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Eva Mendes Shitty Catalog Pics of the Day

If the fact that Eva Mendes, the token hot hispanic girl who got naked in movies because it paid better than getting naked at Miami strip clubs, having a kid didn’t ruin Eva Mendes for you…

Maybe these shitty, low budget, garbage catalog pics will…it’s like she looks like shit – up on some flyer junk mail you only jerk off to because you are testing your masturbation capabilities…and new low level part time models are erotic enough for you

Or maybe they’ll excite you because they really show how desperate she is for money – work – etc.

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Eva Mendes Has a Panty Flash of the Day

Panty flashes are better when there are no panties, or when the panties are stained, or when there is a wet spot from leakage, pee or squirt. Especially when they are on Eva Mendes, the token hispanic babe with great tits they pulled out of a life of single mom stripper and gave the life of Hollywood to, because I would expect a better performance out of her, you know based on her historical relevance to the fucking world. You know a legacy built on being a babe in movies we all want to fuck. The kind of girl who shouldn’t be flashing panties, but instead should be flashing labia.


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Eva Mendes for Some Russian Magazine of the Day

Eva Mendes is a lot of fun…she was the token hispanic girl in movies who showed her awesome tits…before the world knew we needed a token hispanic girl to shower her tits….back in a time before Sofia Vergara stole her thunder and stepped on her toes by showing her bigger tits for TV….and now she’s forced to do photoshoots for Russian magazines…like she is Hasselhoff after his Knight Rider show….forced to be a popstar in germany….only with more billionaires per capita to bed her…she’s a babe….here are the pics.

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Eva Mendes Hot in Marie Claire UK July 2012 of the Day

Eva Mendes is amazing because she knows her place in Hollywood. She’s hot…but no hotter than thousands of other spic bitches…sure she’s got better tits than most…spic bitches are known to need implants….but if you were to go to the strip club in any town in America…you’d probably find one almost as good…you see it is a numbers game and 50% of the American population is gonna be hispanic soon….don’t blame me…blame the other Jesus…it is a catholic thing…

That said, she’s decided to not work the stripclub, but to work the movies as a stripper, and she looks great doing it….I’m a fan…

Here she is in Marie Claire UK….

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Eva Mendes in a Bra for Marie Claire of the Day

There’s one thing I like about Eva Mendes…and that is her tits….o wait…there are two things I like about Eva Mendes….and those are her tits…yes we’ve gone over that one all ready….and her willingness to show her tits cuz without a willingness to show her tits…her tits are practically useless in a “If a tree falls in the woods does it make a sound” kinda way….and despite popular belief or what Jersey Shore and club girls everywhere tell you…there are a group of girls who hide their massive tits from the world…only to let them be seen by their husbands or the dudes they are fucking…sure most of those bitches are religious…but still a waste of a good rack….

That said, I figure Mendes knows that there are 100,000,000 hispanics in America…50% probably women….10% probably hot women…8 percent probably working as strippers….who would love her gig…so she’s gotta keep the film industry happy…or she’ll just get replaced….

Here are her titties doing cleavage in some magazine…

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Eva Mendes Street Walking of the Day

Shouldn’t this bitch be on set somewhere showing off her great tits as the token hispanic who gets naked in movies and shows off her great tits…what’s this walking on the street, talking on her phone all about…not to mention she’s dressed like a fucking farmer’s daughter, and not the good kind, out to milk the fucking cows like a prairie bitch…who just got kicked in the face by a mule…

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Eva Mendes Possible Nipple in a Magazine of the Day

I like Eva Mendes who for some reason I keep calling “Evan” Mendes….because she’s hot, but more importantly, she knows her place in Hollywood as the hot hispanic bitch and with that comes a willingness to get naked, cuz there are a million other immigrant bitches willing to get naked for what she has, and if she knows if she wasn’t acting, she’d probably be stripping and this pays better so she’ll keep it up….at least that’s my theory…

So here are some pics of what may be her nipple in a see through shirt for a magazine spread cuz she doesn’t want us forgetting how great those titties are…..here are the pics.

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