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Hilary Swank Naked for Interview of the Day

If you’ve ever seen Boys Don’t Cry, it was Hilary Swank’s Oscar winning performance, where she played a female trans, with a prosthetic dick who fucked Becky from Roseanne, without Becky from Roseanne realizing it, because she was replaced by another Becky on Roseanne confusing everything, including whether Hilary Swank’s dick was actual prosthetic, or just made to look prosthetic, and the whole Oscar performance started after the movie, when she had to go through life pretending to be a woman…because there is no way, this face, came stock with a pussy…and if it did, I guess that would explain why she was cast for that movie, and even she didn’t have any lines she would have still won, because she was made to play the girl who thought she was a dude…she was born for it…natural talent…

Anyway, she’s naked in Interview magazine..who cares…man or not…she’s too old for this..

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Hilary Swank Scary in a Bikini of the Day

Here are some pictures of Hilary Swank dressed as a bikini clad monster a few days too early for Halloween….

At least I think this is a costume…or hope it is a costume…it’s gotta be a costume since I find it scary as fuck..We’re talking serious monster mash…and whatever it is, it is proof as to why she was cast in Boys Don’t Cry…you know where she played the chick with a prostethic dick she fucked Becky from Roseanne with before being killed off….

In her defence…at least she’s not fat…maybe she just needs to work on her poses…I mean we don’t need or bikini paparazzi pics to look like wrestling promo posters from the 80s…freak..


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Hilary Swank is a Dude in Tight Pants of the Day

Anyone else jerk off in Hilary Swank’s break out performance as the Boy who Doesn’t Cry who wasn’t a boy but a girl who rocked a fake dick and short hair all lesbionic with a trimmed bush and rockin’ tits she ACE bandaged down…or was I the only one capable of ignoring her broad shoulders that got her cast to play a dude in the first place…coupled with her horse lookin’ head…cuz I was too busy focusing on the 4 second window of opportunity I call “FULL FRONTAL RAPE SCENE”….

You know there was a time when I couldn’t afford the internet and rated NC-17 movies was all the porn I had access too….I figure it’s better than jerking off to weirder shit like your mom’s soiled panties or some shit….

Either way, ugly or not, I’m digging her ass proper…fit and round is perfect enough for me…cuz I can ignore the rest of her….It really is a talent that only works if the chick isn’t fat…


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Some Bitches at the New Year’s Eve Premiere of the Day

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There is a really shitty fucking movie that hollywood shat out called New Year’s Eve and it is being pegged as having an a-list cast because they cast a whole lot of known celebs that equally fucking suck at acting but that have a good publicity team making the general public think they matter….

I had the serious misfortune of seeing the trailer and immediately feeling the need to murder, if not myself, then all of fucking hollywood.

I don’t even want to go into the shitty storyline I can’t believe got budget to get made…I can only assume Ryan Seacrest is behind it…

That said, they had a premiere and there was pussy up in it and since pussy is what I do….here’s what you missed out on along with me cuz hollywood doesn’t think we matter….

Fergie Showing Tit….and shoulder but most interesting some dangly armpit skin that looks like an armpit pussy….my favorite…

Katherine Heigl Showing Tit in a tight dress I can only assume is spanxed all to hell

Sofia Vergara Showing Tit in a Lingerie Looking Dress…

Abigail Breslin/Little Miss Sunshite Jail Baitin’ for your Masturbating…

Lea Michele Manly Tit and Single Kutcher Who May Fuck It….because clearly he’s not too discriminatory when it comes to pussy….

Hilary Swank is Boys Don’t Cry….

Ludacris and Some Big Black Booty….

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Hilary Swank Bikini Pics of the Day

Hilary Swank is one of those chicks who you think looks like a dude so much that she gets cast in a movie playing a chick who pretends to be a dude and it launches her career into this huge success….because she’s skinny, boyish, square jawed and even muscular….but for some reason rockin’ huge tits …that didn’t even have the power to win us over and think she’s not a dude….

But as she starts aging and turning 40, while the other chicks who had hot bodies in the 20s get fat and dumpy after having kids, giving up, and whatever else 40 year olds do…Hilary Swank’s ripped manly body ends up looking tight and hot…at least compared to chicks her own age…making her a catch for more than just her bank account….

I don’t have the rights to post the pics…but I can link to them….

