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Jenna Jameson Gets Beat the Fuck Up of the Day

Pornstars and UFC fighters are some of the classier people in society. They are the equivalent of poor white trash that managed to make a ton of money fighting and fucking, until finding each other and starting a family, and like all poor white trash families, daddy has to put mommy in her place every once in a while.

The story is they accused each other of cheating on each other, because when you’re a pornstar people assume you’re a slut and when you’re a UFC fighter people assume you fuck trashy chicks to compensate for the fact that rolling around in spandex panties with other dudes is how they make their living, and the whole thing is only sad because I wasn’t there living in her Garage like ALF in the reality show I pitched to her on Twitter a few weeks ago….cuz she’s my new internet girlfriend…and based on today…possibly the future mother to my new set of stepkids….GOODTIMES….

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Jenna Jameson is a Fucking Monster of the Day

If you are wondering how girls who have taken an insane amount of loads on their faces age, it’s not really pleasant. But in defense of guys who like cumming on girl’s faces, the cumming on Jenna Jameson’s got nothing to do with her looking like a fucking monster. The psychological damage that lead her to getting guys to cum on her face for money on camera over the course of her career in porn is probably the reason she looks like a fucking monster. You know medicating with drugs, alcohol, plastic surgery, abusive relationships and all those good things that come with being a porn bitch….

Pics via LFI

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Jenna Jameson’s Disgusting…But Not As Disgusting as Her Vagina of the Day

I remember when Jenna Jameson was at the top of her fucking game. She was running a huge porn company, she was in a ton of movies and when people thought porn they thought of her. That entire fucking time, I did not get one fucking erection over her, and although that may not be a testament of how vile I find her pussy and tits, but more a testament of my hard drinking, my enlarged prostate and my ugly wife stealing my libido, I just never got the appeal or why she of all pornstars went mainstream and I guess it doesn’t matter because after her twins escaped her rancid woman parts, she hasn’t bounced back, looks like shit, and I will never have to see her fuck in video again and I guess that’s worth celebrating….

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Jenna Jameson is Fucking Disgusting of the Day

Here are some pictures of Jenna Jameson almost showing the world her polluted vagina that she polluted the world with when she had her Aids babies, the only interesting thing that came fromt he whole thing was that it was the first time in the history of baby making that the mother’s pussy didn’t feel anything or see any additional damage and rumor has it that both her twins came out at the same fuckin’ time.

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Jenna Jameson on the View of the Day

The View is porn to me, but that’s just because I can’t help but wonder whether Whoopi Goldberg’s big dick smells Elizabeth’s Republican Good Suburban girl pussy, or if Elizabeth’s Republican Good Suburban girl pussy smells like Whoopi Goldberg’s balls. It’s these mysteries of life that leave me fat on the couch confused about whether to put a shirt on to eat my can of spaghetti or not.

Today The View got a little more pornographic when Jenna Jameson showed up and ran her mouth off about how her new piece of shit movie about Zombie Strippers has anti-Bush political undertones, about how she stopped eating because she was stressed and got skin cancer from her tanning bed, a divorce, sold her company and other retarded bullshit that lead her to anorexia like a crystal meth addiction but lucky for us she’s on the road to recovery and will take over the mainstream….like she was Pamela Anderson or some shit…so watch out….

I don’t want to ruin it for you but the big highlight of the interview was when she opened up about being raised without a mother and by a dad who wasn’t ever around leading her to a life of porn, something we could have never guessed considering it’s the same fucking story of every fucking slut in the world. She’s just smart enough to market herself properly and make money while trying to fill the void from her daddy issue, while other sluts just end up with STDs and abusive relationships….So if sluts with daddy issues are reading this, you should take Jameson’s lead…..

Here are some Pics of Jenna at the Zombie Stripper Premiere Lookin’ Like She’s in Character and Ready to Take Over the Mainstream, Just As Soon as She Comes Back from the Dead and Looks Less Like a Bitch Who’s been Taken Loads on her Face for Decades and More Like a 15 Year Old Virgin…..

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Jenna Jameson See Through Pics of the Day

Here’s something that makes no sense, pictures of Jenna Jameson is a see through dress that isn’t even see through. It is something that you’d see your Aunt wear to your sweet 16, trying to look sexy for you without realizing that you’re a fuckin’ homo because sweet 16’s are for girls.

When you’re a pornstar who everyone has seen get fucked, you’d think showing a little nipple wouldn’t even register as being a fuckin’ issue. The reality is that if bitch showed up with a dick in her ass, one in her mouth and 2 in her cunt, it’d still be deemed appropriate because this is Jenna Jameson. Unfortunately Jenna Jameson doesn’t realize that because I guess she’s going through some kind of spiritual transformation that is turning into a donkey lookin’ motherfucker and here she is covering up those tits that have seen more loads than you’ve jerked out of yourself in your entire lifetime and we both know that’s a lot. Yes, I’ve been watching you.

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I am – Kim Kardashian and Jenna Jameson Do the Heatherette Show of the Day


I never understood Heatherette, they are some kind of drugged up club kid tranny shit that all these celebrity bitches fell in love with and bought into and now they are making more money than anyone you know being all drugged up tranny club kid outrageousness. Either way, Kim Kardashian and Jenna Jameson were some of the “stars” and I used that term loosely, more loose than both of their porned up twats, who modeled for their fashion show.

I fucking hate porn bitches but I guess there’s something nice about seeing a successful mainstream pornstar and an unsuccessful amateur pornstar hanging out. It’s like seeing the Big Brothers of America teaching some homeless poor kid how to play baseball. I know they are both sluts and that they both put out for money like the street trash drug addicts I used to pay to fuck and they let the people doing them film them like it’s not a big deal which is amazing because trying to convince girls over the years to let me bust out my polaroid never really worked out for me. The best I got was a picture of one of them sleeping with part of her tit hanging out, but I even got busted for that and she destroyed it. So as I suck at life, these girls who seemingly suck at life too, also suck dick on camera and hang out at fashion shows together.

