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Jade Goody’s Weightloss Plan of the Day

I don’t know all that much about Big Brother because I don’t watch TV and I know a hell of a lot less about British Big Brother, but this Jade Goody girl was on the show and caused some controversy that lead to some more work for her and is pretty much a reality star living the dream, I mean except for the whole cancer part.

I did a little search on the site and found out that I posted Jade Goody’s Nipples before. She used to be pretty fucking fat and now that she has terminal cervical cancer, with a 40 percent chance of survival, she seems to be slimming out a bit.

Now I am not a doctor, but last time I checked, cervical cancer was straight from HPV. Where was Gardasil whenshe started raw doggin’men with warts on their dicks. I know it’s no laughing matter, she’s had a hysterectomy, which means no babies and fucked up hormones, leading to her essentially turning into a dude, but thankfully for any man out there, that means no condoms or fear of her getting attached after getting knocked up, refusing that abortion she always promised she’d get if ever you accidentally knocked her up, not that you’d want to do the whole no condom thing with her, you know with that whole HPV business, not that guys care, I know at least 10 dudes who have told me they’ve banged girls with HPV or early stages of vagina cancer, so I don’t think this will really be a set back for her, I mean other than the whole cancer thing….

I do wish her the best and I hope for survival and I am posting this because it is a heartwarming day for her as she greets her boyfriend from Big Brother who is just being released from prison after being sentenced to 18 months after beating a 16 year old with a golf club. These reality stars always keep it fuckin’ classy. I am not posting this for those of you who get off the Chemo/Cancer patients. Keep it in your pants you sick fucks getting off to sick people…it is not very appropriate.

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I am – Jade Goody Nipples of the Day


This bitch’s name is Jade Goody and she’s a fat chick from big brother showing of her fat titties that she made at the all you can eat dessert bar, it only took her 14 years. Fuck implants. Eat cake.

I always wondered why every contestant of Big Brother was into flashing tit, cunt and whatever else they could after leaving the show and I think I figured it out. I had theories like the producers hypnotized them and that the producers gave them some kind of medication that fucked up their sense of shame because that would give the show higher ratings, but realized that it would be a hell of a lot more cost effective to just cast total sluts who have no issue showing their junk on TV. I guess another theory is that they thought Big Brother would be their big break and it’s only lead them to a taste of success and fame because as soon as the next season rolls out so do the old contestants. In this case bitch rolled out to the all you can eat buffet.

I have no real stories of sluts wanted to be famous right now, but I am feeling kinda too hungover to try to think back to pull out a decent story, so I’ll let this big momma’s breasts that can feed a nation with nipples are like a beer tap distract you from my shitty post.

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