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Fergie and Her Body Don’t Belong Together of the Day

I don’t understand what the what the deal is with Fergie’s head. I am not talking about the head she used to hustle when she was scrounging the LA streets for her next hit of meth, or the head that she used to get the Black Eyed Peas to hire her to make them famous, or the head she gives herself in the bathroom at night as part of her workout regimen, I am talking about the head on her body that belongs on a fuckin’ dude, and a body that belongs naked, in video, getting fisted, while squatting. It is tight, it is nice, it is worth fucking from behind…

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Fergie’s Got France in her Pants of the Day

I got in a race war last night. I was drunk at a bar, pretty much alienating everyone that crossed paths with me while progressively drinking harder and harder and I don’t think I pissed anyone off officially, but when I left at the end of the nigth, a group of hispanic dudes were screaming at the bouncer, calling him a nigger and I guess I took offense, despite the world thinking I am racist, I really find that kind of behavior unacceptable. So I probably said something that triggered something in one of the dudes, who happened to not be hispanic, but brown, and as soon as I stepped onto the sidewalk he fuckin’ bitch slapped me full force, with a running fuckin’ start and got be right on my ear. The bouncers who I know made me go back inside and before I did, I kept asking him if he was going to make me eat out his vagina and shit like that. My ear is blocked and ringing. I am hungover and the whole thing was fuckin’ ridiculous, but not as ridiculous as Fergie’s ass in these jeans.

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Fergie Nipple of the Day

I don’t know if this is Fergie’s nipple, but I guess it could be.

Lookin at this picture brings back horrible memories of high school, where on days we’d be forced to do Gym class outside on fall days, in my pair of short jogging shorts that I got at the second-hand store 3 years earlier and that were a good 3 sizes too small for me, where the girls in the class would rock out with their nipples out in their tight t-shirts, forcing my pubescent, embarrassing-sized, mini-cock to harden into an even more embarrassing sized erection, because I couldn’t lie that it’s just small when flacid, once I came myself, and shit dripped down my leg, only to get called out by the teacher, other times I’d just get laughed off the football field or sometimes, if I was lucky, sent to the principal’s office for being the inappropriate, horny immigrant, where my foster parents would be called in and I’d be lectured and sent to confess my sins, all because of one fuckin’ girl and her amazingly hard teen nipples.

Either way, here’s Fergie, showing what I assume is nipple, but may not be, but is good enough for me, because sometimes, nipple is all it takes….

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Fergie is Almost Showing Off Some Ass of the Day

I was talking to some 20 year old girl the other day and obviously shit lead to talking about her vagina. I made some comment about wanting my old balls hanging off her chin and she got back at me with some shit about loving old balls and I got into some shit about not loving old pussy and she got into some shit about how she doesn’t have an old pussy and how it is young and tight and is hard to get more than one finger in without screaming….

So instead of jumping her then and there, I took it to the next level in sabotaging my chances of fucking her, by letting her know that there are some 2 year old cars that are seemingly still new and in good shape, but when you check out their milage, you can see they are well fuckin’ traveled and may not be something you’d trust on a long distance journey, or really even a trip to the store down the block, you know cuz the suspension is gone, the tires are bald and it burns oil. She got that I was calling her a slut in one of my more obscure ways of calling her a slut and it turns out girls don’t jump on dicks who imply they are sluts, since I guess they like the whole denial of what they have done to themselves….and they don’t care that fucking 40 dudes could be considered a lot to some people because they felt each and everyone of those cocks was worth the ride.

I guess that has nothing to do with a married Fergie almost flashing her ass, I mean other than her being a dirty ditch pig of a woman who has probably done some interesting things for Meth back when she was “addicted”, you know shit that makes flashing the world your ass seem pretty fucking tame.

I wonder if this story makes any fucking sense, I didn’t bother re-reading it, so just ignore the typos, I’m rushing and not Russian.

On a side note -I am digging the new Black Eyed Peas Song….

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Fergie Showin’ Off Her Stomach of the Day

It was Fergie’s birthday this weekend and here she is showing off her midsection.

Speaking of birthdays, I went to Lady Gaga’s birthday performance, a friend of mine snuck me in, and I realize that I used to rag on Fergie about being a tranny, but that was before I had experienced Lady Gaga, who makes Fergie look like Emily Post’s poster girl of femininity. You know the kind of girl you look at and think about how good of a mother and wife she must be, and not the kind of girl you think has a dick.

Either way, Gaga was like watching a horrible drag show, where she talked about how sexy she is, about money and being famous all while hiding her mangled face behind various masks, because bother her and her record lable know she needs to keep that mess under wraps because she’s a fucking monster.

