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Heather Graham’s Creeping Me Out of the Day

Heather Graham who was once ROLLER GIRL..in BOOGIE NIGHTS…a big deal, all big breasted, thick bushed, and amazing…celebrated as one of the hottest actresses out there with a legendary body…

Well, now she is she’s old, looking like some kind of socially awkward virgin cat lady cashier from the drug store…or some kind of clerk who doesn’t deal with people…but is knee deep in spreadsheets everyday before going home alone to masturbate to weird porn and eat ice cream out of the tub before trying to find a husband on various dating apps….but still busty…because sometimes…when you take the unattractive and set it next to tits…you can power through it..

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Haylie Duff Trying to be Sexy and Useless of the Day

Haylie Duff tried to sex it up at Newport Beach Film Festival because it was the only Film Festival that was bottom feeding enough to let her be the special invited guest as no other actual movie stars would return their calls, while Haylie Duff had little else to do and was honored to be a part of the shit, since she’s been in movies despite lookin’ like a bootleg Sarah Jessica Parker, which isn’t saying much, because an actual Sarah Jessica Parker is hideous and I guess the real entertaining thing in all this was that she tied up her button down men’s shirt like some kind of slut improvising an outfit for her walk of shame to be less shamefull….in a Britney Spears first video kinda way…with a hell of a lot less impact..in fact shit was so bad my photoshop crashed 10 times when trying to resize these fuckers..but you probably like it because you like anything with breasts.

Pics via Fame

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Haylie Duff Ugly Watch of the Day

Remember when Haylie Duff thought she had what her sister had since they were from the same womb, so she took her ugly face and tried to make it famous, you probably don’t because it only lasted a week, but it was pretty funny to watch . It was that whole older sister unable to accept the younger sister is just better than her, before having to deal with it but still finding restitution by spending her sister’s money and milking her sister’s name to live the good life. You showed her Haylie…you fucking dog of a woman….seriously, she doesn’t look human, it’s like if you could have everything go wrong in the womb, you’d end up with this….I think I’ve sketched cartoons that are hotter than this and I don’t know how to draw…seriously, what the fuck am I lookin’ at, I can’t figure it out, I juse know it is scary….especially for the guy who dates her to get to Hilary….he has to look this in the face and tell her he loves her before fucking her all to get invited to meet the family…that’s some fucking committment to the cause….ok, enough of this….

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Haylie Duff Gets Dick of the Day

In stories of defying all odds and overcoming all obstacles, Haylie Duff has climbed that mountain that was put in front of her when she was born and her parents had to decide to drive her out to the wilderness and leave her behind, or raise her as one of their own, and that is being freakishly ugly.

You know family and friends were convinced there was no hope that this bitch would ever get fucked, unless it was for a dare, or at a bar at the end of the nigth because she was the only vagina around and she was throwing her ugly self at every single guy until one was eager enough to bite.

Sure we don’t know if this is a dare, or if motherfucker is drunk and trying to get to Hilary, but we do know that her she has her nose job to thank for helping make this dream a reality. So if you’re an insecure girl out there, and everyone’s telling you not to get work done, and to embrace what the lord gave you, realize they are lying to you. I figure if it worked for Haylie it’ll work for you….

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A Little Haylie Duff Walking Her Dog of the Day

It must suck being in her younger sister’s shadow. Not as pretty, not ass successful, not as well put together, forcing her to spend a life trying to prove herself to her family, and in this case, the world. So she goes out and gets a shitty nose job, thinking that’ll be the remedy to why she has never had work other than being on Hilary Duff’s payroll cuz she’s family, and I almost feel sorry for her, so sorry that I’d finger bang her ugly ass on the dancefloor while her dog watched. Not that that makes sense but I’m just waking up and hurting.

What does make sense is that the dog should be walking her. Or maybe that doesn’t make sense either. At this point nothing makes sense.

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Haylie Duff Still Has a Horse Head of the Day

If you’ve been wondering about what Haylie Duff’s been up to and god fucking knows why you would be wondering anything like that, because she’s just Hilary Duff’s ugly latch-on older sister, who hasn’t done much and if she has even done anything, it’s all been handouts from her successful human lookin’ sister.

I guess the funny thing in all this is that Haylie doesn’t really know her place in the world, it’s like the older sister is supposed to be the one guiding the younger one, that is how nature wanted it to be, and there’s that cloud lurking over her head knowing that she isn’t as pretty, talented, smart as her little sister, and has to be reminded everyday that her parents got it right the second time around, and that she was just batting practice that should have ended up on the abortion clinic floor.

So I hear whenever these thoughts take over, she heads out to the stable to visit the only thing she can really relate to because her family let her down, but her horses are always there to remind her of where she came from.

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Haylie Duff Taking Out the Trash of the Day

I saw these pictures and the caption read something like “Haylie Duff Needs a Personal Assistant to Take Out Her Trash” or some shit implying that she was above taking out the fucking trash. The person who wrote is obviously a fucking idiot, who is confused and thinks this bitch is more important than she is because she may or may not have been on TV once. I always thought she was just her sister’s personal assistant, and even at that, taking out her sister’s trash is not part of how she gets paid, because I know if I was a personal assistants and asked to take the fucking trash out, I’d take a shit in my bosses bed. Not that I am above taking out the garbage, sure I am more into letting it pile in the corner of my one room hell I call home until it’s disgusting rotting food smell masks my wife’s stench but I am against being demeaned by taking out other people’s garbage and clean up their messes like I am some kind of piece of shit.

