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Ice T Walks His Whore while she Walks her Dog of the Day

If you are wondering the chain of command at the Ice T household, it’s pretty obvious in these pictures. He walks Coco, not because he thinks she’s too fat, he’s black and loves the shit and not because she needs to take a piss and he’s tired of her making in the house, but because he bought Coco to work exclusively for him and staged a marriage because it looks better to the authorities as marriage is the socially acceptable prostitution….and she walks her dog, not because she cares about whether the dog gets exercised, but because in a oppressed life where you sell your soul by selling your pussy, it’s nice to be the boss of something…

Here are her stupid tits…

Pics via Fame

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Coco’s Twitter Porn of the Day

I love how Coco’s twitter account info says something about how she’s been married 8 years going strong, because clearly she’s only used to dudes who date her by the hour, or even the song and that 8 years is fucking huge for her, despite the fact that now she makes more money, has more fame, gets more of her favorite tacky sex shop outfits and doesn’t have to wait til they go on special,because her John pays her by the week on salary and its more than she got working the stage or street or whatever gutter she crawled out of….

She posted these pics of herself on twitter of her tanning in Florida, a state I’m sure she considers paradise, because all the trashy chicks I know look like Coco and live in Florida Trailer Parks with alligator wrestling husbands and the whole thing confuses me because her tits are so fucking disgustingly fake, but since tits only make up a third of a woman, the rest of a woman is made up in ass and pussy, so maybe those shits are not as mangled or tampered with, but I doubt it….Here are the pics..

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Coco Gets Wet of the Day

Just when you thought that Coco’s nasty pussy was so weathered and dead that it couldn’t get a “rainstorm” in her panties on its own, she proved to us that natural lubricants aren’t always needed to get wet, something old ladies, menopausal women and girls who have sex with me have known for a long fuckin’ time, it just takes a little innovation and here is COCO avoiding the rain because she doesn’t want to melt, she also doesn’t want her whore hair to get wet or her whore make-up to run because showing the world the real Coco is not on her agenda, while being the most famous stripper-lookin’ girl in the world is.

Pics via PacificCoastNews

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Ice T and Coco’s Tits Go Shopping of the Day

Ice T was out shopping with his permanent hooker wife. You see all he has to do is pay her in a nice lifestyle, buy her whatever she wants, pay for her plastic surgery addiction, pay the black magazines to feature her ass on the cover in some kind of ad deal, she sticks the fuck around and plays wife. That means she doesn’t have to strip ever again. That also means she refuses business from other John’s, unless Ice T feels gangster and decides to pimp her out, since he’s the boss and she does what he wants cuz that’s all part of the deal and the beauty is that he can’t go to jail for soliciting sex from her, since they are married. He’s got it all figured out, the whole plan is bulletproof if you are the kind of guy who only gets off to fuckin’ whores but don’t like the risk of fuckin’ whores……here she is with her tits getting paid…..

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Ice T’s Coco Has Some Huge Fucking Tits of the Day

I hate fake tits but offered some slut I met in the bar the other night a set because she didn’t know I was poor and joking and I figured it’d be a good excuse for her to show me her current tits and I was right. The psychology is simple, she was offended that I offered her fake tits, implying that her tits now were inadequate and she went onto tell me how amazing she is and how every guy she’s ever been with think they are the hottest tits ever and that’s when I chime in with the “If they are so great, prove it” and she did. The unfortunate thing with my plan was that this bitch’s body looked like a sock full of jello and was dumpier than the shrapnel my wife left in the toilet, but I saw nipples never the less and that’s good enough for me.

Here are some pictures of Ice T with the retarded fake tits I can only assumed he financed for his ex-stripper wife, just because they are freakier than that time I dressed like a pedophile on halloween and handed out candy in the park out of a van I rented.

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Paul Heyman Does Ice T and Coco of the Day

So wrestling icon, whatever that means, Paul Heyman has some kind of online show called the Heyman Hustle and he goes out and interviews random people. This week he met up with Coco at her birthday party . She’s apparently only 29, has been married to Ice T for 7 years, never spent a night apart because she was a runaway he found at the bus station and she had no where else to go. She talks about how she fell for Ice T because of the way he fucks her with some kind of magical stroke and tries to describe the gear she’s wearing, making it pretty clear that the stroke she’s talking about is how he swipes his credit card so smoothly when he’s buying her the sluttiest designer clothes ever made, you know the kind that looks like shit you buy at the sex store but way more expensive.

Reality is that none of that matters, because Ice T sings a little song to her and acts all happy in love and shit and that’s something that will never happen to you. If you ever get married, you will be the kind of guy who hides in your garage just to get away from the bitch. So I’m not going to judge their relationship or why they are together because seeing a dude who thinks he’s hood and a chick who let’s people grab her tits for money isn’t really abnormal and at least they seem to be having fun together and that’s really what life is all about…..not to mention having a hooker on staff makes masturbating obsolete and that would make you happy too, because when you marry a real girl you gotta negotiate for sex, at least this way you just threaten to fire her and next thing you know she’s bouncing on your dick.

Watch the Video Here

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I am – Coco Shows Off Her Ass on Halloween of the Day


I was always a fan of dudes who would make or support their girlfriends when they flash their asses or tits in public. Those are the kinds of guys I am happy to be around because they just don’t give a fuck about much and like having a good time and because I usually get to see their girlfriend slutting out in some way or another. I fucking hate overbearing dudes who get all raging when their girl talks to me, or when I ask them if I can see their girlfriend’s pussy. Like last night I was talking to some girl in sexy lingerie just about random bullshit and her boyfriend just stared at me like he wanted to kill me, when I asked her who her bodyguard she told me it was her boyfriend, and I wished her good luck because for the rest of the time together, she’s going to have some asshole looking over her shoulder everytime she talks to another dude and that shit leads to spousal abuse. My theory is that just because you’re in love with the bitch and are fucking the bitch, doesn’t mean the bitch can’t show me a little especially if I have no plan on touching. Maybe I don’t care because I’ve never really had a girlfriend I had any respect for and no one wants to see my wife naked because she’s disgusting, even her doctor asks her to keep her clothes on when she gets her gynecological exam.

Either way, Ice-T should be my friend because he makes his girl flash her ass or if it’s her own doing, he’s totally having fun with it and that’s a lot better than seeing him hiding in the corner planning on how he’s going to beat the fuck out of her without leaving any bruises when they get home.

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