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Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson – Two Generations of Old Ladies in Bikinis of the Day

Keep it in your fucking pants Grandma…

And I’m talkign to Kate Hudson – not Goldie Hawn – the actual Grandma….

Goldie can do whatever the fuck she wants with her old lady ass, it’s at the point of iconic and so old, we don’t even bother noticing…it’s not a point and laugh at Goldie…

It’s a point and laugh at the geriatric pregnancy on her mooch bitch daughter – who for those of you who don’t know – only exists cuz of who her mom is and not actual talent – who was a vapid cunt who ran around fucking everyone who would fill her cunt when she was a naughty teen – who got knocked up at Farrah Abraham age or pretty much Farrah Abraham age with some old dude in a shit band that may have been good at the time – but that was in the 90s, a long time ago and who the fuck remembers that….but WORST of tall…

She was like an Asia Argento…rich and entitled piece of shit who had no issue breaking a man…in her case Owen Wilson…leading him to attempted suicide……you know some fucking evil shit goes on with you when you can make a rich hippie surfer dude want to die….that’s just the effect this pussy has…and looking at these pics…I partially get it…


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Old and Drunk Goldie Hawn Turns Me On of the Day

Here are some pics of Goldie Hawn fucking wasted and I love it. Maybe it is cuz I’m a chronic binge drinker, which is socially acceptable term for a fucking dirtbag drug, or maybe it is cuz I love drunk girls of all ages cuz they are fun, entertaing and always put out…

Sure, Goldie Hawn wasted was probably far more rewarding 30 or 40 years ago when she was starting out…all round assed and cute, before polluting the world with Kate Hudson….but getting with this is still a trophy I’d love to hang on my wall….

There’s just something about old, over tanned, falling off her chest, rich woman tits I want in my mouth….age is just a number and when they are done with menopause you don’t have to worry about that whole need to get knocked up bullshit that results in shit like Kate Hudon….

What it comes down to is that I just hate Kate Hudson.

To See The Rest of the Pics

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Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson Make a Good Mother Daughter Fetish of the Day

On their own, they are nothing to get excited about, one is a 65 year old grandmother who I never really wanted to fuck, but who did have a pretty hot ass for the majority of her life and the other is her daughter, who ruined her pussy at a young age because she met a man who looked like he crawled out of the woods one night to pick up supplies at the local Wal Mart and accidentally knocked her up in the process…..but if you put them together…I get excited…not so much because of how they look or who they are, but because banging a mother and a daughter has always been a fantasy of mine, especially after hearing all the storeis from my friend who used to do it all the fucking time. He would tell us that mothers and daughters are competitive so when he’d get into the house with the daughter, the mother would be easy target to seduce and vice-versa…he said if you pay it right the excitement of being “bad” or breaking the rules makes for some pretty amazing sex, but the fact that you’ve seen two generations of pussy and put a ripple in a mother / daughter’s bond is substantially more arrousing…

Here they are in Aspen for the Holidays…..cock teasin’.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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This May Be Goldie Hawn’s Nipple of the Day

This may be Goldie Hawn’s nipple. I couldn’t really make it out because staring at Goldie Hawn’s tit for too long, makes me wet and hungry for old pussy, because I have a feeling shit smells like mothballs, tastes like burnt meat, has the same texture as a rotting catalope wrapped in an old muddy boot and it’s fucking porn to me.

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Goldie Hawn’s Grandma Tits of the Day

Since I am on this old slutty bitch’s with money kick, I figured it would only make sense to post these pictures of grandma Goldie Hawn and her sloppy saggy grandma tits in a see through dress, because I have a feeling this new fetish of mine is only going to last a minute, and because some of my fondest memories were spent peeping on my grandma getting ready for church, you thin grey arms and ridiculously large bra that scarred me for so many years, have finally found a place in my masturbation catalog.

That said, for those of you who aren’t feeling the whole sex with an old lady thing, I figure these pics can double as some Friday the 13th shit that horror movies and nightmares are made of, but I just think you’re being close minded….but then again if her tits aged this grcefully, and by gracefully, I mean shitty, just imagine what her pussy looks like…I’m thinking a monster, or rotting flesh or maybe even some sort of sea creature of some sort and none of that matters cuz here are the pics.

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Goldie Hawn in her Bathing Suit of the Day

I was walking down the street the other day and saw a mother daughter prostitute combo. They were dressed like classier whores than I was used to, but they were still whores. I could tell because they offered to suck my dick for 100 dollars, and since I’ve always wanted a double blowjob, I had no choice but to stop and inquire about the details. The mom went on about how her and her daughter are down on their luck, they both don’t have jobs and that they are trying to make ends meet. The mother got into hooking years earlier and made a decent life for herself because she really had no choice but to do the things she did. She was a little upset when she found out her 18 year old followed in her footsteps, but after accepting the way things were going to play out, and having no real hate for the profession, she figured she could maximize revenue by working together as a combo fetish deal and she figured since she made her, licking her pussy wasn’t much different than tucking her in at night and reading her a bedtime story.

They reminded me of Goldie Hawn and Kate Hudson, only the mom I was talking to had a way better body than these sloppy pics of Goldie doing us a favor in a one-piece.

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I am – Goldie Hawn's Rock Hard Tits of the Day


I like old chicks better than no chicks. The other thing that’s good about old chicks is that the older a woman gets the sluttier she becomes, like a fine wine only with a little more nipple and cumshots. They realize that they don’t have their tight, perky, smooth skinned bodies to get them where they want to go and the only way to make up for it is to suck dick harder and better than the young ones they are competing with.

People assume that with age comes experience, like if you add up the number of cocks a woman has sucked over the number of years she’s been suckin cock, you get some crazy number of blow jobs she’s given, making her some kind of expert compared to a young hot college spring chicken of a girl, but the reality of it is that they just put more effort in because they know if they don’t satisfy a dude, he’s going elsewhere, cuz her floppy old tits aren’t enough to keep him around…while the college chick puts in the bare minimum because that’s all she’s gotta put in because no one likes sucking dick, except you. Fag.

That said, you aren’t getting any old chicks or young chicks so none of this concerns you and was really a waste of your time to read. I’d apologize but I am too lazy. Cuddles.

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