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Jaime Pressly Hot Ass in a Bikini of the Day

Jaime Pressly is out in a bikini, showing off her hot ass, that looks real fit, despite being in its 30s.

I don’t really remember what Jaime Pressly did to get famous…


And that may be all I need to know….to know she’s a perfect specimen of woman – who didn’t let her fame or celebrity get in the way of taking a piss when bitch felt like taking a piss…

It is the highlight of her life, her existence, at least for me…and these bikini pics don’t even come close to the level of amazing her PEEING OUTSIDE OF AN LA RESTAURANT WHEN DRUNK Video has…

But any excuse to revisit it is good enough for me…


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Jaime Pressly Weirdo See Thru of the Day

I prefer Jaime Pressly when she’s PEEING OUTSIDE OF RESTAURANTS

Not that I even remember who Jaime Pressly is, but I do know she’s slowly morphing into a dude, despite the cleavage, that face is harder that it used to be and I think I see an Adam’s Apple…I guess it’s from hard living…the kind of hard living that leads you to PEEING OUTSIDE OF RESTAURANTS


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Jaime Pressly Twitter Bikini Pic Round 2 of the Day

Back in 1998…. Jaime Pressly Did Playboy to get herself on the fucking scene…

Then back in March 2012…. Jaime Pressly posted two pics of her amazing, ripped, mom body, and probable implants, on twitter ….

Today….she posted one more…..and her fucking body is ridiculous….probably because she got a divorce from the loser she married….and decided to get her life together….but more importantly got her stamina in a place where she could fuck herself a new husband…cuz that’s what I see when I see fitness….if only all moms could pull this off, then I wouldn’t hate being a stepfather so much….

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Jaime Pressly Ripped Bikini Body for Twitter of the Day

I never really loved hard bodied, fit girls….until I got fucked by one….see I’m a fat fuck and I have the athletic ability of a pile of sewage laying in your bed after a night of hard partying….so I need to find eager girls who like or are getting paid to make me cum to just bounce on me like little sex machines….

I can’t even consider fucking fat chicks, or even chubby chicks cuz they just don’t exist to me….I don’t even see them when they walk by me so asking for a blowjob can’t happen….And the skinny, anorexic, drug addicted girls I used to run after because fat repulsed me…are just too weak to make me cum….even average bodied girls don’t have the stamina for this desensitized soul….It takes athleticism to make me cum, I should be an olympic sport….

Sure their biceps, abs and backs make me think “am I fucking a teenage boy” If they stop bouncing on my dick long enough for me to notice….. and their muscular skin is hard enough to chip a tooth on…..but ripped girls are just better…and age better….especially after birthing children and Jamie Pressly is proof….even if her fake titties are hanging weird off her real strong pecs…

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Jaime Pressly’s Got a Hot Ass and Its Walking of the Day

Hot Ass Jaime Pressly, now who is she again? I don’t remember…but I feel that this outfit LOOK VERY FAMILIAR ….I guess she was never a big deal, but she was a bigger deal and had some sex hype a bunch of years ago, but never did anything real substantial, other than Flash Some Ass At Her Birthday but the good news is that bitches of any age, as long as they are fit, and even if they aren’t fit but are in tight clothes, are worth staring at….and Jaime Pressly’s no exception…

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Jaime Pressly and her New Fake Tits of the Day

I think it’s safe to say that Jaime Pressly and what must be fake tits are more than ready to release a sex tape to increase her celebrity, assert herself in Hollywood as someone worth watching, sure it’s probably 15 years later than it should have been released, but I’m pretty sure I’d still watch it….not that I wouldn’t watch every sex tape released, I like the bottom feeding it represents, but this one would be special….or not…

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Jaime Pressly Peeing Outside a Restaurant of the Day

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Jaime Pressly is Still Worth Fucking of the Day

I don’t really know what botox mishap made Jaime Pressly’s face look like this, but the good news is that it didn’t fuck up the rest of her body and anyone who knows me knows that a busted up face never stopped me from getting hard for a bitch, especially when the busted up face was a result of my fists…in fact a busted up everything never stopped me from getting hard for a bitch…I’ll fuck the cripples just as fast as I’ll fuck the fat chicks, vagina just has that kind of effect on me, it clouds my judgement….

Pics via Bauer

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Jaime Pressly Looks Like and Old Piece of Shit of the Day

This bitch must have done her fair share of cocaine when she was coming up onto the celebrity stage she is now standing on because her face looks like its been through a lot and that this rise to the top has bee a hard fucking run that involved late nights, eating disorders, multiple facials and not the kind of facials she gets a luxury salons, and she looks like an old catcher mitt that has come with years of hard living and struggle, but we’d all still fuck her silly, even if her vagina looks twice as damaged as the rest of her, which it does, because she has not only fucked a lot but also because she got raped by a baby because she let one of those cumshots stick to her uterus…. and here are some pics of her….

Pics via Fame

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Jaime Pressly Buying Panties of the Day

I’ve spent many afternoons when I had nothing better to do, or even when I did have better things to do, sitting in or outside of an underwear store, you know window shopping, and by window shopping I mean following girls I wanted to fuck around to see what their little slut hands grabbed onto, because there is nothing hotter than watching them play out whether the sheer thong is going to make their ass look good and trying to figure out what they are planning on wearing it for, because even the most conservative girl has a naughty pair of panties, and I like to be the guy creepin on them when they buy it. The only mistake I’ve made with this hobby is overstaying my welcome and being banned from the store for offering my expert opinion or my help for trying anything on…

So seeing Jaime Pressly buying panties hits close to home and I like it.

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