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Gisele Bundchen Wet for Vogue of the Day

Gisele Bundchen Wet for VOgue

Gisele Bundchen getting wet for Vogue Germany….because Tom Brady’s got their press agents and PR team on riding that Superbowl win hype, while perpetuating the lie that Gisele isn’t a transgender…born with a dick…who as time has gone on, the transition has made her face more feminine, because I guess more money has gone into her mission of being as woman as possible.

I don’t really know why I decided Gisele was trans back at Victoria’s Secret….I just assumed it was one of those lies that got too deep or too big to manage. What was a logical casting decision by the brand in the back streets of brazil “She’ll never get her period, no risk of days off or bloat for two weeks a month, it’s a win”…..sold off to Tom Brady – a gay athlete….like all athletes…they grow up showering together, no fear of the dick…..only to be this weird power couple…

I guess I just think it’s a better story than star model, meets star player, makes store family, live in huge mansions in various places…cuz they are stupid rich possible truth…

Maybe her gender is like the Flat Earth movement…we’ll never know the truth.

Gisele Bundchen Wet for VOgue


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Strategically Timed Gisele Smut of the Day

Here’s some Gisele showing off where her dick once was before the tape job, in some sexual position you know Tom Brady likes to ride her cock like the bitch he is….pretending she’s a woman, cuz she pulled that whole model thing…when we all know that Victoria’s Secret obsession with brazil was Sex Tourism and trannies….

Perfectly timed, to ride that Tom Brady Hype…and whether you’re a Patriot fan or not, you know that fucker is annoying, paid too much and it’ll be nice to see him fucking lose…

So here’s his wife and “mother” to his children cashing in, riding that wave…for their kids’ future or some shit.

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Gisele Bundchen Bikini of the Day

gisele bundchen tiny black bikini 11

Despite being convinced that Gisele Bundchen was a man, that Tom Brady was a Queer, that together they trolled the world like the psychopaths they are, no one gets as rich as they are without being manipulative monsters with no morals or values, and Gisele in a pregnancy prosthetic is something that would hardly cost that much if you were a tranny lover trying to hide your tranny loving because your Boston fans are a bunch of blue collar working, beer drinking, Catholics who don’t like trannies…

I’m going to assume she’s a woman….and in a bikini…even if Gender as a concept is a construct of the patriarchy to keep women repressed……or some shit…

There’s this grey area of having a female body, being in female clothing, that dick or not, makes you woman enough to stare at since we’re not the ones on all fours begging you to bang us up our man cooters….

We’ll call this “woman-enough”.


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Various Tits at the MET of the Day

The Met Gala happened.

It’s an obnoxious / exclusive event that happens every year, that I am not invited to, because I am irrelevant, barely exist, I am not fashion or celebrity and even if I was invited, I would avoid…I have social anxiety…even if there’s an open bar there…

I’m more into gutter strip clubs…and backwoods dive bars…you know…

I know you’ve seen all these pictures on all the sites, because that’s what the Met Gala is, a media hype to celebrate Narcissists by giving them an excuse to dress up, to be seen, to be talked about…but I figure I’ll post it to…in this MASSIVE and amazing post….The highlight of the MET was CHLOE SEVINGNY – SHE GOT HER OWN POST – A POST DEDICATE TO HER

So here we go..

Ariana Grande Possibly Pregnant, Poisoning her Kid With the Self Tanner Tits

Ariana Grande Tits and Fake Tan in a Gown at the MET

Bella Hadid Dominatrix Gear – Looking like she’s Khloe Kardashian…not hot to me…but hot to the people she’s been marketed to who can’t resist buying into bullshit…

Bella Hadid Black Latex Gown at MET

Cara Delevingne looking for pussy, on the pussy prowl, or maybe she’s looking for crack..cuz girl looks rugged to me…lesbians..right…

Cara Delevingne See Through Black Lace Dress at the MET 1



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Gisele Bundchen in a Push Up Bra for Vogue Australia of the Day

Gisele Bündchen and Baz from Moulin Rouge did a pretty intense and dramatic Chanel ad, that I can assume had the budget of a feature movie, in the millions of dollars, and that they considered a success, even though unlike a movie, they didn’t sell 100s of millions of dollars in tickets for people to see it, they just sort of gave it away…since it was an ad, reminding us that these big corporations have too much fucking money, because we throw money at them, not that I throw money at Chanel, but retard rich people do because it gives them an illusion that they have made it, because what else do you do with too much fucking money, and sugar babies and strippers who love Chanel because their stage name is Chanel and their earrings are the double C, alike will respond nicely to it…we’re in a money driven world…and you’re all fucking idiots…