I stood in the back, getting drunk, making fun of some band that opened from her that were on The Hills and who’s lead singer had a massive cold sore. I also made fun of the fags dressed like Gaga, the girl who thought she was Gaga and pretty much everyone else…so I had an amazing time, unfortunately Gaga didn’t die of a drug overdose on stage.

But I guess that’s got nothing to do with Fergie or her midsection.

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Fergie’s Legs Go on a Fitness Hike of the Day

Fergie’s not the rock hard body she used to be. I call this the marriage workout. She can finally kick back and take it easy and tell her husband that she was out exercising, meanwhile she’s just planning on gaining enough weight for her husband to regret ever marrying her.

Maybe this low intensity working out, is because her heart is so wrecked from her meth addiction, but I have a feeling that whole meth addiction was bullshit, because I know meth addicts and the last thing I expect out of them is a successful music career and happy, rich, full life, I just expect the scabs and premature death. Maybe Fergie knew someone who did meth and she smoked a hit once but didn’t inhale, but no meth addicts succeed, no matter how many days they stay up jacked and ready to work….because their idea of work is painting their one room apartment black and similar insanity.

Either way, she doesn’t look hot, but she’s hotter than my wife, so I’ll post it.

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Fergie and Her Shorts of the Day

Fergie got married and now she’s a whole new person. She’s got different color hair, she dresses pretty conservative like a mom and I am not just saying that because her uterus seems to be busting out of the front of her shorts.

To think that a girl who used to miss her period for months at a time because of all the hard drug use, partying, malnourishment and random sex with HPV when she fell from her Disney channel big break, could manage to salvage the broken pieces and put it all together.

Maybe there’s hope for all of us. Fergie is inspiring.

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Fergie’s got a Pot Belly for Mac of the Day

Typical, Fergie quits meth and doesn’t get fat, you know she gets her shit together, gets fit, gets out of debt, launches a successful career and uses the meth card as a lesson to us all that if you do meth, you will succeed, but the second bitch gets married she lets it all go and gets fat.

Now I don’t know if she’s pregnant or if this is just an early case of “I can’t believe you are the woman I married”, but since I feel like the meth broke her uterus, I’m going to go with that she’s just gettin’ fat and fat people disgust me. Just about a minute ago I was taking a shit, and sure I hate when people talk about shitting, it’s all way too frat boy for me, but I looked down and saw what I’ve done to myself and was ashamed and disgusted, and I don’t even give a shit about myself, so when I see sluts I would have fucked at one point in time, following in my footsteps, I just can’t help but hate them.

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Fergie’s Still in a Green Bikini of the Day

I got into conversation with some 18 year old hot chick the other day. She was on the bus reading some US Weekly or InStyle magazine, because in case you didn’t know, 18 year old girls are hooked on this celebrity scandal bullshit, and she was talking to her friend about what the fuck is going on in Josh Duhamel’s mind for marrying Fergie. She couldn’t get why a guy so good lookin would marry a girl so hard who really has nothing hot about her. I chimed in and said because he’s a faggot, loves cock in his mouth and can’t let the world know, so he settled for the closest thing he could find. They laughed awkwardly and changed seats.

The truth is that maybe they are in love, hot girls date ugly guys all the fucking time, maybe Fergie gives the meanest blowjob, you know cuz having been born with a dick she apparently has a first hand knowledge of how to work one.

Sure the tranny shit’s old, but she looks like this bodybuilder stripper who used to do chin ups on stage who I always got lap dances from because no one else wanted her and I can never turn down a deal, even if it makes me question my sexuality, but maybe she’s a nice girl.

Here she is in the green bikini that has been milked pretty hard this week. Something, Josh Duhamel knows all too much about.

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Fergie in Her Bikini on Vacation and in Love of the Day

Here are some more pictures of Fergie on vacation in her bikini. I am going to go get drunk so you should just try to write your own post in your head while jerking off, or doing whatever you do to bikini pics of Fergie. I hear playing some of her music while opening these pictures makes the whole experience all the more pathetic, a feeling you’re probably used to every time you cum….and by you I mean…me.

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Fergie is On Valentine’s Day Vacation of the Day

Looks like Fergie went of vacation in some other country for Valentine’s Day shit because he’s in love. I know, it was just a couple years ago that the only love in her life was Crystal Meth before he broke her heart and left her face battered.