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Haylie Duff Exclusive Pics…Unfortunately…of the Day

No, despite the quality, these pictures aren’t proof that Big Foot exists and was spotted on a movie set, but they are close. They are Haylie Duff shooting in Michigan and were sent in by a reader.

I’ve been constantly bothered by paparazzi agencies the last 2 years. I can’t afford to license their pictures because I dont make money and this shit is totally outrageously priced, so I called out to readers to send in their exclusive celebrity pictures, shit doesn’t have to be recent or newsworthy, it just needs to be something I am allowed to post so that I don’t get sued and some dude from Michigan pulled through, or at least pulled through the best he could.

The surprising thing in all this is that Haylie Duff is in Michigan filming a movie, not the fact that a dude could get close enough to snap these pics of her. Haylie is so irrelevant and lost in her sister’s shadow not to mention the shadow of pretty much 80 percent of the population that is more attracctive than her that you’d think she’d jump anyone with a camera and ask them to marry her loney self because no one loves her and the fact that he took the time to shoot off some pics, is the closest thing to love she’s felt in the last 10 years.

I guess she hasn’t quite realized how useless and ugly she is yet, and hasn’t come to terms with her inadequacies as a woman, and still has hopes and dreams and an ego, but I’ll be happy when the delusions subside and reality hits her hard enough to produce anything to stand out from the crowd, like produce some pictures of herself masturbating or some shit, not that I really want to see what her vagina looks like, because it is probably as ratty lookin’ as her.

Either way, these pictures prove that she has the ability to not only be ugly in life, but also to be ugly in Michigan, but in all fairness, maybe she’s a really nice person, but I doubt it.

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I am – Hilary Duff Bikini Pictures of the Day


When I think of Hilary Duff in a bikini, I think of a time when she was underage and people would send me hate mail for calling her a slut in training and now I pat myself on the back because we know that no self respecting girl would whore out half naked on the beach with her sister and men with their hard nipples for dirtbag internet weirdos like you to get all hot and bothered over, meaning that I was right and since that rarely happens it makes me happy.

When I think of Hilary Duff I always think of that fucker that she dated. He is the DJ AM of rock music and that means he is even gayer than bicycles shorts partially because he’s dropped load in DJ AM’s sloppy useless seconds but also because he’s an overpaid monkey that doesn’t deserve to be where he’s at who wears monkey and is more into watching his twin brother bang chicks than banging them himself. I guess it’s just like watching himself in action.

I used to think that twins fucking each other wasn’t gay, I never thought about 2 dudes fucking each other, just the lesbian way because I was involved with a girl who had a twin and I always tried to get them to fuck, but they wouldn’t they weren’t the kind of twins you see in playboy.

Hilary’s sister is not her twin, she is the ugly version of her but she’s riding her fucking coat tails. I would still watch them bang because I have no standards but am happy that bitch kept her shirt on because I can only take so much DUFFGUSTING in one day. That’s my lame blogger name for these cunts because it seems to be what lame bloggers do and I am just trying to fit in.

Speaking of fitting in, I have a feeling that dude gave Hilary Duff a bit of a complex, when you leave your chick for someone who looks like a little boy, it’s gotta hurt somewhere, either leading her to anorexia or to throwing in the towel and emotionally eating her way out of it. By looking at these pictures I couldn’t tell you if bitch is fatter than before but she does have more tit, maybe it’s because she’s a late bloomer, maybe it’s because she went on the pill to prevent getting knocked up by some loser she knew was a loser but stuck with him anyway, maybe she should of used condoms because he probably gave her some HPV, HSV, HIV or something else he picked up on the road while banging dudes who looked like chick, but bigger tits is good enough reason to support her half assed music career, her half assed acting career by staring at these pictures of her playing in the sand like a person who lost their childhood to Disney. Another reason to like her is because she let’s fat hairy dudes who are too shy to take their shirts off at the beach hang with her and that pretty much describes all of you, so if she supports your kind, you should support hers. I learned that when I was overcoming my hatred of homosexuals.

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I am – Haylie Duffgusting Leaves the Gym of the Day


There was a time in my life when I needed work badly and landed a job giving tours on horse drawn carriages around the tourist part of town. The job fucking sucked and I got fired when I threw a pile of horse shit on this obnoxious fat couple who wouldn’t stop making stupid jokes about the hat I was forced to wear. I just lost it and that was the end of that career move, but I will always remember how cool the horses were, even if they were hungry and mistreated by the company, they were always so nice to look at.

The duffgusting sisters, are not real horses, they just have horse shaped heads, and that makes them not so nice to look at, especially when they are rockin’ a pair of shorts over spandex pants like they are trying to hide their dumpy ass from the world. If you are going to wear spandex, you don’t have to rock shorts to cover your fucking ass, even if your ass is disgusting. Just wear shorts to begin with because it won’t make you look like an insecure cunt too scared to show the world that you “aint all that”. It’s like when girls used to cover their asses by tying sweatshirts around their waists, or when fat chicks swim in shirts…You are ugly, deal with it, hiding it won’t make your bad ass go away….

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