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Fantasia Barrino’s Big Ol’ Ass of the Day

American Apparel pants are made for skinny people, I remember going into one of those stores with my stepdaughter and she thought it would be fun to revamp my style, you know make me come across a little younger and fresher, despite the only thing fresh on me is this scab on my dick that wasn’t there the other day, but that’s not the point, the point is that I put on a hoodie or t-shirt or fuck if I know and shit was an XL but wasn’t getting over my fat ass, but this Fantasia Barrino chick, who has managed to not do shit since her American Idol days, has finally found success squeezing that booty in a pair of leggings and I can hear the threads that make those cheap overpriced pants holding on for their fucking life…..and screamin’ in pain and discomfort from the smell.

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I am – Fantasia Barrino Cellphone Hacked Pictures of the Day


You know you come from a classy family when you are named after a Disney Movie. It’s one of those things where you can tell if a girl is an easy bang or not just based on her fucking name. If you don’t know who she is, she won American Idol last year and unlike Kelly Clarkson, she hasn’t been doing too much in the music scene, but that doesn’t mean that one night while bored at home she didn’t bust out her free phone and take some slutty pics in front of the mirror. I have trouble saying that these are slutty, because she’s fucking busted like my old wood paneled TV and probably has the same amount of sex appeal. On the quest of everyone becoming a pornstar, here are the Fantasia pics.

On a side note, I have no idea whether these are real, that’s not a racist all black chicks with big asses and shot hair look the same statement, they were emailed to me and I just don’t trust you. That’s all, so stop with the accusations! CUDDLES.

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