I can only assume that Jenna got casted in the part because bitch looks like a fucking tranny, and apparently Heatherette is into trannies. I love how fucking serious she’s taking this gig like it’s a fucking academy award performance or her first big break onto the fashion model scene because no matter what she does or how she does it, I will always know that she’s nothing but a broken down girl with daddy issues, who used her cunt to get ahead…a cunt that looks like she may soon be turning into a cock. Porn Bitches are trash. I’d rather see everyday girls get fucked any day. That’s the end of that.

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I am – Jenna Jameson is the Living Dead of the Day

Jenna Jameson

I was supposed to go to the doctor this morning, but when I checked my messages last night, there was a message from his secretary saying that he ain’t gonna be in for the next little while. Apparently the old fart had a heart attack or some shit, which I think is hilarious. I always laugh when doctors have health issues, kinda like a taxi driver getting hit by cab, you know?

It sounds like the bastard may be on his last legs though and I may have to find a new doctor, which sucks for me, cause when you’re a young girl who has to have old men stick stuff in their vagina for health reasons, you tend to want to stay with someone familiar and that you know, versus when they are just sticking random stuff if there for fun and are strangers you meet walking home very early in the morning after way too much booze.

Speaking of random things going in (and out of vaginas) I’m starting to wonder if Jenna Jameson’s days are numbered is the porn industry. I’m not sure what their Union’s guidelines are in regards to zombies.

hugs and kisses
Marie-Eve Martinez

PS: The rumor about Scarlett Johansson playing Jenna in a movie turned out to be bullshit, which is a shame, cause I would much rather remember Scarlett as Jenna, rather than Jenna herself.

PPS: She could have at least wore a dress that showed off her rack.

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I am – Jenna Jameson at some Party of the Day


I don’t find Jenna Jameson hot at all. I know she’s a dirty washed up porn slut who everyone gives credit to for being such a great business woman in writing books, producing porn, selling molds of her cunt and doing whatever else she does to make money, but when I look at her I just see a whore and I have never really had anything against whores, I’d pay them for sex and shit, but I never wanted to make them my girlfriend and when I could jerk off I’d never jerk off to them, because the thought of being so dirty and loose in the hips, always made me more sick to my stomach than anything else.

I am not trying to say that I would only prey on virgins, but there was a time when I’d meet girls in bars and we’d get to talking and they’d tell me how many dude’s they had banged in their lifetime and I’d take the drink I bought them out of their hand and dump it out on the floor, because it’s easy for a bitch to get cock, all they have to do is leave the house and when a bitch gets as much cock as someone like Jenna, they have emotional issues. In her case, I get that it’s her job, but it’s not a very hard job to get in and being successful at what she does is a lot easier than getting that promotion at the shitty office you work at. If the world worked like a porn movie, the richest people in the world would be the ones who can take the most dicks in their ass, and that is why I have no respect for this talentless prostitute.

I knew this stripper who I’d run into on the street and shit, outside the club and working hours. She was always with a different guy. When I asked her where she met all these dudes, she would say at work or at clubs. I would ask why she hangs with them and she’d say because they buy me stuff, they take me on vacation and take me to nice restaurants. When I told her that she was a whore because she made it clear that she would bang them, she said something like it’s not like they pay me in cash. Point being that money hungry bitches who know that loser dudes pay for their company and use their pussies to get ahead are trash.

Either way, I figured I’d post pictures of her partying to remind you that disgusting sluts are out there and people like you like them

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I am – Jenna Jameson on the Runway in a One Piece Bathing Suit of the Day


Here are some pictures of Jenna Jameson modeling a one-piece bathing suit for some reason I don’t really understand. I know historically, the one piece bathing suit was designed for girls who had no business wearing a bathing suit to begin with, but you know, people have to have fun and just because they don’t look good in a bikini shouldn’t mean that they shouldn’t go swimming, even though I don’t go swimming in public because I think my stomach is pretty fucking offensive, but I guess I am just a girl about things.

That said, the one piece has started making it’s way back into the public because it’s one of those things where you show too much for so long that when you’re a little covered up it leaves things all mysterious and more to the imagination and shit. So I see how this works for girls at the public pool, but for someone like Jenna Jameson, who we’ve all seen in porn, it’s a little too late for the whole leaving anything to the imagination, except for maybe what she smells like, but that’s something you’ll always have to imagine while sitting at home, dick in hand.

That said, does anyone even jerk off to this chick? She doesn’t get me all hot and bothered and I am wondering why she’s such a success doing what she does, which isn’t saying much because I am convinced any girl can become as big as she did in porn, but the girls who are capable of doing it, have too many morals and values and refuse to fuck on camera….

That said, here she is in a one-piece bathing suit. How many times can I used “that said” in a post…I am aiming for a world record. Cuddles.

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Jenna Riding the Sybian on Howard Stern

There’s nothing too shocking about Jenna riding a sybian, most of us have seen her riding a whole lot of other things. She has become the trophy spokesperson for porn. She made people think that pornstars have it all together, living a life of glamour and fame when in reality, we all know they are just insecure teenage runaways with addiction and self-hatred.

So bitch is rich…but she did it getting fucked. Anyone with a vagina can do the same thing, it takes zero talent. Her pussy’s still ravaged and she’s been stuffed by so many dudes that her vagina probably speaks its own language. These are pictures of Jenna riding a Sybian on Stern’s show. I haven’t heard his show, I did see his movie. Having bitches cum on radio is kinda useless, I’d rather hear them talk politics.

Her Audio in Second Half of this Link

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