heard of and I like it more than the dude I just saw reading “O” Magazine in the park pretends to like his fat dumpy loud wife who was tending to her bratty fucking kids screaming….and not how much he really likes his wife…which is not at all cuz it was clear on his face, behind the smile of Oprah on the cover of a magazine he traded his testicles in for, that he hated her for ruining his fucking life, stealing his freedom and his soul…. while she spends his money and bosses him the fuck around….a story that ends in murder suicide for them…and hot pics of Eva Herzigova, retired model who still models… for me….

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Eva Herzigova for S Moda of the Day

Here are some pics of Eva Herzigova in some photoshoot showing a little titty in bra….I prefer seeing her nippled NIPPLE THROUGH FABRIC IN A GENTLE AND ROMANTIC SEE THROUGH …..or IN HER BIKINI …..or FLASHING PANTIES … or NAKED IN SOME RETIRED SUPER MODEL SHIT ….but I’m posting these anyway…

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Hot Old School Models In Underwear for Duran Duran’s New Video of the Day

Girl Panic is some new Duran Duran song..sure, I don’t give a fuck about Duran Duran or their new song…they are old, tired and borin….but they cast a set of models to be in the shit…who happen to be old, tired and boring models but models willing to get half naked regardless of age….cuz models are easy like that…all they really need is a dude with some celebrity or huge money offering to pay them to participate…especially now that the work they get is few and far between…

…So old Naomi Campbell, Helena Christensen, Eva Herzigova and Cindy Crawford got half naked for the shit and I watched…and you can to….

To See the VIDEO

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Eva Herzigova Pregnant Nipple for Harpers Bazzar UK of the Day

Here’s Eva Herzigova showing off her pregnancy for a magazine…

Nothing says disgusting like pregnancy. Nothing says I shoulda pulled out like pregnancy. Nothing says better late than never like pregnancy. I’m clearly not into ready to drop porn and see pregnancy in a very negative light, I don’t by the whole “it’s a beautiful natural process of womanhood to have a thing grow inside their pussies, only to rip through their pussies to leech of them for two or more decades”. If anything it’s the plot of a horror movie…

But I do like big tits, nipples that can feed me, and fucking bitches who can’t get knocked up cuz they already are with another man’s baby….So I’m torn… FOLLOW ME

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Eva Herzigova Panty Flash of the Day

Here is the picture I was looking for yesterday when I was admiring the stalker pictures of Eva Herzigova , wishing the stalker had a little more fucking ambition to get a better upskirt shot considering she was on a balcony when he was doing his peeping, not that everyone is as good at voyeurism as me, but I figured it was fucking logical…and now I figure I have to post it, even if I have nothing interesting to say about it…other than if this can get you off I will be fucking shocked and you are a pretty easy fucking customer…and by easy customer, I mean pathetic cuz these are boring fucking panties…

Pics via Bauer

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Eva Herzigova Creepy Stalker Pics of the Day

I’m not posting these cuz the subject of the pictures is hot, I am posting them because the context of the picture is hot. I am not too good with the english language, so I’m not too sure if that makes sense, but what I am trying to get across is that I can’t jerk off to the bitch in the pictures, btu I can jerk off to the fact that the pictures have a creepy stalker feel, like motherfucker was standing across the street from her on this balcony and he pretended he was talking a shot of the building to be discreet when really he was just zoomin in on the pussy….peeping tom is a fetish and if you’re anything like me…these picture will speak to you and you’ll understand all that went into getting them…cuz you are an amateur photographer yourself…and you hit the streets zoomin in on ass and ice cream cone eating…all while trying to not be obvious…even though you’re always obvious….

I don’t even know who Eva Herzigova is, but she’s got some serious wacked out hairline going on and it looks like she’s swallowing her chin, but whatever, not he subject of the picture, but the context….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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