So to See Her Ridiculously Hot Body That I’ve Hardly Ever Liked

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Hilary Swank Naked in a New Movie of the Day

Rubbing Lotion on her tits, showing off bush in light cotton panties, getting out of the bath all wet and naked are apparently all things that make Hilary Swank tolerable…at least that’s what this clip from The Resident a movie that is yet to be released is telling me.

Watch it while you can, cuz I’m pretty sure this is gonna lead to a lawyers letter, while I just think I’m promotion, but lawyers like to double talk and make issues out of nothing so they can buy themselves Porsche’s and cheat on their wives they regret marrying in Law School before they were rich, when they saw a bright future of comin’ up to the top together, something that faded fast while at the top and realizing lots of 20 year olds would love the life you could provide in exchange for sex, being reminded of that everytime you stare at her shitty body…a frustration I guess that fuels the misery that they need in their careers as they try to ruin people everyday to feel good about themselves…shit, I shoulda been a lawyer.

That’s all I have to say about that….

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Hilary Swank in her Bikini in Her Bikini of the Day

This Hilary Swank bitch is really something. No matter how old she gets, or how boxy and broad shouldered she gets. I still find her transgendered. From the first time I tried jerking off to her getting raped in “Boys Don’t Cry” where she played a chick who pretended to be a dude, ace bandaging them big old tits down and stuffing her underwear so she could get down with Becky from Roseanne, until last year where she played a dyke aviator, to now where she’s flexing her borad boxy body on the beach, I still haven’t quite figured her out and I’m not about to start now…cuz I really don’t care that much…I just know that if she’s got a vagina…then no matter how manly a bitch is…it’s still not gay…unless she’s fucking you up the ass…in which case I’d say you’re kinda on the fence…

To See The Rest of the Pictures – Follow This Link

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Hilary Swank Boring Hard Nippled Tits of the Day

I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t try to jerk off to Hilary Swank’s naked body in Boys Don’t Cry at least once…There’s a scene I remember where amongst acting and dressing like a boy, she gets violated by her buddies who rip her clothes off and reveal her awesome fucking tits, and I figured that after watching such a heavy load of shit about some confused lesbian who fucked Becky from Roseanne with a strap-on, I had no choice but to celebrate when they busted out her tits and bush to distract me from her stupid looking face and the fact that she was pretending to be a boy the whole movie….

You see Hilary Swank isn’t hot. She’s got the floppy face of a basset hound, but her tits carry her through life and make her other flaws okay, so when I see her braless with hard nipples, I forget that she’s too old for my liking and that she looks like a farmhand in Missouri repairing the fucking tractor…something I know turns your closet-case ass on, so enjoy and remember that it’s not gay if she’s got hard nippled tits, even if it feels like it is kinda gay, cuz she looks like an awkward teenage boy.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Hilary Swank’s Busted Face in the Right Dress of the Day

Hilary Swank has never been hot. She’s always been a masculine lookin’ jacked up bitch with big tits. She even won an Oscar playing the girl who dressed like a boy before getting killed. So despite having a vagina and a set of great tits, she might as well be packing a dick and balls under her dress, because she’s made it pretty much homosexual to ever like her in a sexual way….Any girl who is that convincing as a dude….just can’t live that down…but at least she’s making the right choices in her clothes to distract me from her face and high testosterone levels….not that you care what I think….so here are the pics…

Pics via LFI

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Hilary Swank Almost Lets Us Look Up Her Skirt of the Day

Was it gay of me for jerking off to the scene in Boys Don’t Cry, where Hilary Swank a girl who dressed like a boy, was in the bathroom and a group of her friends ripped her pants off, revealing her bush, so the rednecks discovered their best buddy was a chick, figuring they should take advantage of the situation and fuck the shit out of him, like the pussy was a gift from fuckin’ god?
That is like you thinking “shit, I’ve known this dude for 8 years and we have so much in common, he’s pretty much my soulmate, but he was always a he and that would make me gay if I ever pursued it and I don’t want to be gay or admit my feelings to him, that would turn my whole life upside down and he’d probably drop me as a friend so that I’d have none of him” about your best friend, then you accidentally walk in on him in the bathroom and dude’s sitting on the fuckin’ toilet with a full fuckin’ vagina, making you think it must be a dream come true, so you decide to rape the poor fucker….
Yeah, it was pretty gay of me cuz the reason Hilary Swank got the gig was cuz she made a good boy no matter how big a vagina she has, and here she showing us some leg, maybe a little upskirt….

Pics via Bauer

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