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Janice Dickinson Bikini Pic of the Day

Janice Dickinson is out celebrating the Death of Cosby, which I guess is the only thing she’s known for, despite reminding everyone over and over again that she’s the original super model and coined the term super model – about herself – before super models even existed..

I mean that and the fact that she’s had more plastic surgery than all the Kardashians combined, which is pretty impressive, considering they are all on the once a week touch up maintenance program…and thanks to that investment…she is still worth looking at in a bikini – like the science experiment at the science fair you want to fuck – she is.

You sick fuck…

But in good news, at least she looks less like a corpse than she used to…yay for that…unless you’re a necrophiliac…in which case, I am sorry for your loss, something you hear everytime a corpse comes back to life before you get a chance to fuck it…something I’m sure is exactly what COSBY was into…because you don’t need a dead opportunist you just had sleepytime sex with, you want them to wake up confused….it’s easier to get away with it for decades..

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Janice Dickinson on Bill Cosby of the Day

I don’t care about this Bill Cosby scandal that’s going on. I feel like it happened before and is just a diversion from his pedophilia. You know never trust a man who seduces kids with JELLO, has a show where they sit on his lap about kids saying the Darndest things, before being a huge sitcom success….I mean in the 50s when he went to college to be a teacher…you’d think some alarms would go off….since any grown man drawn to kids…is usually a fucking predator…

That said, Zombie woman and original supermodel according to Janice Dickinson, was reliving the glory days, and figured she might as well cash in and have people talk about her rugged plastic surgery body that is melting off her frail model bones, because she’s come out to attack Cosby from a 1980s encounter where she tried seducing him to get on his show…

This is what she said:

Dickinson said she met Cosby in Lake Tahoe at his urging after he said that he would help her with her singing career. They had met earlier when her agent had introduced them, hoping that she could get a job on “The Cosby Show.”

Dickinson said that after dinner, she and Cosby were in her hotel room and that he gave her some red wine and a pill. She had asked for a pill because she had been suffering stomach pains.

“The next morning I woke up and I wasn’t wearing my pyjamas and I remembered before I passed out I had been sexually assaulted by this man,” she said. She said she remembered Cosby dropping the robe he had been wearing and getting on top of her.

She said she never confronted Cosby about the incident.

“I’m doing this because it’s the right thing to do and this happened to me and this is a true story,”

Sounds legit. So she asked for the pill while drinking and she woke up naked and assaulted…I am not a victim shamer, but seriously, this woman’s had more cock than a Colonial Sanders…and there comes a time when you can’t really take their rape claims seriously….”I swear I said no, he just couldn’t hear me cuz my mouth was full of his balls”…

Either way, rape is bad, but you can’t rape the willing, and I would assume based on her leathery body, that she’d actively encourage rape these days…just because she craves human touch…

Here’s a tribute to her…while she tries to drag your childhood JELLO man through the mud, not because she’s in the KKK, but becuase 40 years is the right amount of time to remember the incident clearly, especially after 40 years of booze and drugs.

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Janice Dickinson’s Aging Gracefully of the Day

Janice Dickinson Got a Beautiful Natural Face. I wonder if she’s had work done…

Janice Dickinson labelled herself the first supermodel…and people bought into it enough for me to know that she was the first “Supermodel”…well apparently, she’s not just the first supermodel ever, she’s also the first supermodel to turn into a monster thanks to modern science and her all or nothing, go big or go home, “I can’t just be a model, I must be a supermodel”…or “I don’t want just a bump of coke, give me a whole fucking 8 Ball”…you know let’s get fucking extreme on everything, even if it makes her look like a zombie tit, horror movie make-up faced freak…only without the make-up…and if that level of vanity and broken soul doesn’t turn you on…you’re an idiot…but we already knew that.

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Janice Dickinson’s Panty Flash of the Day

I think this panty flash happened a few days ago, but really doesn’t matter, especailly when I am just excited to see ZOMBIE TITS making an attention seeking comeback around Halloween…which is appropriate…because that is a ZOMBIE’S favorite time of year….all undead and shit…with dried up genitals some of you may be glad she’s keeping covered up to mask the sight and scent of rotting flesh…but that I am pretty sad about…because I like people, especially attention seeking ex-models in their 90s, at least that’s what their droopy, falling off the bones skin, age I assume she is…to go all out with their flashing…but I’ll still stare at this shit, because it would be rude to not take in this kind of gift sent from vagina heaven…


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Janice Dickinson’s Hot Zombie Ass in a Bikini of the Day

With all this bath salts that isn’t actuall bath salts and I know this cuz I smoked some my wife got for Christmas and it didn’t make me want to eat her fleshy pussy, but that could be cuz zombies only like living things….shit….

This zombie craze has gone nuts…I mean even this Janice Dickinson, always up on the trends and fashionable, decided to bust out her inner zombie ass to show people she is still a leading in fashion….

Or maybe this is just what she looks like – unfortunate.


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Janice Dickinson’s Bikini Pics for Twitter of the Day

Janice Dickinson is a monster….sure she’s got big old fake tits but they kind of lose their appeal when her skin looks like it is melting off her body in some freaky reptile shedding of skin ritual that happens when a bitch is too tanned, too old, too anorexic, too disgusting….but be happy she’s decided to cover up her zombie corpse pussy this time…even though the rest of her rotting body is pretty fucking bad too….but for the record…I’d still eat her up like this was ALIVE and I needed the food for survival and it wouldn’t take a plane crash to motivate me….I’m ready for it right now motherfucker….but that’s cuz I am addicted to HER NAKED ZOMBIE PIC


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Zombie Janice Dickinson’s Not So See Through of the Day

I thought these pictures were of Janice Dickinson in a see through shirt and I got excited, you know with Halloween around the corner, I was totally down for some half dead, zombie, surprised she still has nipples and that they haven’t fallen off yet cuz of all the surgery….

Unfortunately it looks like she’s got a bra on, so you’re forced to just look at her weathered plastic zombie face…and there’s really no fun in that…cuz undead faces aren’t nearly as good as undead tits or undead undead bikini or even her pussy lips that I’ve probably seen but blocked out of memory because they looked like rotting flesh, death, infection…melting away….but I can’t imagine that happening…I’m just too lazy to dig through the site for them…unless those undead faces have flesh wounds that look vaginal and that are deep enough to stick your dick in…

Either way, here’s the see through that isn’t a see through…

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