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Gillian Anderson Nipple of the Day

Here’s some free the nipple shit that will destroy any Gillian Anderson fan thanks to them being very weak, sad, pathetic, lonely, human beings…where nothing good has gone on for them in the last 20 years so they hold onto their magic lady they love so much…and don’t realize is just an actress who is playing a part that they find sexy…the FBI agent who explores the X-Files….my god…what could be hotter in a fantasy for someone who lives in a basement apartment and masturbates after snorting modeling glue all day…very little…

But to me, Gillian Anderson isn’t hot, was never hot…but she’s showing off nipples…to fuck with all you Gillian Anderson freaks she knows are out there because she still gets fan mail and money off that gig…the best gig of her life..

She’s old, and knows exactly what she’s doing…good hustle…troll the nudes who allow you to continue to exist and not just in sculptures they made of her with their sperm…

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Gillian Anderson Full Tit on the Day

Gillian Anderson had a tit slip showing the world her breast while on vacation in a bikini

Gillian Anderson tit hanging out of her bikini top – no matter how old and sloppy Gillian Anderson is – is clearly the fucking best thing ever for Gillian Anderson fans, who definitely exist and who as a society as a whole we can probably say we’d rather didn’t exist…all that aspergers nerdy awkwardness and cum soaked sweatpants in public…after a game of LARPING or board games….is just fucking weird…but harmless I guess….I shouldn’t hate on nerds, I have a fucking blog, that’s about as punk rock as being a teen girl…and not in the discovering my tits or sexuality or getting my first period way…in the I am a grown man doing shit teen girls do for a living…that’s worse than weridos who jerk off to Skully and her tit.


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Weird Topless Gillian Anderson Pic of the Day

Gillian Anderson posed with an Eel….not for Japanese Eel porn cameo, because the Japanese Eel porn industry is lucrative enough to hire someone like Gillian Anderson to be their featured guest…it’s for Charity…not that Eel porn isn’t charity, just not an official Charity….

The charity is called FISHLOVE and it is not some vaginal reference..it is for saving the oceans because the ocean is the foundation of our world…and I am actually a huge supporter of saving the oceans because our climate depends on it…

So I’m into this Gillian Anderson shit, but probably not for the same reasons as the x-file nerds who are pretending this eel is an alien..


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I am – Gillian Anderson Trying to be Sexy of the Day


I will get the Gay Blogger his very own login one-day soon, but in the meantime I am forced to write a shitty intro to let you all know that he’s here to make me famous because gay is trendy and because gay bloggers are even more trendy. His name is Julien and this is his magic sauce on Gillian Anderson trying to be sexy with the word Yes next to her, probably in efforts to trick us into thinking we want a piece, when in reality all we really want is that set of tits on the wall behind her in our face…either way here’s Julien.

You know when people try to be sexy but it just doesn’t work? I think this is one of those cases. I mean if you described to me the elements of this photo, take Gillian Anderson, make her look like a chic drug addict and then spread her legs, I would be like, yeah…I know a few people who could jerk off to that. But why did she have to have that giant metal S between her legs? I just don’ think that worked. Now, being a flaming homosexual, I’m probably not the best person to judge, but I really think that only die-hard X-Files fans are going to aroused by these pics.

It’s like how everyone thinks because I’m gay that I’ll fuck any gay person that walks. While this is 90% true, there is still that 10% that I wouldn’t fuck. Like this one time, Marie-Eve had made some friend that she thought would just be PERFECT for me and I was kind of a slow week, so I agreed to meet him. I didn’t want to go on an actual blind date, I’m not a 30 something, chubby, single girl (at least not yet). So I agreed to meet him at this party that everyone was going to. So I’m at the party, just starting to get a little fucked up and this guy walk in. He had a nice body, an ok face but for some goddamn reason he was wearing a fucking mesh tank top. I hate mesh tank tops. Some faggot must have sent out a memo saying that these things are fashionable. But believe me they aren’t. It was a total deal breaker. I took one look at this guy and I laughed and walked away to find more blow.

The point of this tale of faggotry is that the elements of this guy were there but there was just something off. I mean if he had just planned his outfit a little better, he could’ve totally boned me that night. But unfortunately he chose to wear a mesh tank top. He might as well have shown up with a giant metal S between his legs.


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