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Fergie’s Got the Bikini Butt Shot of the Day

Fergie is not dead, even if the meth addict who managed to pull herself out of the meth, before developing an opiate addiction to chill out on the meth, should probably dead from the Fentanyl overdose, like all these people dying of Fentanyl, but rather like a cockroach with too much money and too much positive influence and feedback…constant affirmations..people telling her she’s great so that bitch gets up in a bikini on her social media…

At least she’s fit in her old age…and that her butt videos don’t focus on her faces of a meth…jacked up face of meth…and while looking at her it’s amazing that she had a kid at 60 years old…these rich people…they got all the good doctors…I mean except their plastic surgeons apparently…

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Fergie’s Weird New Project of the Day

Fergie is up to no good.

Unfortunately, it is not her revisiting her crackden where she snorts and smokes all the METH in the room now that she can afford it without having to hooker herself or sell her TV at the Pawn Shop…you know child star bullshit before becoming a black eyed pea, rather than a black eyed girl just trying to get another hit…SAD STORIES SOMETIMES END HAPPY…

She is probably promoting a solo album or other useless things the world doesn’t need and she’s doing it in a slutty way, trying to be provocative, trying to matter, and I guess it’s working because here we are.

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Fergie Bikini of the Day

The Fergie Monster and her fake tits are out in a bikini for the paparazzi because she’s trying to market herself now that she’s been kicked out of Black Eyed Peas and is putting together another solo record…I assume…that’s what all these old timer fame whores do…

Fergie is still a FACES of METH to me….because her meth addiction is the highlight of who she is….

To me this is her doing ICE in Paradise….but she’s probably not on ICE…just thinking about it..because Meth Heads, even when they make it, never forget being meth heads…yo know…they’d trade it all in for just one more hit…feeling like bugs are crawling under their skin if they could…but she can’t because she has shitty music to make..


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Fergie in a Bikini VS Gwen Stefani in a Bikini of the Day

Fergie’s in a bikini and she’s got one fucked up belly button..

I wonder if it is from the sex change, you know where they put her testicles when they are done with them…

Or maybe she’s not actually a tranny, and that was just early face fillers, before all the doctors became pro and all the women and their tranny faces looked more delicate, angelic and clown-like…

Or maybe this is just what happens when you’re old as fuck and a mom – who once had a fit body …

Who knows…


Gwen Stefani was also in a bikini top, I didn’t feel like doing another post on the exact same thing, 40 year old women who were in the late 90s and early 2000s known for their masculine musculature…no longer fit as fuck thanks to being moms…but I guess not terribly offensive in their half nakedness, seeing as most women are a lot fucking worse…but then again…most women aren’t multi-millionaire celebs who should spend their time looking better than average…


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Fergie Ass on Stage of the Day

Fergie has an ass in fishnets…for Gay Pride because she’s a dude….in women’s lingerie…like all the gays….

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Fergie for Allure of the Day

Fergie defied all odds when she had kids….because we all throught she was born with man parts. That’s what her muscle tone and hard face told us….a hard face she claims was from meth after being a forgotten one hit wonder….before Black Eyed Peas created the new version of her…

Well now she’s in Allure, where she’s probably not talking about sex changes, or sucking dick for a hit, but rather being a mom with so much money her kids and their kids and their kids after than don’t have to worry…all thanks to a bunch of shitty, insincere popsongs…because that’s just how the entertainment industry works…and you can’t hate her for being better at monetizing her life than all the hotter more talented girls out there…

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Fergie is a Cat for Halloween of the Day

Maybe I am getting old, or shit is getting repetitive…and just doesn’t matter to me…because I did not give a single fuck that this past weekend was the big blow-out weekend for Halloween…

College girls…and old moms alike were out in their full slut gear…as skimpy as their wild side allowed…because Halloween allowed them to have a carte blanche…an excuse….and full rights to let loose and be like “it’s halloween, here’s my fucking pussy lips hanging out of my underwear”…..

I think I didn’t care because there are sluts everywhere, and they don’t need halloween to be half naked….and those are the sluts I like….and not the 9-5 slut in the same costume ever other girl is wearing trying to be sexy…

Sure I like prude bitches letting it all out cuz they have an socially acceptable excuse to…but shit just doesn’t give me a boner….maybe cuz it’s always the same fucking costume….on a different fucking body…or maybe just cuz it’s played out.

Yes, I am too cool for Halloween.

Here’s Fergie as a cat hiding her dick for Twitter….cuz it is Halloween…even though people should be doing this everyday….

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