That said, Australia Vogue felt like celebrating the surf star Gisele and her push up bra…because their own movie magic Baz directed it…and the whole thing is not exciitng…unless you’re into trannies…who have tits…because otherwise they are just dudes with long hair…

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Gisele Models Jeans of the Day

Gisele Bundchen is modeling jeans for some jeans company because apparently she doesn’t have enough money and the jeans company doesn’t feel that spending their budget on a younger, hotter, less famous, but far less expensive model makes sense…you know give it to the has been, washed up, practically dead mom that no one really cares about, but that her agent makes brands think people care about, because she’s a big meal ticket and you know she’s not doing this for less than 300,000 dollars for a day of work….

I mean why give instagram models with more followers 1000 dollars when you can give Gisele 300,000…it makes your brand seem way more legit when you get a Victoria’s Secret model, married to an NFL Quarterback than – just some hot girl in jeans….I don’t know if my message is getting through, but I think booking Gisele for anything is dumb, but paying Gisele prices is dumber, when there are so many girls down to do this for free…

Here are the pics anway, because I know you’ve masturbated to girls in jeans, probably on public transportation….when they were on their way home from High School…

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Gisele’s On the Beach of the Day

I guess Gisele Bundchen spends a lot of time in Costa Rica, because she’s been here before and she’s there again…in a bikini…because that’s just the kind of place Costa Rica is and just the kind of girl Gisele is…

She was also doing fascinating things like:

1- Kissing her Gay in the Locker room Thanks to Team Initiation and Showers – Husband on his birthday.

2- Fucking with Horses in some Equis Erotica

3 – Abusing babies

4- Praying.

But most importantly…wearing a fucking bikini because despite the miracle babies her tranny uterus we call testicles had…she’s a bikini model..and that’s how we like her… To See the bikini Pics CLICK HERE

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Gisele Bundchen Dominatrix for Balenciaga of the Day

Gisele Bundchen is the new face…or the new “man face”…because if you’re an asshole like me, who sees male features in a woman rumored to have been born with a penis and fired from Victoria’s Secret for having a penis, which ties in nicely to her gay jock loving anal because it reminds him of locker-room initiation….

Now I’m not saying Gisele is a dude, or Tom Brady is a homo…I am just saying it like that to an outsider and it is not even a big deal, everyone’s fucking gay now, and I Gisele’s body is banging, the kind of tranny even the straightest dude would fuck, so who cares…

Here are her high fashion Balenciaga ads, because there is life after Victoria’s Secret, and she reminds me of a mid century german dominatrix, not really my thing, but kind of erotic without seeing her half naked, naked or stroking her dick.

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Gisele Bundchen for Elle Canada of the Day

Gisele Bundchen showed her side profile in Elle Canada, a side profile that is either a mom of two’s ass in tights photoshopped, or a Tranny from Brazil fired from Victoria’s Secret for having a penis but hired as Tom Brady’s beard, since the gym locker room always made him love the cock’s ass tights…and whatever it is, you like it, because it is Gisele and you’d be crazy no to like it, even if it came equipped with the D.

Now sure, her booty isn’t what you’d want to see if this was an instagram profile shot of a 20 year old who grew up on hormones in her food….but it’s a booty in mesh none the less and for that…we celebrate by staring.

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Gisele Ripped for H&M of the Day

There’s been some constant debates that Gisele is actually a dude and that is why she got Fired from Victoria’s Secret, staged a couple pregnancies, and hid Tom Brady’s homosexuality, because no one likes gays in pro sports, at least not in the era when Tom Brady and Gisele got married, it makes the anal sex in the shower after the game for team initiation actually gay and not fun, playful and part of team building, passed down by child rapist coaches for generation…but I am believer that she’s just got a man face, and some higher than average testosterone, because that’s how a mom gets a fit, ripped body…I mean..that and photoshop..

Apparently, these pics are a big deal, a preview of a swimwear campaign from H&M to come…despite swimwear campaigns being played the fuck out now that girls at home are taking these pics of themselves and looking almost as good, on instagram…I’ll post it anyway…

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