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I am – Gia Allemand In Maxim of the Day


Her name is Gia Allemand and she’s pretty fucking hot. I had never heard of her before but I did get this email:

These are exclusive photos of Yankees pitcher (soon to be former pitcher because he’s having Tommy John surgery today) Carl Pavano’s ex-girlfriend. The guy is essentially a $40 million bust, but anyway, he cheated on her and she dumped him, so look what he’s missing out on:

Since she looked fucking hot in the pics, and since it’s your stupid American long weekend, I decided to post them, because baseball is the most American think I can think of to seduce you assholes into coming back to this site…

I always fucking hated the sport, I played little league but was benched and there was even some dyke on the team who got more game time than me because it was the late 70s, early 80s and they were trying to go co-ed with that shit. It really didn’t do much for my self esteem is probably part of the reason I never took to sports…

But even later in life, I’d be forced to watch a game here and there and it was fucking torture, almost like the torture you should get knowing you will never bang this chick….

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