I guess she feels like her life isn’t enough of a vacation. I am not judging, because if I had the money I’d be on the beach laying in the sun and creeping on unsuspecting sluts too, I’d even encourage the locals to call me something like “Senor Sticks His Dick in Anything that Shows Up on the Beach and Gets too Sun Stroked to Resist” but since I am an asshole, I wouldn’t have a social responsibility to my fans to spend my money during the recession locally by vacationing within the country, not that I have fans, but you get what I’m saying, this $20,000 or more could have really helped some bed and breakfast in Vermont that is about to go bankrupt, but I guess in from her celebrity perch, she just doesn’t care about the people who buy her shit, but she does care about treating her leather face the way it deserves to be treated, like a fuckin’ saddle.

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The Meth Catches Up With Fergie of the Day

Fergie is looking old and haggard a little pre-maturely and it’s all thanks to meth addiction and not a math addiction, because Fergie doesn’t know how to count.

Either way, we all know that despite how bad drugs are for us and how they make our skin fall off our faces, they are a hell of a lot of fun and in Fergie’s defense, she’s managed to get out of it and make all kinds of money before the shit showed up on her hardened face. So even if she did bow down because none of us want to bend her over our stained couches and eat her stained asshole for days, she’s pretty much set for life and can head back to the pipe to deal with the loss that was people jerking off to her when performing, and the real tragedy is that she will never end up on the stripper circuit where her performances would be a hit and where real addicts belong because she made it to the big screen, when it should have been left on the street corner, if you know what I mean. Because I don’t.

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Fergie’s Ass in Some Military Romper of the Day

I was looking at these Fergie Military uniform pictures and was thinking going to war and fighting for your country wouldn’t be so bad, you get to kill a race of people you were raised to hate because they flew planes into your buildings, you get to be in the hot weather all the fuckin’ time, you don’t have to worry about making yourself dinner and life would pretty much be like a college spring break party with booze, opiates and a bunch of buddies and then you get to come back to base to deal with your female colleagues dressed like this, the kind of outfit you’d expect on a creative stripper who is tired of the whole school girl thing and onto more socially relevant themes like War, but then I remembered what bitches in the Army look like and the only thing I’d want for them is to put on some more clothes to cover those lesbian bodies, and to be put on the front line like they were Black in WWII and Vietnam, because let’s face it, the world needs less penis hating, masculine, empowered dykes who know hand to hand combat.

Either way, I don’t mind when Fergie and her masculine features do it, because she’s still got a body and ex-meth addict face that brings back great memories of cheap back alley blowjobs…

Either way, she’s dressed like a two year old and doesn’t look like one because she’s had too much cock, but I’d still watch her crawl around like one. There’s nothing like an outfit that touches pussy, ass and tits at the same time. It’s some kind of magical even when Fergie’s penis gets in the way.

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Fergie in Leather Pants for Slash’s Birthday a Couple Weeks Ago of the Day

Here are some pictures of Fergie sweating as she celebrates Slash’s birthday by rockin’ leather pants and pretending she’s a fucking rockstar. I heard that these are a couple of weeks old and figured since I am old and tired and that I don’t really give a fuck about celebrities and what they are up to, it was only fitting to throw these up.

Now I don’t find Fergie hot, and I don’t really think seeing her sweating is something that would turn anyone on and if anything is kinda disgusting because I am old school and believe that when a woman sweats she’s a fucking sloppy pig and not someone I’d want to get naked. I remember when I used to steal clothes from the Laundromat, there was this really amazingly hot girl who I’d prey on because she’d go in, drop off her shit then fuck off for an hour, giving me a lot of time to get down to business. I remember taking some lacey shirt that I thought would feel amazing against my balls, and when I got into the bathroom, I noticed these yellow fuckin’ stains on the arm pitts, shit threw off my game, but I still managed to cum all over it and throw it back into the dryer before she got back to pick it up. Yeah, my life is pretty sad.

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Fergie’s Ass in Shorts of the Day

I am hurting today because the weekend was involved a lot of drinking, drunk driving and passing out in beds with my stepdaughter and her friends, fondeling one of them and getting me in trouble. I do remember that through the messiness that is my life, I had a conversation about Fergie with a Fergie hater. I had her back, not because I think she’s hot, but because I know she’s hotter than anyone you’ve ever fucked and because she was the ploy of the Black Eyed Peas to make a ton of fucking money, because before she was in the picture, they were just a second rate hip hop dance act that were self promoting themselves so hard that they sat outside a club in Montreal about 4 years ago handing out stickers for their new album, the one before Fergie blew them up. So you can look at her, dis her for being muscular and rough lookin, but all I see is ta prized meth addicted pussy with dollar signs for an ass and here it is dancing on stage in shorts.

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